‘The New Look’ Episode 2 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Coco Chanel Meet Winston Churchill?


Coco Chanel might have told the world that Christian Dior was selling clothes to the German soldiers, but in reality, she was more involved with them, and in the previous episode of The New Look, we saw that Commander Schellenberg called her and asked her to carry out a task for him. Dior was worried about his sister, and he knew that if he didn’t do anything to save her, she would meet her fateful end in some German camp. So, let’s recap the events of The New Look episode 2 and find out if both Dior and Chanel are able to succeed in their endeavors or if they have to make peace with the fact that their circumstances got the better of them.

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What task did Schellenberg give Coco? 

Coco Chanel was feeling very nervous, and she asked Spatz in The New Look episode 2 to accompany her to the meeting. But Spatz told her that Schellenberg was going to give her orders about a secret mission, codenamed Operation Modellhut and that he was not allowed to go in there. Schellenberg knew that Coco knew Winston Churchill, and he asked her to deliver his message to him. It was quite surprising that Schellenberg wanted to broker a peace treaty between Great Britain and Nazi Germany, and Adolf Hitler had no clue about this fact. Schellenberg did not reveal to Coco that he was acting on his own behalf, and she believed that the orders were coming directly from the Fuhrer. Schellenberg worked closely with Spatz, and both of them knew the importance of signing a peace treaty with the London High Command. It was Spatz who had told Schellenberg that Coco was closely associated with Churchill, and when Schellenberg revealed this to Coco, she was a bit taken aback and felt as if her privacy had been violated. She didn’t know that while talking to her, Spatz was taking notes, and he would use the information to get leverage. But surprisingly, she never got angry at Spatz for telling Schellenberg what she told him, and she talked to him very normally, asking for his advice on what she should do. I really felt strange at that moment because it was clear that Spatz had used Chanel for his own advantage, but instead of feeling used, Coco Chanel did not react in any manner.

Coco knew that at times like those, it was impossible for her to approach Churchill, but then she remembered her old friend named Elsa Lombardi, for whom Churchill had a soft corner. Lombardi had links to the royal family, and at that time, in The New Look episode 2, she was staying in Italy with her second husband. Lombardi was a socialite, and she was not happy with her marriage which is why she was finding a way back to Great Britain. Lombardi didn’t love her husband, but he was an influential man serving in a top-notch position in the German army, so she couldn’t dare go against him. Coco decided that she would get in touch with Lombardi, make her a lucrative offer, and influence her to meet Churchill. Coco decided that she would open a boutique for Lombardi or just tell her that in exchange for making her meet Churchill. Spatz had some influence in Italy, and he told the Gestapo to go and bring Lombardi to Paris immediately. Lombardi was furious at being treated like that, but soon, her anger dissipated when she was served a glass of single malt, something that she really liked to have.

Was Dior able to rescue his sister? 

Dior got to know that his sister was being kept in a detention center called The House, and Herve told him very clearly that the place was out of reach of even the resistance forces. Lucien Lelong provided all the help that he could to Dior and made him meet one of his acquaintances from the French police force, hoping that he would know something about the transfer of political prisoners and the kind of fate they met. The French police force told Dior very clearly that his sister’s future was doomed because, generally, they killed people even when they gave them the desired information. But there was one silver lining that Dior clung to. He knew that the prisoners were taken to Germany via train, and he knew that there was a possibility that Herve and his men would be able to stop the train and make Catherine escape. Herve knew that if he had to stop the train, then he would have to blow up the tracks, as, according to him, there was no other way of making Catherine escape. Meanwhile, Lucien Lelong and Dior went to meet the Swedish consul general, and surprisingly, he was able to make a deal with the Germans. The consul general informed Dior that if he was able to reach the German border before the train did, at a station named Bar le Duc, then the Germans would release her sister. Dior left immediately for the German border with Lelong, but unfortunately, the train never stopped, and he was not able to get to Catherine. The poor man cried, but he knew that he couldn’t do anything and that he would have to wait and hope that she came back safely. 

Was Coco able to meet Winston Churchill? 

At the end of The New Look Episode 2, Coco was able to reach Gare de Henday, the Spanish border, together with Elsa Lombardi. The German guards checked them while they were on the train, but Spatz’s colleague was able to save them. He told them Spatz had gotten off the train because Hitler had learned about the peace treaty they were trying to make, and he had ordered to take the Germans into custody who were trying to cross borders. Spatz and Coco were reunited once they reached the Ritz, where Churchill was supposed to arrive. Lombardi, meanwhile, had gotten a whiff of what Coco and Spatz were up to, and she had realized that she was being used. An unprecedented twist came when she approached Ambassador Hoarse on her own accord and told him everything about Coco. Lombardi was a step ahead of Coco, and when the latter met the ambassador, she got to know that her friend had gone behind her back and spoiled her plans. Coco was not allowed to meet Churchill, and she was asked to return to Paris immediately. 

In the upcoming episodes of The New Look, we will come to know how Commander Schellenberg will react when he learns that his plan has failed and what the implications of it will be for Coco Chanel. 

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