‘The New Look’ Episode 3 Recap & Ending Explained: Did Coco Chanel Save Herself?


Coco Chanel had not been able to meet Churchill in The New Look episode 2, and she feared what she would tell Schellenberg when she met him. Even though Christian Dior had failed to find his sister, he did not give up on his quest and was trying to find ways to get some information about her. Coco Chanel, through her actions, had made it very clear that she could use anybody to her advantage and that she would favor the side that ensured her safety and where she believed she would prosper. So let’s find out what happens in The New Look episode 3 and if Dior is able to find his sister, Catherine.

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What did Pierre Reverdy ask from Coco? 

The political landscape was changing fast, and after Ambassador Hoarse turned down Coco’s request to meet Churchill, she didn’t know what to do or how to face Commander Schellenberg. She came back to Paris, and she got to know that German soldiers and officials were leaving France as the “big four” could breach the city borders anytime and take the place under their control. People were rejoicing because, finally, the tyrannical rule was coming to an end, but Coco Chanel was in a great dilemma as she didn’t know what would be beneficial for her. She had greatly benefited from her association with the Nazi officials, and now she feared that the resistance would look at her as a traitor.

Pierre Reverdy, one of the important members of the French resistance who, back in the day, was quite close to Coco Chanel, met her and informed her that her name was going to be on the hit list that was being prepared by the French resistance. He told Coco that if she wanted to save herself, then she should give them some information about a Nazi official. Coco told him that she didn’t know anybody, but Reverdy made it very clear that without a name, he wouldn’t be able to help her cause. Coco went to meet Schellenberg, who pestered her to come with him to Berlin. Schellenberg was infatuated with Coco, and he wanted her to stay with him. Schellenberg told Coco that if she thought that Spatz loved her, then she was wrong, as he was ordered to seduce a woman who could help their cause. Schellenberg told Coco that he was indulging with eight women at the same time, so if she thought that she was exclusive, then she was wrong about it. Coco was very angry, as she believed that Spatz actually had feelings for her. It was at that moment that she decided whose name she was going to give to Reverdy.

In The New Look episode 2, we saw that Spatz was hiding at the Convent of Annunciation, and Coco went to meet him there. He told her that he was leaving Paris that same day, and if she wanted, she could accompany him. Coco told Reverdy about what Spatz was saying and then waited in the Ritz with Baron to hear the news that her name had been removed from the list. But to her dismay, Spatz fled before the soldiers of the French resistance could arrive at her doorstep. Coco felt betrayed, and the way she reacted was almost funny and absurd, as she had planned to cheat him and throw him under the bus. This showed the kind of selfish and narcissistic person Coco Chanel was and how she only cared about herself. 

Was Christian able to find Catherine? 

Christian was shattered after the train didn’t stop at the Bar le Duc station in the first episode of The New Look, and he had to come back to Paris without his sister, Catherine. Christian remembered Beatrice, who had told him that his sister’s life was in danger when he had gone to sew her dress at the Nazi get-together. He went to meet her in the hope that her partner, Franz, would know people who could tell him where Catherine was staying and if she was dead or alive. Franz told him that he would bring him information, but it would cost him a lot of money. Dior went to Lelong’s boutique, and he hoped that he could take a few expensive fabrics from there and give them to Franz, as he didn’t have the kind of money that the German soldiers would have wanted. It broke Dior’s heart when Lelong found out about it, but he didn’t stop the former; instead, he asked him to take another fabric if it could help save his sister.

Lelong had been there for Dior since the very beginning of The New Look, and the kind of close bond both of them shared was unparalleled. Dior told Herve what he was going to do, and the latter told him that he would accompany him as the chances of him getting robbed by Franz and Beatrice were too high. Dior trusted both of them, but Herve had his own assumptions. Franz told Dior that his sister was last seen at Ravensbruck camp, and as of then, he couldn’t confirm if she was dead or alive. Dior told him that he would pay him even more money if he somehow could ask his contact if Catherine was alive. Franz had agreed to help Dior, but when he was about to leave, Herve and his associate shot him, believing that Catherine was dead and Franz was just deceiving them. Beatrice was distraught, and she shouted at the top of her lungs that her partner sincerely wanted to help Dior. Even Christian didn’t appreciate what Herve did, and he released at that moment that hatred had made Herve as cruel and heartless as the Nazi soldiers. 

How did Coco save herself from being executed? 

Coco often questioned the fact that on who’s side she was, and the reply that Baron gave at the moment in The New Look episode 3 told us exactly the kind of person Coco Chanel was. Baron said that they were on the side of the party that was winning, and that’s when it became apparent that, though they pretended to be patriots, they were only fending for their own interests. It was not a bad thing that they wanted to survive, but in the process, they proved that they didn’t have any conscience, and as long as they were saved, they didn’t care about what happened to the country. So, when Reverdy wasn’t able to find Spatz, Coco decided that she would betray that one person who had been there with her through thick and thin. She decided to give Baron’s name to Reverdy in exchange for removing her name from the list.

At the end of The New Look episode 3, Baron was taken into custody by the French resistance, and he was still unaware of the kind of treacherous woman Coco was, so he waited for her in the alley and didn’t leave without her. The next day, Coco Chanel went on the road and pretended to be ecstatic about the victory, while Christian Dior cried in his room as he didn’t know if he would ever be able to meet his sister. 

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