‘The New Look’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending Explained: How Did Catherine Survive Torture?


I suppose for those who don’t really care for fashion or design, The New Look may simply come across as a show made in poor taste as it mainly focuses its drama on two seemingly well-off “artists” at a time of devastation. There’s no denying that this show is lacking in many ways, yet it had me hoping for an inspiring story of the power of art. 6 episodes into the series, unfortunately, I don’t feel like it’s going to deliver, and this is coming from someone who will search for small reasons to appreciate anything that relates remotely to fashion. I suppose what I was expecting was more about Dior’s craftsmanship and design abilities than just his internal quandaries. Of course, we needed that as well, but for a show that’s titled The New Look, I’m a little bit lost about how we’re getting there as the show rapidly approaches its finish line and still chooses to focus on repeated pieces of dialogue by Chanel telling her Jewish business partners that she’s going to sue them—quite the misstep in my opinion. But, without further ado, let’s quickly recap The New Look episode 6.

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What’s Holding Christian Back? 

After much suffering, Catherine returns to her brother, who is the most hopeful person on this show; however, seeing her return as a completely different person only leaves Christian shattered with his hands tied. He can’t really empathize with her, nor can he fathom the torture she’s been through to help her recover. All he knows is that he wants to help her. Christian resorts to what he knows best, being the kind of brother he was before any of this happened at all. For obvious reasons, the elder brother believes he’s responsible for Catherine’s state; he couldn’t keep her safe, and he couldn’t bring her back. Of course he blames himself. At the same time, Bussac is a man of no patience, and Georges grows weary of Christian’s requests to give him a few more days to be able to attend to this miraculous opportunity. I suppose the feeling of helplessness is Christian’s worst enemy. As much as he wants to help his sister, he’s simply unable to do so. 

On the other hand, a frustrated Chanel tries to grow a clientele in Switzerland. Even the hotel she stays at now is concerned about her accounts, but being the self-made pompous entrepreneur that she is, she brushes it off with a sting in her words and a scowl on her face. It’s quite obvious at this point that Chanel is afraid; she can’t return to France, and her own company is slipping through her fingers, and she’s got no rope to hold onto it. What’s the best thing she can do in this situation? Threaten to sue her Jewish business partners to pay up and stop the production of the popular perfume she created. I’m not quite sure, and maybe this is a personal observation, but the show does paint Chanel in an almost comical light. Amidst her existing life crisis of being penniless and losing her own business, Chanel’s frenemy Elsa has her own qualms with the lady. She’s come after Chanel to get what she’s owed for keeping her mouth shut, and also since she’s been disowned by her family thanks to her association with Chanel herself. 

Paralleling Chanel’s fury about Chanel No.5, Boussac wants Dior to get started on his own atelier, seeing as he’s never before invested this much in an individual. As much as Christian is grateful, until he’s certain he can see his Catherine return, there’s no way he can think about work. 

What Helped Catherine Through Torture?

Dior brings his psychic friend to come see his sister, who has amnesia because of starvation, as his last resort. Seeing as she was the only one who adamantly told Christian that his sister would come back, his faith in her has been restored. Delahaye sees that Catherine was able to endure the torture because she had someone with her the whole time—someone to help her through the pain and suffering. Catherine is a cynic, but as Delahaye mentions these words, she gets frightened and asks to be left alone. Christian tries to pacify his sister when a young man approaches them and asks Catherine to come somewhere with him. Christian is against the idea, but Catherine immediately says yes. This young man is one of Jean’s friends. Catherine blames herself for Jean’s death because she sent him away to stay with the rest of the students. Christian is guilty of the same crime; however, the young man thanks Catherine for giving him and his family a new life by never giving up his name. It’s a second chance that they’ve all received. I suppose this is, in a way, closure for Catherine, and she finally remembers that it was Christian’s voice that kept her from speaking anyone’s name while being tortured (and also from dying, of course). 

Whose party does Chanel not get invited to? 

In the meantime, all the guests at Chanel’s hotel are invited to a special party. Chanel, of course, learns about this through Elsa’s invitation, because she herself doesn’t get one. It’s Pierre Wertheimer and his wife who’ve set up this party. Chanel tries to make a scene, walking into the party without an invite, but gets stopped at the door. Pierre then finds the time to leave his celebratory party to come see Chanel privately, telling her that he received her threat. They yell back and forth a little bit, with Chanel even throwing a book at his face, claiming that he and his brother scammed her. Chanel walks away from the conversation after ironically telling Pierre that all “his kind of people” are really only bothered by money (sheesh). 

At the end of The New Look episode 6, Dior finds his way to George’s home and apologizes for missing his meeting with him. I suppose Catherine’s words are a reminder that Dior has also been offered a second chance. A chance like never before to create hope and make a name for himself. On the other hand, Pierre makes his way to Chanel’s room. We know Chanel will ultimately get her money, but regarding matters of the heart, Chanel might simply be using the influence of Pierre. 

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