‘The New Look’ Episode 7 Recap & Ending Explained: Does Dior Get His Dream House?


Dior’s dream is so close yet so far in The New Look episode 7. I am still quite surprised by how un-Dior the show is and how much it is focused on Chanel’s shenanigans rather than Dior’s “new look.” For the most part, episode 7 focuses on Chanel’s entry into Paris and her grudge against the Wertheimers for stealing Chanel No. 5. On the other hand, Catherine goes back to being the rebel child whom Christian cannot control. The man is stuck between his worry for her (which he keeps denying) and his colossal partnership with Boussac. Did he get ahead of himself? Did he make a mistake in choosing Boussac over Lelong? How will he fight for what he wants for his own label? These are the big questions in Dior’s mind, and we get a tiny glimpse into these thoughts in this episode. As much as John Malkovich is struggling with this accent, I feel like his performance as Lelong in this episode has been his best so far. Specifically, when Lelong hears of Dior’s departure.

Spoiler Alert

How does Elsa convince Pierre to take Chanel to Paris? 

The New Look Episode 7 picks up the next day after the events of episode 6. Elsa makes a return to the hotel all drunk, and Chanel tries to get her sobered up because she has a dangerous plan brewing in her mind. It’s not very clear what kind of relationship Chanel and Pierre have, but what is obvious is that he cares for her deeply—the romantic kind of feelings. Chanel doesn’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these feelings, and she sets Elsa to work in order to get her a ticket to Paris. Chanel wants to visit Paris so she can meet her perfumer and bring back her new concoction to Switzerland so she can “take back what’s rightfully hers.” I suppose Chanel’s mostly driven by her mighty greed considering everything that has happened through this series thus far (despite her shutting shop during the Nazi occupation of France). While Elsa’s initial plan is to threaten Pierre by bringing up his relationship with Chanel to his wife, she switches tactics when she learns his wife has already made her way to Paris. Elsa uses the sick nephew card, making Pierre feel for Chanel and agree to take her to Paris. This obviously is an opportunity for Elsa as well, who believes Chanel will actually make her a part of her business. While “The New Look’s” depiction of Chanel’s Nazi collaboration is not far from the truth, there’s a massive truth that eludes us thanks to her lavish lifestyle, which allowed her to keep the truth from the public. So, there’s a lot we’re missing from this little TV show; however, we do get to see how her treachery didn’t bother her for one moment. 

In the meantime, Dior finally tells Lelong that he’s been offered his own couture house by Boussac, the King of Cotton, aka Lelong’s mortal enemy (bear in mind, I do love some dramatic exaggeration), leaving Lelong massively disappointed and hurt. Lelong does want what’s best for Dior; however, he’s not sure Boussac’s 6 million francs (ooh la la) is going to be enough to let Dior’s creative sparks fly. By this, I mean, Dior’s like a stunning papillon who will get crushed by Boussac’s helping hands. Boussac only cares for grandiosity, while Dior is all about elegance and intimacy—a personal experience, true couture. Immediately, the first big problem is the space Boussac has chosen for Dior’s house. He calls it a “couture palace” because of its massive scale, and as much as Dior tries to assert that this isn’t the place for him, Boussac forces his hand by reminding him of the investment he’s making. 

Where does Catherine go? 

While Dior is fighting Jacques about the scale of Boussac’s expectations, Catherine heads out with Herve for some fresh air. Dior is so stressed by everything happening around him that he takes it out on Jacques, who decides to give him some space for the time being since he “doesn’t know design and creativity” (oops). Herve is quick as usual and tells Catherine that she can be of help at the repatriation center. She could possibly help Parisians find their loved ones. Dior hates the idea of Catherine putting herself in a position where she would be affected by the past again; however, she refuses to listen to him. Catherine finds the work therapeutic; however, it also makes her quite tired, leaving Christian quite the loner. 

Does Chanel’s plan succeed? 

Yes, very much so. A naive Pierre gives Chanel and Elsa safe passage to Paris. When they get there, Chanel is meant to help her nephew pack and then leave immediately. However, she tasks Elsa with helping André and visits her perfumer to get her new elixir. Chanel makes it back to André’s without any trouble; however, Pierre’s brother Paul has learned about his little escapade with Chanel. Paul threatens Pierre with informing the FFIs of Chanel’s presence in Paris. He is wary of the alleged Nazi collaborator, unlike his brother, who is blinded by adoration. When it’s time for the party to leave Paris again, Pierre learns from Chanel herself that she basically visited to start a war against him and his brother with her new perfume, Chanel No. 1. Still, Pierre is able to let her go because he loves her (I suppose there is no better explanation here). On the train back to Switzerland, Chanel injects herself with medication to fall asleep. Elsa is, of course, tempted by this too, and they both “rest.” It almost seems as if this could be a big mistake, but I could be reading into things a bit too much. 

How Does Dior Get His Dream Couture House? 

When in doubt, take a seat at your old table, and you’ll get your creative juices flowing again. Dior returns to Lelong’s shop while he ponders over the mistake he’s made by partnering up with Boussac, the tyrant. He’s found by Madam Zehnacker, whose kindhearted words aren’t enough to get through to Dior. See, Dior is the definition of anxious creativity. He loves his work, yet he will never fight for it because it leaves him too worried. He exclaims to Zehnacker how Boussac’s vision has completely butchered the image Dior had for his own house. He shows her the little spot he had chosen for his dream—a beautiful, secluded, yet accessible and intimate space that would be ideal for his customers. Zehnacker is inspired by Dior’s vision, and she decides that if he isn’t willing to take a stand for himself, then she will. She speaks to Boussac, reiterating that if Boussac doesn’t give the creative reigns to Dior, then Dior will “die” (I do love how that’s exactly what Christian says multiple times this episode; “I can’t work under him, I will die,” a true artist). Zehnacker’s words are able to convince Boussac because he’s willing to give Dior his dream shop under the condition that Zehnacker takes care of the business end of things. An impeccable partnership is created for an ambitious project like no other. 

Why does Catherine visit her father? 

At the end of The New Look episode 7, Catherine finds herself overwhelmed by a man who visits her at the repatriation center. He claims to be a friend of her father’s and tells her how lucky the man must feel since she came back to him. He shows her a picture of his daughter, who also would’ve been in Ravensbruck with Catherine. It appears she may have known the girl, or at least it reminded her of how awful the camps were. There may be a few reasons Catherine chooses to go to her dad. For one, the fact that this man’s daughter hasn’t returned to him means she may have realized her father would be longing to see her. On the other hand, her departure would allow Christian to concentrate on his work and immerse himself without worry (though this seems an impossible task). Catherine sleeps with the photograph of the girl by her bedside back at her father’s home. The episode ends with the sound of Catherine’s sobs and her apology. Maybe she’s apologizing for not being able to help, or maybe she knows that girl was killed; we can’t know for sure. 

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