‘The Next 365 Days’ Ending, Explained: Whom Did Laura Choose Between Massimo And Nacho?


While I desperately hoped for the “365 Days” film series to end, it returned for the third time. With a wafer-thin script, dozens of songs, and never-ending love making scenes, “The Next 365 Days” has nothing new to say. It is the same old story; even the writers seem to have given up by now, relying on the chemistry of Massimo and Laura to make the film work. By now, we know that we should not expect an elaborate story from the franchise, but “The Next 365 Days” has also lost its entertainment value. The characters lack depth, which makes the love triangle laughable. Perhaps the writers should have weaved a tale of romance between Nacho and Massimo; at least, that would have been a surprise! The kiss between Nacho and Massimo in Laura’s dream is a vision of the desperation of the filmmaker to sell the film in some way or another.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Next 365 Days’ Plot Summary: What Is The Film About?

In “365 Days: This Day,” Massimo’s twin brother, Adriano Torricelli, was shot dead by Massimo when the Matos family interfered in their business. Laura was shot by Anna, but she managed to survive (of course). After the chaos unleashed by the mafia family, Massimo advised the Matos to never enter Sicily, his territory, or else he would burn their island. He returned home to Laura, who had been resting for days now, catering to her bullet wound. Though, funnily enough, the filmmaker chose to not show any bodily injury, and Laura seemed to be perfectly fine visually. She wanted to make out with Massimo, but he wanted her to rest. She was tired of being locked in the room and left to meet with Olga. Olga was glad to have her friend back, and what does one do after recovering from a bullet injury? Drink and dance!

While spending time away from Olga, Laura remembered Nacho. He called her while she was at the restaurant with Olga. He expressed how much he missed her and how he could never forget her. Even though Laura asked him to try harder to forget her, she could not help but think about the good times they had spent. Nacho was her only friend other than Olga, and she cherished every day that she spent on the island with him. She felt independent with him. Olga doubted that her friend was in love, but Laura denied it. I somehow sympathize with Olga. She is portrayed as the doltish best friend, but she is the only one who comes up with a logical response.

Meanwhile, Massimo wanted Laura to discuss what had happened on the island with him. She chose to not discuss with him her friendship with Nacho, and that enraged him. He stopped talking to her, and the distance between the two grew wider. Laura decided to focus on her clothing business. She knew her marriage was failing, and she did not wish the same for her business. She designed more clothes, and her brand was selected to participate in the Lagos Fashion Fair. Laura and Olga left for Lagos, and Massimo did not care to bid them goodbye. The trip to Portugal was not just for business but also for pleasure. Laura noticed that Nachos and his sister, Amelia, were in Lagos, and she knew she would have to face the truth she had been trying to escape from.

‘The Next 365 Days’ Ending Explained: Whom Did Laura Choose Between Massimo And Nacho?

At the fashion fair, Amelia confronted Laura. She spoke on behalf of her brother, explaining how much he cared for her and how her absence affected his life. Laura could not forgive him for deceiving her, and Amelia knew that her feelings were justified, but she believed her brother deserved another chance. She wanted Laura to allow him to explain himself since what he did was for his father and not because he wanted to betray her. Laura agreed to spend time with Nacho. She was engulfed by her emotions after seeing him. He was the reason why her life was in disarray, and even though she wanted to detest him, she was attracted to him. They shared an intense kiss, and Nacho drove her to his villa.

Laura was hesitant at first, noticing that Nacho replied by saying that she might choose to run away from him, but she would never be able to escape her feelings. Laura was not confident in him since he betrayed her once. She needed time to allow herself to be vulnerable again. Nacho was not like Massimo; he did not wish to force his way into her heart. He wanted to be loved by her, and if she needed time to reciprocate his feelings, he was going to wait for her. He agreed to wait for her all his life if necessary. Laura could not resist his charm any longer, and the two made love. The next morning, as he drove her back to her hotel, he asked her to not return if that would help her live peacefully. He reminded her that he was not Massimo and he would never force her to go against her wish. She would always have a choice. He added that he chose to shoot Anna, who was about to kill Massimo that day, because of Laura. She always spoke about having a choice, and at that moment, he knew he had a choice to make. He could have been with Laura if he had allowed Anna to shoot Massimo that day, but he did not want that. He wanted Laura to have a choice. Nacho knew that Laura loved Massimo, and he did not wish for her to suffer. He wanted to be with her only if she wanted to spend her life with him. He promised to wait for her for as long as needed to make a decision.

Laura returned to the hotel, and she was met with Massimo’s temper. He wanted to know about her whereabouts, but she chose not to disclose them. He knew Laura was lying to him, and that infuriated him. He wanted an honest answer, but she was no longer “the Laura” who would be threatened by his conduct. She responded by saying that she was close to asking him for a divorce. Their relationship started to fall apart the day she was shot. He was caught up thinking about all the revelations. She needed time now to figure out if she wanted to be with him any longer. She asked Massimo to give her time and space to make sense of what she wanted from her life. Laura bought a motorcycle and met with her parents. She confessed that she was in love with another man and disclosed all that had happened on the island. Her parents were accepting of her decision; they cared only for her happiness. Her mother advised her to be with a man who made her happy instead of a relationship that destroyed her. She and her father went out on a ride together, reminiscing on their childhood memories. Spending time with the people she loved the most helped her to clear her head. When she received a call from Olga stating that Massimo knew about Laura’s relationship with Nacho, she decided to confront him.

Olga panicked, knowing how short-tempered Massimo was, but Laura kept her calm. She returned to Sicily, and as it turns out, her driver was Nacho. He wanted to spend some time with her, and this seemed to be his only way. He once again confirmed his love for her, stating how he has now learned the importance of being best friends with one’s lover. He enjoyed every little quirk of Laura, and he wanted to have all of her. He dreamt of traveling the world with her. He wanted to be with her, and for that, he was ready to do whatever it was that she wanted of him. Laura appreciated his courage, but she needed more time to make a decision. He promised to wait for her for the hundredth time. Laura returned home and went to the beach to meet Massimo. Before she could say anything, Massimo went ahead and shared what he went through when he learned that they had lost their baby, and she chose to keep the news from him. He felt terrible thinking about the emotional turmoil Laura experienced all by herself. He knew what Laura and Nacho were up to, but he chose to not come in between. He explained that he believed in the idea of letting go of a person one loved. If they came back, it meant that they were meant to be a part of their life, and if they did not, then it was never meant to be. He did the same with Laura, and he now wanted to know if she had returned to be with him forever. Laura did not answer his question, indicating how there might be a fourth installment of the film franchise.

Laura might choose to not be with Massimo, knowing how she always felt caged in his presence. She might spend some time alone, though she is evidently in love with Nacho. But is Nacho the good person that he promises to be? Considering how the film series is essentially about Laura and Massimo, chances are they will unite after sorting out their differences. I would be glad if she chose herself over the two, but there is no hope for it. Will it turn into a polyamorous relationship where the three will live together happily ever after? With “365 Days”, the guesses can be as wild as they can get, and you never know, it might be a possibility!

“The Next 365 Days” is a 2022 drama romance film directed by Barbara Bialowas and Tomasz Mandes.

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