‘The Outlaws’ Season 2: Ending, Explained – How Did The Group Manage To Get The Dean Arrested?


The first season ended with the group saving Benedict from getting arrested by the police for gun possession. While they were able to help him escape the police, the Dean continued to hunt for Ben and Christian Taylor. In the second season of “The Outlaws,” he kidnaps Rani, Ben, and Christian, threatening to murder them if they fail to bring him money in eight weeks. Rani now lives with Ben and Es; she left her home after arguing with her parents. While Ben and Rani maintained that they were just friends, the two could not help but fall in love with each other. Since they had only eight weeks to return the money, Rani decided to operate the Brookhill Crew while Christian went away to do his time in prison. This was the only way that they could save their lives, but the question is, can escape from a drug lord be that easy?

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Outlaws’ Season 2: Plot Summary

The members of the group continue to live with their monsters-Lady Gabby’s addiction to alcohol and drugs has gone worse. As a result of her mismanaged lifestyle and anger management issues, she is losing endorsements, and her income has become bleak. Myrna lives with the ghost of her past; she often imagines the police officer, who had died due to the fire she ignited, sitting in her living room. Frank is unable to get the money that his grandson, Tom, has kept away. He chooses to follow him to his school and finds the money in his school locker. Frank takes a few chunks of the money each day and gambles it at the casino, returning home with whitewashed cheques. Instead of spending the money on his frivolous lifestyle, he chose to pay off the mortgage on Margaret’s house. John is thrown out from his company by his father. He believed that John was the reason for the failure of the company, and he wanted to do away with him. After committing himself for nineteen years to the company, John found himself in a tough spot. The rejection affected his mental and physical well-being. He would often have panic attacks, and he started to feel helpless and rejected. Spencer now knew Greg’s secrets; therefore, he used them to blackmail Greg into performing daily chores for him at the office.

After receiving threats from The Dean, Ben, Rani, and Christian planned to inform the federal agents about the drug lord, but the moment they tried to contact them, their phones buzzed with the live feeds of their loved ones. They realized that it was not that easy to deal with The Dean. They had to come up with a better plan. Rani proposed that they start selling drugs by operating the Brookhill Crew while Christian was away doing his time in prison. Christian was hesitant about handing over his line to Rani and Ben, knowing how little they knew about the trade. But he had no other options; his crew was disintegrating, and he needed someone to take it over while he was away. He explained the trade to the couple.

Meanwhile, Frank worked on bringing Greg onboard with their plan. He pretended to be an FBI agent in front of Spencer and convinced him that Greg was an informant for the feds. Spencer handed over Greg’s files to Frank, believing every word that the man said, even if it did not make any sense to him. Now that Greg had his files, he did not owe Spencer anything, but he was in debt to the group that made it possible for him. He was asked by the group to help them launder the money that they would earn by selling drugs. Even though Greg wanted to stay away from unlawful activities, after learning of the danger Ben and Rani were in, he gave in. While they had the drugs and the lawyer, they needed a large number of clients to sell it fast. They aimed to send messages to the BJC members even though Myrna was not comfortable with it. They also planned to take numbers off Ben’s pub manager’s computer to add to the customer list. Rani was asked to infiltrate the college mass and get their names and numbers. The plan was a success, and they sent a coded message to their long list of contacts, and within a few seconds, their mobiles started to buzz with customer requests. While their drug business started on the right note, whether or not they would be able to successfully return the money to The Dean remained a question.

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Why Did The Detectives Start Doubting Greg?

Greg was present wherever illegal activity was taking place. Not that he chose to be there, but rather that he could not abandon his friends when they were in danger. Spencer relied on the Brookhill Crew for his cocaine supply, but one of the runners got carried away with the wealth lying around and stole valuables from his house. He reported to the police about the armed robbery, and the young man was brought in. The runner had seen Ben and Rani, which meant that he could ruin the entire plan if he snitched on them. Detective Sergeant Haines tried to intimidate him by reminding him of the punishment he would receive for his actions, though he could get a reduced sentence if he chose to share some truth with the police. Christian, who was in prison, informed Rani about the runner who was being held by the police. Rani asked Greg to be the young man’s lawyer and handle the situation. He reached the police station, and after having a word with Tyler, the runner, he realized that the man from whom he stole valuables was Spencer, his colleague. He informed Rani and Ben about it. They reached Spencer’s location wearing masks and threatened to injure him if he did not revoke the case. Spencer reached the police station and dropped all charges against Tyler, and he was free to go.

Meanwhile, Greg was also involved in money laundering. He used to deposit the cash in Lady Gabby’s account and then transfer it to the BJC account, and from the BJC account, it was sent to a shell company. He planned to become the BJC treasurer so that he could add the dirty money with the money raised in the fundraiser and then deposit it to the BJC account and transfer it to the shell company. While the drug business was a success, and they managed to earn the money they owed to The Dean, there was a problem. Claire, a member of the BJC, started to study their bank account details and noticed that thousands of pounds were being transferred to a company named “Laycock Logistical Services.” Claire took matters into her own hand and called Lady Gabby to clear her doubts. She enquired about the reason why Gabby chose to donate 100,000 pounds to the BJC. This caught Gabby off-guard. She had no idea what Claire was talking about. Claire clarified that she believed that they were a victim of money laundering. Gabby knew that the only person who managed her finances was Greg. She trusted him blindly, and the thought that he might use her made her furious. She reached the law firm and asked Spencer to take her through her client account. She noticed that she had made a sizable donation to the BJC and transferred money several times to the logistical services company. She instructed Spencer to freeze all payments from her account. Her decision impacted Rani and Ben, who were celebrating their success only to realize that the money had not reached the Dean. They had time till the next morning to arrange the money.

Meanwhile, Lady Gabby went on an emotional rollercoaster on her social media live feed. She indicated how her lawyer had betrayed her and how she might reveal his truth on social media. DS Selforth was watching her live feed when it caught the attention of Sergeant Haines. She heard Gabby mention Greg’s name in connection to a criminal conspiracy. Haines wondered why the lawyer was always a part of problematic situations and asked Selforth to follow him. Greg followed Gabby while he was being followed by the police. Once he realizes that the police are after him, he manages to cover his tracks and meets Gabby privately. He explained to her the whole situation, and how what he did was for a larger cause and not to intentionally hurt her. Gabby was upset that she was kept away from the drug business and was enthusiastic about supporting them now that she knew what they were going through. She went ahead and allowed the transfer of the money to the logistical service company.

‘The Outlaws’ Season 2: Ending Explained: How Did The Group Manage To Get The Dean Arrested?

After the money was transferred to The Dean, he met Rani and Ben again. He was impressed by how quickly they managed to sell drugs and wanted them to work for him. Even though they refused, he threatened them with the lives of their loved ones and asked them to sell 10 kg of uncut cocaine. While they wanted to stay away from drugs and guns, they were forced to sell cocaine. They realized that it would not be easy to get rid of the Dean. He would always control their lives, and they would be forced to work for him. While murdering him seemed satisfying, they had to think of another way to restrain him. Meanwhile, Sergeant Haines requested Christian Taylor to disclose information on The Dean. Christian did not believe in snitching, but at the same time, the offer was appealing.

Taylor contacted The Dean enquiring about an American who was a part of their business now. The Dean did not know any Americans, but Ben and Rani did. He was informed by them that they were introduced to an American by their lawyer. The man was an old guy from New York who brought uncut coke to the country. Ben and Rani offered their services after learning that he was looking for distributors, but they did so without informing The Dean. He asked Ben and Rani to arrange a meeting with the American. The American in question was none other than the conman of the group, Frank. He went by the name Ralf Rostelli, and he managed to convince The Dean that he was indeed an important drug lord in America. He explained how he worked with another businessman, John Halloran, who needed quick money. Therefore, he was open to using his import-export service for brake pads to smuggle drugs. That was how Rostelli was bringing the drugs into the country, and he offered to sell The Dean ten kilos of his cocaine for 400,000 pounds. The cocaine offered by Frank was the same one that the Dean had asked Rani and Ben to sell. The Dean had two conditions: he wanted to meet Halloran, and he wanted to test the product. Rostelli refused to come to London again and asked The Dean to come to Bristol instead. Even though the Dean was hesitant at first, he eventually agreed to do so.

At Bristol, it was the inauguration day of the community center, which would be handed to the BJC. Diane was instructed by the police to look after the group members since the police doubted their involvement. Meanwhile, Christian Taylor made a deal with the police for early release and informed them that The Dean would be carrying ten kilos of uncut cocaine. At the community center, Frank pretended to be sick, and he was taken inside to rest. He ran away to conduct his meeting with the Dean. He informed The Dean that Halloran wanted to conduct the meeting where there were more people, so Frank took him to another location. The new location was the community center. Lady Gabby got Diane locked in a portable toilet while the group carried out the plan. While John had a major role to play, he could not control his nerves. It was Myrna who, with her brutal words, made him realize how crucial his role was and how, by running away from it, he was jeopardizing the entire group. John met with the Dean and offered the imported cocaine. The Dean was impressed by the quality and paid for it. When John was about to hand the drug over to him, he refused to take it along with him and asked him to deliver it to him. Out of the blue, Ben and Rani entered the scene with guns in their hands. They demanded the suitcase of money and left with it. The Dean refused to pay again, and he wanted the drug delivered nonetheless. As it would later turn out, Ben and Rani had, in reality, stolen the bag of cocaine, which they transferred to Myrna and Gabby to go ahead with the next step.

As the Dean was leaving in his car, Lady Gabby and Myrna stopped him and offered a charity car wash. It was during this time that Myrna stuffed the back of his car with cocaine while Lady Gabby held his attention. The police knew the car in which the Dean was traveling, and they surrounded it, demanding he show the boot of his car. As it turned out, he was carrying drugs, and the police handcuffed him immediately. Meanwhile, at the community center, Myrna resigned from Bristol Justice Collective and asked Claire to take the lead, knowing that she was worthy of the responsibility and also realizing how she failed to live up to her beliefs. That night, when Myrna returned home, she did not see the police officer again. It was only after stepping down from her position that she could live with her conscience. Christian Taylor was out of prison. Rani had shared with him his cut, and he decided to start his life anew by giving up on his line. Margaret asked Frank to leave the house, knowing that he was still involved in wrongdoings that could affect her family. Even though Frank wanted to stay, he chose to abide by what his daughter wanted. John confessed to his wife that he was not okay. He, with the support of his wife, filed a case against his father for wrongful dismissal, workplace bullying, and breach of contract. Diane graduated as a police community service officer, and Sergeant Haines was there in the audience cheering for her. Greg demanded his boss to make him his partner or else he would leave the job. He had to leave the job, but he managed to ask his colleague out on a date. Lady Gabby joined a support group for her addiction at the community center. Ben and Rani were set to open a food truck. Rani’s parents had even loaned them money to fulfill their dream, but somehow Rani could not do it. Much like her parents, Ben wanted a safe future, but she was not ready to live a safe life. She wanted the thrill that she got from challenging the law, and she left Ben to live her life without any goal or plan.

Sergeant Haines knew that the group members played a role in handing over The Dean to the police, but she could figure out the exact plan or even charge them for it. She took Rani’s advice to overlook how she got the drug lord and simply enjoy the fruits of her success. Every character went through major changes in their characteristics by the end of the series. Frank learned the value of his family, and he cherished every moment spent with them. Greg stood up for himself for the first time, even if that meant losing his job. Myrna had to let go of the organization she had built and loved immensely, knowing that it was the right thing to do. Lady Gabby addressed her problems instead of living with them. John finally asked for help from his wife instead of dealing with it alone. Ben started to realize how much he hated being surrounded by drugs and guns. He wanted to live a peaceful life by the beach with his wife and children. He did not wish for anything extraordinary, but just the basic pleasures of life. Whereas, Rani realized that living with Ben would be like living with her parents. Living a life of certainty was not what she wanted. She did not wish to be a mother or a wife. She wanted to be free from expectations. Therefore, she got off the train and stole a car, driving away, not knowing where she would head next. Diane remained her goofy self, though we would not have liked it any other way. The second season of “The Outlaws” will crack you up as the hilarious bunch of misfits struggle to bring balance to their chaotic lives.

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