‘The Perfect Family’ Ending, Explained: Does Lucia Reunite With Her Family?


Netflix’s “The Perfect Family,” or (“La familia perfecta” in Spanish) is a witty comedy film that depicts the story of Lucia, a woman who has youthful aspirations that awaken inner self-awareness. Regardless of her age or current position in life, she finds what corresponds with her ambitions and interests. She starts on a new quest to find herself as she breaks away from a marriage where she feels unimportant.

When the ‘T’ from Lucia’s ideal family starts to break apart due to many factors, one being a reliant spouse who does not know where the fridge is in his house to a son who plans to marry a woman she does not approve of at all, she discovers for the first time that she is a considerably more independent woman in her standing thanks to an odd match for her son. One adulterous kiss transforms her life, resulting in the creation of a butterfly from a tiny, invisible cocoon. Let us examine Lucia’s transition into a strong lady who lives by her inner truth.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘The Perfect Family’ Plot Summary: Does Sara Marry Pablo?

Lucia and Ernesto are a well-known couple who have the perfect marriage and home. Trini, their agitated housekeeper with an obsessive-compulsive disorder, meticulously arranges everything, while Lucia is a continuous source of contention in the household and a hilarious sight to watch. While Ernesto is a well-known scientist, Lucia is his picture-perfect wife and Pablo’s mother. Things take an unexpected turn when Pablo introduces them to Sara, the girl he wants to marry.

Sara lives with her family in a different district of Madrid, one that appears to be run-down and disorganized. Pablo is set to introduce Sara and her family to his parents, but Lucia is already nervous as the car drives through a seedy neighborhood far from her wealthy neighborhood. As the film opens, Lucia and Ernesto are horrified about what Christmas will be like if Pablo marries Sara, who they believe does not match their social level or status. When Pablo and Sara gently address both sides and proclaim their desire to marry, Lucia and Ernesto’s fear surfaces, hiding from their son, who has swiftly realized their genuine position on the matter.

While Lucia is concerned about how this story will progress, she will embark on a new adventure when she is required to accompany Sara’s father, Sara, and Pablo to a property to get to know one another better and finalize wedding plans. Unbeknownst to Lucia, her aspirations of becoming a lady are about to come true, and then the plot thickens.

Lucia feels terrified when Sara intends to marry Pablo, and Lucia sees Sara in her natural state, so relaxed and a real woman. It’s a feeling she’s forgotten and pushed so far into the past that when it reappears now, it feels odd and unfamiliar, and it threatens to knock her entirely off-balance from the life she’s worked so hard to create for her husband and son. Nonetheless, she saves face by attempting to sit in the car on the way to the cabin with Sandune, a large black Great Dane who hangs his drooling jaw over her head.

Lucia tries to embrace a new experience with Miguel’s cabin in the forest on the outskirts of Madrid, where the air is cleaner with severe strong gusts of wind, in contrast to her perfectly air-controlled house. As they enter the house, Lucia tells Sara that the wedding can wait because she is a driven young woman with other priorities to consider, such as her new job, and arranging a wedding is too much for her. At dinner, Sara flips the situation by announcing that Lucia should plan the wedding herself. Lucia is taken aback, but she accepts, despite her wishes and preferences.

They decide to go outside and explore the town, including an old church. Sara, Lucia discovers, is an astrologer who does not believe in Mother Mary or Jesus Christ. This surprises her, but to please Pablo, she is learning to embrace many aspects of Sara. Lucia has no idea that there is a minor resemblance between them that she is unwilling to admit to herself or her immediate family. They meet with an almost-blind priest who is sensitive to his surroundings but agrees to conduct the wedding ceremony.

Thunder, lightning, and a violent rainstorm strike the same night, scaring Lucia and keeping her awake. A noisy window flap opens. Lucia jumps out of bed to close the door, but she slips and falls flat on her back. When Miguel hears her fall, he goes into the room, closes the window, gently picks Lucia up, and places her on her bed. She is utterly awed by his gallantry, yet she senses a sudden sense of heat between the two of them. Lucia suddenly has this feeling when she wakes up in the morning, and it grows on her.

As the wedding preparations progress, Lucia joins Pablo and Sara in selecting flowers, expecting Miguel to show up so they can rekindle their connection, but instead, Sara’s mother shows up. Lucia feels disappointed by this. When Sara goes browsing for a bridal gown, Miguel joins her, and Lucia is overjoyed. Lucia and Miguel are left alone during the time they must prepare cuisine and food, and they share a passionate kiss. When the kids return, Pablo notices that his mother’s face is red, and Lucia flees from them all, believing that she has betrayed her husband. Miguel says he wants what they both currently share, but she argues she can’t betray her husband and child. 

Sara and Pablo are finally married at the wedding and begin their life together. Lucia denies to herself that she has feelings for Miguel. However, from the outside of the Men’s restroom at the wedding venue, Lucia tries to encourage Ernesto to hurry up while he is in the restroom. Miguel, who is also in the same men’s restroom, hears her and leads her to a section where a photo booth with their children’s photos is set up to greet the visitors. After admitting his affections for Lucia, Miguel tries to kiss her and falls over her, causing the entire standee to collapse.

Miguel’s wife, Amparo, is trying to get her aunt to a peaceful place when she comes into contact with these two on the ground, Miguel for Lucia, who claims they are in love while Lucia denies it. Amparo goes back to the DJ console, grabs the microphone, and screams that her husband has betrayed her. While Sara and Pablo’s marriage may represent a joyous beginning for them, their parents’ fates have permanently shifted, and the story reaches a new low.

‘The Perfect Family’ Ending Explained: Does Lucia Reunite With Her Family?

When Lucia tells Ernesto the truth, she walks away, yelling at him in the rain at the venue. The same night, she packs her belongings and looks for a place to live alone. Finally, the chrysalis is beginning to transform into a butterfly. Something has risen inside her, so she resolves to leave her spouse and her past life behind. Lucia looks to make a new start someplace in the city on her own. She acknowledges that she and her husband have no mutual attraction toward each other. Her son has started a new life with his married bride, and her latest flame, Miguel, is battling to put his marriage back together.

Lucia obtains a flat, which she gradually assembles over time to create a welcoming environment. She buys a run-down house on her own with some meager cash. Gently cleans up the filthy space before slowly starting to dance to the Spanish hip hop music blaring outside. She chooses to get a haircut to celebrate her newfound independence. She dresses more casually and is far more relaxed.

She returns to her previous school with a classic bob hairdo to see if she can reclaim her position as principal. Her presence intimidates a former student, but that dread is dispelled when Lucia states she is proud of her accomplishments. Lucia adapts to her new circumstances like a chameleon.

Lucia has written multiple letters to her immediate loved ones over the weeks to explain why she left and what she is seeking. The most crucial letter she writes to herself is one in which she explains why she chose this path while also forgiving herself. When the school where Lucia works is looking to hire a PE instructor, things are about to change. Sara is the last one seated there after everyone else leaves. Olmedo, who interviewed Lucia and is an alumnus of the school, says they don’t discriminate against pregnant women, but she has no idea that Sara is known to Lucia. Lucia is overjoyed to learn that Sara is expecting her first grandchild.

When Lucia learns that Sara is seeking work and is pregnant, she chases her. Sara is enraged and can’t stand seeing Lucia, but Lucia says that if she still wants to work, she can come to this school. Sara returns to Lucia’s school before Christmas Eve and agrees to become the PE instructor on the condition that she does not inform her mother that they work together. Sara starts working at her school once Lucia agrees.

Both sides have decided to be present for Christmas Eve dinner. Lucia has established some sense of neutrality by putting some distance between the two sides. They come across a Christmas card depicting Sara and Lucia at the school they work at. Amparo, Sara’s mother, is the only one who doesn’t know where she works right now. Everyone tries to keep Amparo from seeing this picture until the priest who married the couple pulls it out of the drawer, and it makes its way around the table, avoiding Amparo’s gaze. Sara’s son removes the Christmas card from her bag to show her that Sara is working with Lucia.

When Lucia notices Amparo’s helplessness, she rises and declares to the entire room that she refuses to be invisible in her marriage and denies herself the right to live the life she genuinely desires, with all of her needs addressed. She is unapologetic because she has taken responsibility for her life and has no regrets because everything she did had a purpose, and she knows what she wants better than anybody else.

When Sara follows Lucia from the table, her water breaks. Sara is rushed to the hospital, where she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. A graceful and lovely conclusion to the journey of one woman who found herself through the presence of another strong-willed one.

Final Words

When a woman has to choose between being a mother to her children and pursuing her aspirations, her life becomes complicated. When the sacrifice requires her to put her dreams on hold, nurturing and caring for the nature of another human being is a full-time job. When fate guides her differently, the car eventually comes to a stop sign where she must choose between the road with endless possibilities of true freedom and the road where she is in service to the family and will remain true to their wants and requirements.

There is a light in Lucia’s eyes and heart when we watch her true self awaken. The light that everyone deserves and should never lose. Whatever the circumstances, whatever the consequences, every woman has the right to self-determination. “The Perfect Family” explores the doors of possibilities that we can open for ourselves by making decisions based on choice. By putting ourselves first. The film is set at a time when women’s essence is slowly finding a place in society, with their voices being heard and making a significant difference. This film is a must-see.

“The Perfect Family” is a 2022 Drama comedy film directed by Arantxa Echevarría.

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