‘The Power’ Episode 2: Recap & Ending, Explained – Do Roxy, Allie, And Jocelyn Accept Their Powers?


“The Power” series is starting to scare us because we get the distinct feeling that the original story was written by someone who was more of a “humanist” than a “feminist.” It is too early to jump to conclusions, but it is just an instinctual doubt that could very well be quenched with the upcoming story. For now, these are the events of the second episode of “The Power.” 

Spoilers Ahead


Following the mishap in “The Power” Episode 1, Ndudi is recuperating in the hospital, and Tunde still can’t figure out what to do. The events of the abandoned house do not make any sense to him. When he goes to meet Ndudi, her little sister warns him that their dad is angry with him but lets him meet Ndudi. As for her, Tunde is unable to look at her until she demands that he do so.

Back in his house, Tunde’s mother asks him to stay away from Ndudi and the whole fiasco since she thinks, like many in the community, that those women are involved in witchcraft. It seems that though the world is just waking up to the new-found power of these girls, some parts of it have already started getting accustomed to it by referring to it as magic or “juju.” Upon learning that many women seem to have this power, Tunde takes a risk and uploads the video of Ndudi getting electrocuted on his channel.


Ever since Jocelyn discovered her new power, she has been thinking about how to deal with it. She accidentally sets the microwave oven on fire, and in school, when she wants to get out of a test, she sets off the fire alarm with her electricity, but the latter is on purpose. What we have understood of Jocelyn is that she is a moody teenager who cannot stand her mother. When her father comes to pick her up from school, she raises the volume on the stereo to drown out his voice, like a bratty teenager. But that works a little too well when her power ruins the stereo altogether. Her father asks her if she has what the rest of the girls in the city seem to have as well. But Jocelyn doesn’t give him an answer and leaves. She hangs out with her friend, who encourages her to go for a guy Jocelyn has been eyeing for a while. But Jocelyn is not very confident, so her friend tells her that her power makes her a 10/10. That is quite the boost for Jocelyn.


Roxy goes straight to meet her father and demands that he do something to find her mother’s killers and murder them immediately. Roxy had heard the killers say that she was not supposed to be there, which means that their target was her mother, to begin with. But Bernie tells her that it might have been a burglary gone wrong, and they could have said that if they were keeping an eye on the house. Bernie promises Roxy that he will look into her mother’s death but asks her to leave for now as he is at work. As an infuriated Bernie is cycling through the streets, she hits a truck accidentally. When the driver tries yelling at her, she blows up his tires with her electricity. Roxy is discovering what she is capable of, and her anger won’t allow her to back down.


Tatiana is a former star gymnast and the current wife of Victor Moskalev, the President of Carpathia. The President has issued strict action to be taken against the girls showing “behavioral” aberrations, namely, the power. Tatiana tells him that it must just be girls playing pranks, but he is offended enough to want to take strict action against them. Just then, Tatiana comes to know that her mother wants to meet her.

When Tatiana was younger, her mother had yelled at her, to the point that it could be termed abuse, to keep up the facade of a sweet girl. She wanted Tatiana to be ambitious but to never express it. Tatiana has grown up with the scars of that. To be honest, in this particular regard, this is a battle women have to face often, where they have to downplay or apologize for their ambitions just to be more likable. In the present day, Tatiana’s mother tells her that her father has passed away and she needs her help since she doesn’t have any money. But Tatiana refuses to help her, and she takes great satisfaction in doing it. On the other hand, Tatiana cares for her sister Zoia, though she hasn’t heard from her in years, and Zoia keeps sending back the stuff that Tatiana sends for her. There is more family history to be uncovered here.


Allie is learning to talk to the voice in her head. Allie’s face is all over the news in suspicion of killing Mr. Clyde Montgomery Taylor, and she is pretty much on the run. When Alie tries to sell a stone in her necklace and is getting a bad deal for it, she finally caves in and listens to the voice by acting out the symptoms of low blood sugar. The woman at the store helps her, and since Allie’s performance has convinced her that she is not a junkie, she raises the amount for the stone. Later, when Allie tries to help a man with a broken-down car against the advice of the voice, things go wrong when one of his daughters gets a shock due to her own fault but blames Allie for it. The man pushes her away, leaving Allie crying on the side of the road.


Margot is struggling at her job since the governor, Daniel, is not very good at his, and he has a habit of constantly undermining her. She is receiving news from all around the city about things being set on fire, and a particular story from Beacon Hill, which is primarily a Chinese colony, says that somebody’s daughter shot fire from her hands. But Margot chalks it up to something lost in translation. On the other hand, she cannot ignore that her workload is constantly increasing because Daniel doesn’t hold up his end. For a job that takes two minutes, she had to drive for hours to go to his place, and when she showed him the video that Tunde had uploaded, he was even more condescending than before. Giving up, she goes back home. Thankfully, her husband, Rob, is supportive, and they share a safe space between them. When she tells him about the video, he mentions a case he had earlier that day when a little girl named Sarah had certain marks on her hand that could only be caused by electricity.

‘The Power’ Episode 2 Ending Explained: Do Roxy, Allie, And Jocelyn Accept Their Powers?

Jocelyn had long accepted her power, and all she needed was a little encouragement to let it translate into some real-life confidence for herself, which she got from her friend, enough so that she could finally go after the boy she had a crush on. As for Allie, she is dejected and lying on the ground when she feels the power within her. She is giving up when she feels the first few drops of rain, giving her some respite. It could also mean that her power had disturbed the charges in the atmosphere and caused it to rain, unlocking a new use of it for Allie.

Roxy is powerful, and she knows it. She tells her dad that she is more powerful than the rest of the girls with the ability and demonstrates it for him. It is likely that her demonstration caused a plane to crash, and Margot is forced to visit the site early the next morning.

Final Thoughts

“The Power” Episode 2 has just been an extension of Episode 1, with the girls owning their power and other women discovering theirs. We can tell that the coming episodes are going to be something similar, hopefully with the women coming together and talking through the situation to make sense of it. While the episodes themselves are moving fast, the individual journey of each character is heavily edited and kept to just the specifics. We are worried that it may be reductive of their emotional journey. But that remains to be seen.

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