‘The Power’ Episode 6 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Was The Man Who Set Himself On Fire?


Episode 6 of “The Power” was hard to sit through. Misogyny on a daily basis is a common thing, but seeing it concentrated in one place for one hour made our stomachs turn. This episode was about men’s adjustment in a world of women with power, and as expected, they are not coping well. Yet, it remains the women who have to pay the price for that. Let us see how that happens in “The Power” Episode 6.

Spoilers Ahead

Tunde And Ndudi

Tunde is back in Nigeria for his friend’s wedding, and he has come back with victory and PTSD from his time in Saudi Arabia. He is still startled by sudden loud noises, and he might need to get treated for it soon. Currently, though, his friend, the groom, is getting cold feet because his bride has the power. He worries that he cannot be the “man of the house” if she has an advantage over him. Power imbalances are often the foundation of a marriage, and that is why we consider the institution to be rotten to its core. But that’s a personal opinion. In the present scenario, Tunde reminds the groom that he is physically stronger than his to-be wife, and that is to her disadvantage. When the groom says that he wouldn’t use that against her, Tunde asks him whether she would use the power against him. This is what makes the groom see reason, and he goes ahead with the wedding.

At the party, Tunde meets Ndudi, and she may or may not have forgiven him, but she is happy for everything he has achieved. She tells Tunde about the women’s plans for a matriarchy in Nigeria to overrun the corruption brought on by the men’s governance. Tunde and Ndudi get intimate, and it looks like our boy is in love. He asks Ndudi to join him wherever he goes, but she has work to do in Nigeria. Their brief tryst ends when they have to go back to the wedding.


After Terry’s death, Roxy is struggling to deal with the guilt of it all. Her father’s wife, Barbara, hates her for Terry’s death and blames Roxy’s power for it. She almost physically attacks Roxy over it, causing a bit of a nosebleed, but Barbara is pulled back by her husband. Bernie takes Roxy with him for a business deal where he has to take a payment from a client. But when he gets only half of it, he physically threatens him and asks Roxy to use the power on him. Roxy refuses, saying she doesn’t want to. When they are leaving the place, Roxy makes it clear that Terry’s death was due to unfortunate circumstances, but it wasn’t her fault. Her dad is not in the mood to hear it and tries to bully her into silence, but Roxy just screams back louder than him. She won’t take the blame for something just because it is convenient for the men around her.


Jocelyn is still having trouble with her power. When she is with Ryan in the car, he asks her to stop, but we don’t think she hears him. He pushes her away, giving her a split lip. Though he apologizes, Jocelyn is angry, thinking that he is rejecting her. She leaves him and goes home. Later, when Ryan comes to meet her, she apologizes and tells him that she understands if he is scared of her fluctuating power. But the issue here is consent. We get that the writer was trying to say that anyone with more power would always try to take advantage of the other person, but this was the worst possible way to show that. A woman who has always been wary of the danger of having her boundaries violated wouldn’t be so quick to do the same to somebody else. But for the sake of the story, let us presume that Jocelyn forgot this thing. Either way, Ryan tells her that he was born intersex but underwent surgery as a baby and has since identified as a man. But he also has the skein and the power.

Jocelyn is indignant when she learns this. But Ryan reminds her that it is his body, and choosing not to tell her is his choice, which he doesn’t need to defend. Jocelyn understands this, and the full magnitude of her insensitivity starts dawning on her, but before she can repair things, Ryan leaves.


Urbandox’s influence is becoming a menace for Margot, both inside and outside her house. Though her husband doesn’t support the online personality, his insecurities regarding his wife are becoming more and more prominent. He claims that he never had a problem with her ambitions, but we suppose he also never thought that her success was a possibility. Now that it seems like something might actually happen, he does not know how to take a backseat. This is in addition to the fact that he has no idea how much he can trust Declan Glease. Margot doesn’t trust him at all, but Rob still has some faith.

In the workplace for Margot, Daniel has declared a statewide public health emergency that requires women to get tested for the EOD. Margot realizes that this invasion of privacy is just the first step toward controlling women’s place in society once again. Some woman was fired for having the power, and Margot knows that this will become more common. She doesn’t want to give the test but knows that she cannot continue working by holding back. Therefore, she figures out how to cheat on the test. It is a matter of pain resistance. In the test room, Margot is pushed to her limit, but she doesn’t let the pain show, thereby falsely proving that she doesn’t have the power. But the moment she steps out of the building, she unleashes it and causes cracks to form on the bench. This experience solidifies her decision to run for the Senate because she could not let women’s bodies be abused by men’s fear.

‘The Power’ Episode 6 Ending Explained: Who Was The Man Who Set Himself On Fire?

In addition to the hate mail that Margot has been receiving, she also has enough detractors at home. Her son is completely quoting Urbandox and says that Margot is emasculating Rob by wanting to run for the Senate and making him cook, which should be her duty. Rob offers to talk to him, and Margot agrees to smoke up once again with Jocelyn. She asks her daughter to keep her power a secret, as Rob might not be able to lie about it whenever he has to be with her during her campaign. Jocelyn might have been a bit hesitant, but the experience with Ryan has taught her to respect her mother’s decision. She agrees to keep her secret.

Cut to Margot’s announcement that she is running for the Senate; she promises an equitable society and is met with applause, though it is not shared by her own husband and son. At the end of episode 6 of “The Power”, the biggest shocker comes Margot’s way when she announces her candidacy, and a man walks into the middle of the room and sets himself on fire. This was the same man who had sent dog excrement to Margot in her hate mail. He is also a follower of Urbandox, and his actions were his way of protesting against women gaining some semblance of power in this world.

Final Thoughts

As we said before, this wasn’t an easy episode to sit through, at least for the first half of it. What we can expect for future episodes is more men reacting violently to women gaining power, as the man in the bar did in this episode. Considering “The Power” Episode 6 was about Margot, Jocelyn, Roxy, and Tunde, the next one might be about Eve, Tatiana, and her sister Zoia. We are most excited about Tatiana’s story, and we want to see if she will have the family reunion that she has been craving. “The Power” is still not giving us what we want, but it has started picking up the narrative, and the future episodes will be exciting for sure.

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