‘The Power’ Ending, Explained: How Did Eve, Tatiana, Roxy And Margot Get Their Power?


In a world where one gender has always lorded over the other, things start changing one day when women find themselves with a mysterious power. Nobody knows how it started, just that it did, and it gives women the power to use electricity. The source of this power is the skein, which is an organ attached to the collarbone, and only women seem to have it. With the conclusion of Season 1 of “The Power,” let us take a look at how this power is changing the world through the lens of these women.

Spoilers Alert


The world started with Eve, and in many ways, she is vilified for it. The apple gave humans intelligence, yet they used that to deride her. Maybe it is proof that the apple didn’t work after all. In the present day, Eve, who was first known as Allison, spent her life going from foster home to foster home until she ended up at the Montgomerys’ house. The father, Clyde Montgomery, used to sexually abuse her, and the mother just turned a blind eye to it. One day, when Eve felt the power within her and the recently awakened voice in her head urging her to use it, she fought back and, in the process, ended up killing her foster father. She runs away from home and ends up in a convent where there are other girls like her who have run away or need shelter. While Sister Maria is welcoming toward her, Sister Veronica is openly hostile, and it is clear that she doesn’t want Allison there. By this time, she has changed her name to Eve, as she wants to escape the investigation into her father’s death.

At the convent, Eve really comes into her own by declaring that power is the work of God, and all the girls must make use of it. In fact, Eve is one of the most powerful users, to the extent that she can control people by redirecting their electrical impulses in their bodies as per her will. With time, the girls in the convent became her followers, barring a few exceptions, since they came to know the truth of her past through the news. Sister Veronica immediately tries to call the police to inform them of Eve’s whereabouts, but Eve stops her by trying to control her mind. Sadly, this results in a catastrophe, and Veronica goes mad, saying that she has seen God. She dies soon after, and her death is ascribed to a brain hemorrhage. Eve gets none of the blame, and with the support of her followers, she transfers the power to the nuns of the convent, creating a powerful family, which is only the start of things now.


Roxy Monke is the illegitimate daughter of Bernie Monke, a feared gangster in London. She is ambitious and wants to work with him, but her father would rather that she stay on the sidelines. When Roxy leaves her brother’s wedding party early to go back home to her mother, tragedy strikes, and Cristina is murdered by two assailants. A grief-stricken Roxy is taken in by Bernie, who kills one of the murderers to placate her. When Roxy tries to hunt the other one down with the help of her brothers, she kills him with her power. But his family retaliates by shooting at them, and one of Roxy’s brothers, Terry, dies. His mother, Barbara, blames Roxy for it but comes to tolerate her presence in the house. Roxy proves to be valuable to her father’s business, as her power is far more intimidating than any strength that he can show. But things change soon when, while visiting her mother’s nail salon, one of the women tells Roxy about Cristina’s boyfriend, Derrick.

The surprise is that Roxy knew nothing about this. That day, her brother tells her that their father had insisted that Roxy be present at his wedding, even though he did not want it. That is because he wanted her to be away from her mother. Roxy goes to meet Derrick and finds that he is a police officer. Even he says that Bernie had Cristina killed to avoid any problems with his secrets getting leaked. When Roxy confronts her father about it, he accepts everything. Roxy leaves the house, but not before she gives the power to Barbara and steals her necklace. Roxy goes to meet Eve, and these two very powerful ladies are likely to work together in the future.

Tunde, Tatiana, and Zoia

Tunde has always wanted to be a journalist. When he follows one of his friends, Ndudi’s idea of women doing “witchcraft,” he ends up shooting a video of them with the power, which unintentionally hits Ndudi. Tunde uploads this video, and it gets him a job with CNN, but Ndudi tells him to try and do something of his own. Tunde became famous soon enough due to his following of the events in Saudi Arabia as women revolt against oppression with their new-found power.

As for Tatiana and Zoia, they were sisters, and Tatiana was on her way to becoming an Olympic athlete when she caught the eye of Victor Moskalev, the future president of their country. They get married in no time, against Tatiana’s will, and she has to give up on her dreams as well. As for Zoia, she is trafficked and is desperately trying to find a way to escape. When the power starts spreading throughout the world, both sisters get it. Zoia uses it to form an army of women in the north, but Tatiana still can’t use it due to the tracker placed on her by her husband’s instructions to regulate women against this power. Tunde’s path crosses with those of the sisters when he has to meet them to write their stories. He first meets Zoia, who asks him to deliver a message to her sister. He meets Tatiana with another investigative reporter, Declan Blease, but gets arrested when the authorities find that he has spoken positively of the rebels, aka Zoia’s army. By this time, Tatiana knows that Zoia has a message for her. That night, she kills her husband, and the next day, she has Tunde released. Tatiana sends forces to bring down Zoia’s army, but she has played a double game. Zoia is already aware of the approaching forces, and she and her army massacre them. Tunde is witness to this, and he is able to rescue General Miron, but the circumstances and the thoughtless violence have left him broken. We will know in the next season how his story moves forward.


Margot is, in many ways, the most tragic of all the women in “The Power.” The rest have already given up on any help from others, but for Margot, her family, which she considers her greatest strength, is all against her. She starts out with a pretty normal life, facing sexism at work from Daniel, the Senator. She has a supportive husband and children who hate her because their lives are inconvenienced by her job. But when the power starts spreading amongst the women, Margot is the only one who addresses the biology of it and reveals the fact that it must have been an evolutionary process that stems from a new part of women’s bodies, the skein. This makes her the face of the movement, and she eventually decides to run for the Senate, which had been her ambition all along, but she had given up on it due to the immense roadblocks ahead. But now that it had started looking possible, she wanted to go for it, but her husband was uncomfortable with it. As for her son, he was an ardent follower of Urbandox, who is The Power’s version of Andrew Tate.

Margot’s daughter, Jocelyn, gives her mother the power, but they decide to keep it a secret until the elections. However, the secret is revealed at a family picnic when Margot protects Matt from an angry Jocelyn. Matt had posted a video of Ryan, Jocelyn’s intersex boyfriend, using the power, and that had opened a can of worms. Also, upon discovering that his wife has the power, Rob makes it clear that he wants a divorce. But things truly start falling apart when, during a live debate with Daniel, Margot uses her power on him when he brings up that Margot’s campaign managers sent Ryan to a camp where he was being medicated against his will. Margot has no idea about this, and she starts losing her hold on her surroundings and attacks him with her power. Now, the entire world knows that Margot also has EOD.

Concluding Thoughts

The objective of this series was to comment on the nature of the power imbalance in this world by reversing the roles. But the series failed to do exactly that—make the commentary. We were left highly dissatisfied with Season 1 of “The Power,” and we hope Season 2 picks up where this one fell short.

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