‘The Power’ Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: What Happens With Tunde, Zoia, And Tatiana?


Episode 9 of “The Power” brought nothing new to the table, which is exactly in line with what the previous episodes also failed to do. In all of its nine episodes, this series, which has such a powerful concept, failed to give us one meaningful discussion or dialogue that we could remember. It shouldn’t have been so hard since feminist discussions are everywhere, even if they haven’t seeped into mainstream consciousness. The failure of this series has broken our hearts like nothing else because there was something that seemed to have the right approach, a good cast to back it up, and the correct budget and platform it needed, but it was all for naught. Either way, here is a detailed recap of “The Power” Episode 9.

Spoilers Alert

Where Does Roxy Go?

Roxy is already suspicious that her father, Bernie, might be responsible for the murder of her mother, Cristina. But she is not ready to accept this, and that is why she meets her mother’s boyfriend, Derrick. Roxy believes that he must have been responsible for her mother’s death, but he tells her that he works in the police department. Bernie caught wind of it, and that is why he had Cristina killed so that his secrets would never reach the authorities. A furious Roxy wastes no time in confronting her father about it, and he admits to it. Roxy doesn’t kill Bernie, but she reminds him that his son is dead. She tells him that she is glad that is so. Before leaving, Roxy asks Barbara whether she knew anything about her mother’s murder, and upon finding that she didn’t, she gives her the power as a final punishment as well as a safeguard against the men in the Monke family. Roxy steals Barbara’s necklace and immediately leaves, but her father is looking for her and rightly suspects that she will try to go to New York. Knowing that, Roxy changes course and goes to meet Eve to “join her family,” as she would put it.

How does Eve take control of the convent?

Eve has been feeling terribly guilty about what happened with Sister Veronica. The police write it off as a brain hemorrhage, and nobody blames Eve. Sister Maria is also feeling guilty for not taking better care of things, and Eve tells her that it is all God’s will. The voice in Eve’s head likes that Eve is manipulating people the right way. Eve and the other girls give the skein to the nuns as the next step of whatever movement they are planning. One of the girls does lash out, saying that Eve is simply using the name of God to brainwash everyone, but nobody listens to her. When Roxy comes to meet Eve, it is two of the most powerful people in one place. Eve tries to flex her power by controlling Roxy’s use of electricity. But Roxy is far more powerful than that, and Eve is awestruck. In “The Power” Season 2, we can see what comes of their partnership.

Does Margot Win The Debate?

This woman simply can’t catch a break. Her daughter is about to hate her again, her son is ready to spy on her, and her husband might just cheat on her. Ever since Ryan’s use of power went viral on Urbandox, Margot’s campaign managers are worried about the kind of look it would give Margot’s campaign, which is all about family values. It sounds like the writers were trying to play on the bigoted prejudices against intersex people as being against family values, but it should have had more of an explanation. Ryan is sent away to a camp where he is promised that there will be more people like him, and that causes him to fall out of contact with Jocelyn, though she still doesn’t know the reason why. As for Matt, he is contacted by Urbandox, who asks him to spy on his mother’s campaign so that they can sabotage it, with the ultimate aim of keeping his family safe. Finally, there is sweet Rob, whom a journalist flirts with, and Rob finds nothing wrong with his attraction towards her. We will only know in “The Power” Season 2 whether he cheated on Margot, but we already hate him.

In Margot and Daniel’s debate, Daniel wants to control and criminalise EOD whereas Margot is against it due to the discrimination it will give rise to. It is a civilised debate for the most part, but towards the end of it, when Daniel brings up that Margot’s campaign managers sent Ryan to a camp where his EOD will be regulated against his will, Margot starts losing her grip on her surroundings. She did not know what her campaign managers would do, and she was just as shocked. In her state of mind, she uses her power on Daniel, knocking him down. Till then, everybody thought that Margot did not have the EOD, but a completely new picture has emerged now. This could be disastrous for her campaign.

What Happens With Tunde, Zoia, And Tatiana In The End?

Since Declan betrayed Tunde, he went to meet Zoia’s army, but his racism and sexism got him killed by getting electrocuted in the water. Tunde is released by Tatiana after he delivers the message from Zoia and gives her the number he had memorized. When Tunde leaves, Tatiana sends the army to attack Zoia in the north. Tunde gets to know this when he sees the ruckus at his hotel and rushes to the north to either warn Zoia or her army. We can see that Tunde is scared of the power. He doesn’t get on a bus full of women because he is scared that he might be attacked. When he reaches the forests around Zoia’s base, he finds scores of dead bodies littered around and many in the water, one of whom is Declan Blease. Tunde records evidence of the fact that the power was used on a large scale in an act of war. As Tunde prepares to leave for his own safety, a man on fire comes running towards him. Tunde helps put out the fire and finds that the man is General Miron, who knows that Tatiana betrayed them by warning Zoia in advance. Tunde is in tears at the bloodshed around him, and at the end of episode 9 of “The Power,” he calls up Ndudi, and all he can do is cry while she tells him to come back home. As for the two sisters, they are ready to take over a new world of their own making with their power.

Final Thoughts: What Doesn’t Work For The Series?

We have constantly criticized “The Power” for not understanding the politics of power, to begin with. But in the interest of being optimistic (what other choice do we have?), we will assume that this entire first season is the launch pad for Season 2, where what we have been waiting for, will finally be discussed. Until then, this was just another letdown that came close to the point but failed to reach it due to its own overindulgence in its narrative.

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