‘The Price Of Nonna’s Inheritance’ Ending, Explained: Do Anna And Carlo Kill Nunzio?


For the most part, The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance is rather straightforward for a film that’s meant to be somewhat of a comedy of errors. The film follows Anna, a woman who meets Nunzio, who we can only assume is an ex-lover, at a reunion. Nunzio is one of those men who has an ego the size of a mountain and shows off all the time, only for everything he touches to be massively overrated. Anyway, Nunzio tells Anna that he needs an old woman to be an actress in one of his plays, and her mother would be perfect for it. Innocent Anna does give him her mother’s number, but at the same time, Nunzio tries to kiss the woman, showing us in the first 5 minutes of the film what kind of man he truly is. Anyway, let’s quickly dive into everything that happens in the film to know how Anna and Nunzio’s lives get intertwined.

Spoiler Alert

Why does Anna worry about her mom?

The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance begins with the climax of the film. A gunshot, and Anna’s worried husband screaming for her. We then cut to two months earlier, when Anna and Nunzio met at the reunion. Nunzio tries to seduce Anna when he drops her off, claiming that her husband isn’t the right guy for her. However, Anna refuses to return his feelings and leaves him to return to her family. A little while later, Anna is shocked to learn that Nunzio is now her mom’s lover, and they’re going to be renovating his theater together. Anna immediately knows something is up because her mother has a huge inheritance to her name, something that a person like Nunzio (with nothing) desperately needs. Anna and her husband find information about Nunzio’s two ex-wives, who died soon after getting married to the guy (we know where this is going). However, Anna’s mom refuses to believe a word she says because, well, girls just want to have fun. She reveals that she’s got wedding bands ready and that she and Nunzio are going to be married soon. 

With no other choice, Anna decides she must murder Nunzio before he kills her mother. At first, she plans to do it by herself, but when her family asks about her plans, they all decide to join forces to save Nonna, or, should I say, the money. They treat it like a family vacation, with Anna even saying that this is the first time they’ve done something together in a really long time. The family then flies down to Menorca for the wedding prep. It’s actually Ale, the daughter, who comes up with a plan to poison Nunzio out there before the wedding. They like the idea because the plant is found in that particular region, and it seems like quite a foolproof plan; however, later, Anna decides it would make more sense to fake a suicide (I really don’t know how). 

Does Nunzio marry Anna’s mother? 

On the plane ride, Emilio, the son, suggests they call the suicide mission “sunbathing,” and so the first attempt to kill Nunzio is when he takes the kids (both above 25) sightseeing, and there’s a chance for Ale to push him off a high cliff into the sea. Emilio suggests she sunbathes when he sees the opportunity, but ultimately, Ale can’t do it. Then the family tells Nonna that Nunzio has actually been depressed for a really long time and even attempted suicide before, all while Carlo and the kids attempt to get Nunzio to hold his breath in the pool for over a minute and a half (apparently to make it look like he’s trying to kill himself). 

The family is living on a fancy property that is cared for by a couple, Luis and Patricia. They have to keep in mind that there are cameras all over the place, and they can’t make stupid decisions. On the other hand, Bojan, Nunzio’s blind best man, arrives, too, making it harder for the family to be alone with Nunzio. Ironically, Bojan ends up overhearing the family’s plans and decides to use it as an opportunity to get some money for himself. Nobody is going to buy the depression story because Nunzio looks like a rather happy man—in fact, much happier than the whole family put together. He even makes lewd comments to Carlo about Ale, making him feel more disgusted by the man. 

With Bojan going along with the plan, he suggests the perfect ploy for Nunzio’s fake suicide. Put him in the garage with the exhaust in his mouth. Bojan settles for $400,000 in return for keeping his mouth shut about the whole thing. While he makes his deal with Anna, Carlo tries to get Nunzio to write a fake goodbye letter to Anna, claiming that he’s not happy with her anymore. He makes sure the guy doesn’t write the name Anna in the letter, saying he’ll copy what he writes, but he needs his help. This would be Nunzio’s suicide note, of course. 

Finally, when it comes time for the fake suicide, Nonna’s bridesmaids show up, so Bojan takes the ladies out for a bachelorette while the family can kill Nunzio in the meantime. Eventually, the kids tell the parents that they’re unable to go ahead with the plan. By this point, they’ve given Nunzio a sedative, and he’s unconscious, so Carlo and Anna take the guy to the garage, only to learn that it’s an electric car. Earlier in the film, it seemed Carlo was worried that Anna was having an affair with Nunzio, but now it’s finally revealed that it was Patricia who was sleeping with the playboy. Do you remember the gunshot from the beginning of the film? Well, it was Luis shooting Nunzio in the leg after he caught them together. I’ve got to say the guy’s got stamina if he’s waking up in the middle of the night after being heavily sedated to do his business. 

In The Price of Nonna’s Inheritance‘s ending, Nonna tells Anna that she’s going to give her most of her money and go off to Brazil with Nunzio anyway. She says she wants to have some fun at her age, and he’s the perfect guy to use as her slave. She’ll pretend to have the money and then reveal she’s got none when the time’s right. Finally, just like planned, Anna tries to join her family for a nice vacation, all this way away from home, only for them to bombard her with questions about the inheritance. Anna reveals Nonna’s plans to go with Nunzio, but she never tells them about the money. It seems like Anna’s also tired of her family’s obsession with the inheritance, while she simply wants to spend some quality time with them. However, despite her irritation with them, we can tell that she loves them dearly and won’t ever leave them. Throughout the film, Nunzio often tells Anna that Carlo was never the right guy for her and she never needed to settle for such a man, but in the end, we learn that he’d do anything for her, even kill a man, so I suppose they’re good together. They’re not the perfect family, but seeing as the kids weren’t willing to murder someone, maybe they raised them right at the end of the day. Ultimately, Anna gets the money, and Nonna is safe, so all’s well. 

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