‘The Princess Switch 3’ Summary & Ending – Does The Royal Family Recover The ‘Star of Peace’?


The popular romantic comedy series is back with a lookalike adventure, “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star”. While the star of the series, Vanessa Hudgens, has entertained people with her commendable performance, she is not the real “star” of this film. Keep reading to find out who it is.

‘The Princess Switch 3’ Plot Summary: The Relic

Following their early adventures, Stacy (Princess of Belgravia) and Margaret (Queen of Montenaro) plan to host an international Christmas celebration in Montenaro. The heart of this year’s festivities is a relic lent by the Vatican called the “Star of Peace.” Unfortunately, the jewel gets stolen days before the event, leaving the police with no leads. To retrieve the Star of Peace, Stacy and Margaret have no choice but to seek help from Margaret’s slippery cousin Fiona.

Fiona gets a Christmas leave from her probation period doing community service at St. Michael’s Convent. To find a solution for the stolen relic situation, Fiona seeks help from Peter, a former Interpol investigator, and her childhood friend. Peter sleuths his way to find that the culprit is Hunter Cunard, Fiona’s ex-lover and a billionaire obsessed with stealing valuables. Fiona gets in touch with Hunter and lures him to invite her to his Christmas party.

Peter fetches out the security blueprint of Hunter’s country home, which is the place of the party, and where the stolen jewel is being kept. However, the only people who can cut through the motion sensor array are Hunter and Fiona. As Fiona could not possibly be in two places at the same time, Margaret volunteers to meet Hunter disguised as Fiona while they are at the heist.

The Party, the Hearing, the Heist

On the day of the party, Fiona sneaks into the gallery with Peter. At the same time, Mindy and Reggie maintain a disguise on the security footage. Fiona and Peter manage to steal back the Star of Peace. Peter hands over the relic to Fiona in a bag as she escapes, while he stays there to stall the security guards. Fiona gets into the car, and Frank safely drives her to the palace.

While keeping her cover, Margaret swindles Hunter into thinking she is Fiona. She stalls him amidst the heist. However, when the security alarms trigger suspicion in Hunter, Margaret finds a way to escape the party with the help of the angel man.

When Margaret and Fiona are away, Stacy receives a call from the Convent that Fiona’s hearing has been preponed. Having no other choice, Stacy, too, disguises herself as Fiona and attends the hearing. Worried about her safety, Edward escorts her. When Stacy fakes remorse on the misdoings of Fiona, the jury decides to end Fiona’s probation and set her free.

‘The Princess Switch 3’ Ending

Fiona reaches the palace only to find out that the jewel is missing from the bag. Now that everyone thinks Peter has fled with the relic, Margaret decides to tell the truth to the Vatican after all. Nevertheless, Fiona sets out to confront Peter about this. Peter tells her that he merely wanted her attention and that he was planning for her to meet her mother. Reminiscing her bitter past with her mother, Fiona refuses and angrily storms out with the jewel. However, she realizes that she is about to make the same mistake of walking out, just like her mother did to her as a child. She turns around and embraces her mother with a warm hug.

Having been retrieved, the “Star of Peace” brightens up the festive mood on the day of Christmas. Margaret tells Kevin that Hunter Cunard has been arrested trying to flee the country. With everything settled, there’s an emptiness that daunts Fiona. She feels guilty for having mistreated Peter, while he had always been a true friend to her. Growing up, he had comforted her every time her mother abandoned her. Fiona starts to realize that all this while she had fallen in love with her best friend.

Nevertheless, Christmas shows its miracle as Peter shows up at the party. Fiona apologizes to him and confesses that she had always shut people out for her fear of intimacy. Overwhelmed with emotions, the two share a kiss. The Star of Peace lights up the Christmas tree, and the night melts into a delightful chorus.

In Conclusion

The Princess Switch series portrays delightful chemistry between the doppelgängers and their romantic interests: Stacy-Edward, Margaret-Kevin, and Fiona-Peter. While it has a cliched fairytale theme, inspired by Mark Twain’s “The Prince and the Pauper” with a Christmassy feel, the characters are portrayed with a very modern touch. Despite a predictable plot, “The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star” is a “comfort-film” to binge-watch as Christmas nears.

The Princess Switch 3 is a 2021 Romantic Comedy film directed by Mike Rohl. It is streaming on Netflix.

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