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Netflix’s new horror film, “The Privilege,” follows Finn Bergmann, who is having hallucinations. His family doesn’t believe him and calls it an outcome of his insomnia. But when supernatural events start occurring both at home and school, Finn and his friends start digging for an unnerving secret that will expose a generations-long conspiracy.

“The Privilege” is an awkwardly mind-bending film and has only a handful of semi-explored characters. Let’s assess the main characters of the film and see if we can get to know them better.

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Finn Bergmann

Our protagonist, Finn Bergmann, is the son of Yvonne and Martin Bergmann, an elite business family. When he was 11 years old, he was subjected to the death of his elder sister, Anna. And that trauma has haunted him ever since. With every passing day, Finn goes through strange experiences that involve the same entity that caused his sister’s death. Upon discovering that the pill he is taking to counteract his condition is a fungus that basically opens a portal to hell, he realizes that he was never hallucinating and that all that he felt was real. 

Upon further digging, he finds out that it is his father’s corporation, Trondthal, that manufactures the pills. These pills are manufactured to achieve what seems to be an ominous result. But before he can take any action or find out more, he is captured and made the subject of an experiment. It is revealed that Finn’s body will be used as the next vessel for the dark entity after his grandfather’s death. His parents, his younger sister Sophie, along with Dr. Steinke and two others, are all part of this sinister conspiracy. But before the ritual is over, Lena comes to the rescue and helps Finn escape, burning down the whole place in the process.

Throughout “The Privilege,” Finn is shown to be a guy who prefers to keep things to himself. His sole secret-sharer is Lena. Despite being tormented by the dark entity since he was 11 years old, he has kept it all secret until now, when he finds others being affected by it too. He also has a determined self, which is why he does not stop from finding out the truth despite the continuous hindrances. That he is distanced from his parents is evident in the way he speaks to them, be it due to their lifestyle or due to his upbringing. His only family is his sister, and we get clear proof of this when he checks on her repeatedly throughout the film.

The Privilege Summary review 2022 Netflix German Film
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Lena is Finn’s best friend. She accompanies him whenever he wants her to. And despite her lack of belief in the supernatural, she doesn’t stop Finn from making his point, no matter how much he may sound unnatural. She goes with him to Eliska Novak to find out more about the fungus. She stays with him during the mediumship. That she breaks into the Trondthal facility on her own to find out more about the pills is a clear indication of her bravery. She is also the one who saves Finn at the end and helps him escape from the dark entity. Overall, Lena serves as Finn’s window that allows him to vent his thoughts and also helps him escape, figuratively and literally.

Grandpa Bergmann

Grandpa Bergmann deserves mention despite his short screen time. This is because he is the key to Finn’s quest to figure out what’s going on. The first time we see him is when Finn goes to visit him at the hospital. He asks Finn to pray that they get to spend some more time together. The second time, he tells Finn that when he was a young vicar, he performed an exorcism on a sick kid. And it changed everything for him. This, as we find out later along with Finn, corresponds directly to the words of Mr. Gerber. According to him, his father was sick as a child and was saved by his grandfather. He mentions that his grandfather had an encounter with Trondthal.

So, if we connect this with Grandpa Bergmann’s words, Trondthal is the very demon for which he had to perform the exorcism, and the sick kid is his son, i.e., Finn’s father. Grandpa Bergmann’s last words to Finn are that they will meet again, and Finn can count on it. This takes the shape of the last encounter that almost cost Finn his body.

Yvonne and Martin Bergmann

Yvonne and Martin Bergmann, Finn’s parents, are quite interesting characters despite being off-screen for the greater length of “The Privilege.” They are both part of the cult that serves Trondthal. There is a scene 20 minutes into the film where Yvonne tells Martin her doubts about whether Finn is ready and if it’s all too much for him. We don’t find out what Finn needs to be ready for until the very end of the movie. But the manner in which she mentions it does show her care for him. However, Martin steers clear of her emotions, which shows his determination towards their goal.

They both raised Anna, Finn, and Sophie only to sacrifice them, which is clearly evident in the way they talk to each other about them. Their children are no more than lab rats that they have fed and raised only to conduct their ultimate test.

In Conclusion

Finn Bergmann is the only character you will need to know in “The Privilege.” He is the one who takes the plot forward. The others are more like steps that help take Finn’s character forward.

“The Privilege,” directed by Felix Fuchssteiner and Katharina Schöde, is a 2022 movie streaming on Netflix.

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