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Chinese Film, The Rookies follows a bunch of misfits who take on an adventure to save the world from a biological weapon of mass destruction. The film is written and directed by Alan Yuen. Staying true to its genre of action-comedy, the film also tries to comment on the social-media-addicted generation. Other than its prominent Chinese cast, the film also stars famous Hollywood actress Milla Jovovich.

‘The Rookies’ Summary

An extreme sports streamer, Zhou Feng accidentally traps himself in a confidential meeting between terrorists exchanging biochemical weapons for money. A special agent, Bruce (Milla Jovovich) who works for an intelligence agency named Order of the Phantom Knighthood saves Zhou from the terrorist group by killing them all. According to Bruce, neither the seller nor the buyer knew each other, and when Zhou interrupted the meeting, the non-present leader of the gang, Mr.X perceived him as the actual buyer of a destructive bioweapon called, DM85.

The other party of terrorists led by a man named Iron Fist makes another attempt to strike a deal with Mr. X. Bruce hires Zhou to capture the weapon before Iron Fist. Bruce sends Zhou to Budapest to continue with the deal where a new adventure awaits him.

Major Spoilers Ahead

‘The Rookies’ Ending Explained

The use of the biological weapon DM85 could turn humans into living plants. Iron Fist, a psychopath who lost his girlfriend, is inclined to destroy the world, or in his words, change the world. He wishes to re-establish human settlement with just good guys and plants.

In the climax sequence, Iron Fist traps Zhou and his rookie team in his hidden laboratory. He detonates a catalyst for mass destruction and plans to detonate the actual DM85 after he has left the facility in his airborne chopper. Zhou and his team escape the captivity and follow Iron Fist.

Zhou uses an EMP device to crash Iron Fist’s chopper but in the process loses his own life. After the accomplishment, senior agent Bruce invites detective Miao Yan to join the Order of the Phantom Knighthood. A last visual reveals that Zhou’s hand enters the frame, suggesting he is still alive.

While the film suggests a sequel, its massive failure at the Chinese box office shuns any such possibility. A reason for its failure is its over-the-top comedy.

The film had some humorous moments, but with many scenes, it went off the boat. The characters, especially Bruce, were an exaggerated caricature. Some visuals and action sequences showed a ray of possibility, but logical flaws, casual characters, and buffoonery caused the death of the entire narrative.

The Rookies is a 2019 Chinese action adventure film directed by Alan Yuen.

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