‘The Sea Beast’ Ending, Explained: What Happened To Jacob And Maisie?


Directed by Chris Williams, “The Sea Beast” explores a heartfelt, feel-good genre mixed with a little fear. The story perfectly elaborated on the phrase “do not judge a book by its cover” as Jacob and Maisie, the protagonists, question their traditions and refuse to participate in the barbaric ones. The film is a Netflix Original and was released on July 8th, 2022. It is a good children’s film with an underlying tone going much deeper than that.

‘The Sea Beast’ Plotline: What Is The Animated Film About?

The story begins with a kid floating on a makeshift raft in the sea. The ship he was on rests in smithereens along the waves. He then floats around for a while before he is accepted aboard the ship named, The Inevitable, captained by Captain Crow. The kid, Jacob, is now revered for his heroic feats and is set to become the next captain. Crow, Jacob, and their crew set sail to fight the sea beasts held responsible for the carnage. The captain and crew fight and defeat these sea beasts, taking only their horns as trophies. Their feats of bravery are written down in books and are talked about by many. One such fan of the famous captain and crew was a young girl named Maisie. She read their books to the other children in the orphanage where she was living. She then set out to meet the captain whilst they docked in the port. She got into the ship and joined them on their hunt for the red sea beast named Bluster. However, she and Jacob get separated from the rest of their crew and instead develop a bond with the monster. Maisie names the beast “Red,” and Red helps Jacob and Maisie reach the nearest island to rejoin the crew. Red, however, gets captured by Captain Crow and his crew as revenge. They set sail back to the kingdom to show Red off, but Maisie intervenes, and they are set free. Maisie then leaves with Jacob to spend her life happily outside instead of in the orphanage.

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Captain Crow And The Beast

Captain Crow had lost a lot to the beasts. He had spent the entirety of his life fighting the monsters that had taken away everything near and dear to him, making him seek vengeance. The captain had his sights set on the red sea beast named Red Bluster. He almost had her and was about to put his revenge to rest. However, the code of the hunters prevented him from carrying on with his plans. Crow wanted to leave his mark on the earth with a legacy to boast about, just like his predecessors before him. He also planned his retirement after successfully subduing Red and naming Jacob the Captain of the Inevitable. However, the code of hunters rescheduled his plans. Code of the Hunters demanded any hunter crew nearby, come to the rescue of the other crew in ailment. Thus the plans of the captain were pushed back.

On the day he did get to fulfill his plan, Maisie and Jacob intervened to help save the rest of the crew and the boat from drowning whilst they fought with Red. This intervention angered Crow, and he was set on killing both of them before Red kidnapped them. Believing that Red had taken Jacob, whom Crow considered a son, Crow was furious, and he wanted to kill Red even more. He sealed his fate to the devil to take revenge on Red. He also insisted on capturing the animal due to the job given to him by the monarch of the country. He wanted to make sure that the hunters fulfilled their jobs and that the monarchs did not test them.

‘The Sea Beast’ Ending Explained: What Happened To Jacob And Maisie?

After being kidnapped by the Red Bluster, Jacob and Maisie get to experience their own adventure and get to know the beasts better. Maisie comes to the conclusion that the beasts simply acted as a means to protect themselves from the onslaught of battle that the humans rained on them. Maisie did not know who started the battle, but taking a gander, she realized that it was most probably the monarchs who urged the hunters for their entertainment and greed. She had lost her parents to this rivalry between the monsters and the kingdom. However, she was keen on the war coming to an end. Maisie showed the most courage when she saved Red and also took control of the entire banquet to address the emperor and empress, questioning their morals. With the help of Jacob, she quickly left the kingdom to enjoy a more free life.

The rift between the monsters and the humans portrayed in books is administered and approved by the monarch. They boasted of the beasts ravaging the lands and causing chaos, which was then quelled by the hunters. The beasts were said to usurp the peaceful time of the commoners on the land. However, since time immemorial, the beasts were content to be left alone. The fight had started a long time ago. However, it was difficult to track down who had started it first and on what account. Maisie quickly realized that it was the monarchy that was behind the fighting. Due to the unknown reason behind the war, the monarchy saw it as an opportunity to reign over the people under the pretense of security to secure their own wealth and prosperity. They continued to fuel the ongoing rift instead of solving it and ending it to lessen the lives lost. This seems to be an underlying jab at the current trends in politics that simply focus on divide and rule policy. The rift between the monsters and the humans signifies the rift between two factions of a country. This could be between two religions or two parties, but the idea is to fuel the ongoing fight so as to use it for better support and to secure their position to rule the country.

“The Sea Beast” does seem to take a jab at present day politics through some of the portrayals. Maisie’s last speech seems to seal that jab and is disguised as a warning to the audience about the ruling parties and not letting their decisions be influenced by them by putting the other side in danger. The hunters and beasts fought on for flimsy reasons while the monarchs sat in their palace enjoying the wealth and fame that they brought to them under the misguided notions. A similar instance seems to happen in real life, where the ruling party banks on votes by discerning the other faction as seemingly dangerous, and they would ensure safety in lieu of votes. The film mocks the corrupt governments with a barrage of well-constructed imagery that leaves the adults with questions to think about.

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