‘The Tailor’ Ending, Explained: Is Peyami Dead? What Happened To Esvet?


Directed by Cem Karci, “The Tailor” takes us inside the life of a famous designer who finds himself entangled in a controversy of which he never wanted to be a part of. He had two options: either he chose to be righteous and betray his friend, or he prioritized his friendship and was responsible for subjecting an innocent woman to deplorable circumstances. Cagatay Ulusoy (Peyami), Sifanur Gul (Esvet), and Salih Bademci (Dmitri) put their best foot forward, but they are let down by a weak screenplay that isn’t able to add that element of surprise and thrill that it aspires to. The story lacks gravitas, and you never become invested in the characters until the end of the series, as most times, their actions and intentions seem shallow and superficial.

“The Tailor” tries to address many social issues and incorporate a lot of twists and turns, but it ceases to be anything but a half-baked attempt that neither stays true to its cause nor entertains you or keeps you intrigued.

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‘The Tailor’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Dmitri and Peyami had been friends since childhood, but both had extremely contrasting personalities. Peyami, even after coming from an affluent background, had made his own name and was one of the most renowned fashion designers, whereas Dmitri was a spoiled brat who had no regard for anybody and had an erratic and irritating personality, so much so that even his own father couldn’t bear him for more than a couple of minutes. Peyami was vested with the responsibility to design outfits for his best friend Dmitri’s wedding and his fiancee, Esvet. According to the tradition, no man was allowed to see a woman who was about to get married, but in this case, that was a difficult thing as Peyami needed to take measurements of Esvet for making her wedding gown to perfection. Years of practice had made Peyami an expert in assessing the measurements of a person without using a measurement tape. So Dmitri suggested that Peyami be blindfolded so he could assess Esvet’s measurements without seeing her. Esvet wore her gown, covered her face with the veil, and came out to give her measurement. Esvet was in very bad shape, and we learned in the very first episode of “The Tailor” that she was subjected to constant domestic abuse, and though everybody seemed to know about it, nobody actually helped her escape from the terrible situation.

Peyami’s father, Mustafa, was probably suffering from autism (ADS), and since his childhood, Peyami used to feel embarrassed when the other students teased him about it. Mustafa’s mind was like a child’s, and he did things with a pure heart, but they always ended up embarrassing his son. Peyami often told his grandfather that instead of Mustafa, he should have been his father. Peyami’s mother had left him in his childhood, and he had no clue about her whereabouts, though he was continuously on the lookout to see if he could find any potential leads that could lead him to his mother. Since the beginning of “The Tailor,” we have witnessed that no matter how condescending, rude, or brash Dmitri might have been, he always listened to what Peyami said. That is why, when Dmitri didn’t listen to his mother and father, they asked Peymai to pitch in and bring the situation under control. Dmitri’s wedding dates were fixed, the guests had been invited, and the arrangements had been made, but then something untoward happened that changed the lives of all those who unknowingly got involved in it.

How Did Esvet Escape From Dmitri’s House?

Dmitri abused Esvet in ways that nobody could imagine. He was an animal who was wreaking havoc on that innocent girl’s life. Faruk and Irina, Esvet’s adoptive parents, were related to Dmitri’s family. Irina and Lia, Dmitri’s mother, were sisters, and now they were getting their children married to each other. Faruk loved Esvet as his own daughter, but for Irina, Esvet was merely an asset, and she wanted to earn a lifetime of profit by selling her to Dmitri’s family. Esvet had never disobeyed her parents and always listened to everything they said, but for the first time, she was begging them not to get her married to the predator that Dmitri was. When Peyami had come to take her measurements, she had heard him talking about getting a caretaker for his father. He had contacted an agency, but they were not able to find any candidate suiting their preferences. Esvet saw it as an opportunity, and she decided that she would escape from Dmitri’s house and pretend to be a caretaker sent by the agency to look after Mustafa. Because Peyami had been blindfolded when he was taking measurements, he didn’t know what Esvet looked like. He would have done a background search on her, but Mustafa instantly liked her the moment she stepped foot in his room. Esvet hid her real identity and told Peyami that her name was Firuze. Peyami’s grandmother was a very orthodox person, and she wanted to put a clause in the contract of the caretaker that they would have to marry Mustafa if they decided to take the job. Mustafa had to be taken care of like a baby, and Sulun wanted any woman staying in such close proximity to a grown man to first get married. Peyami was not that rigid about it, and he knew that what his grandmother was asking of her was not justified and would ruin her entire life, so he told Esvet that she didn’t have to marry his father to get the job.

Esvet was clearly told that she would have to keep Mustafa indoors whenever any guests came because nobody knew that Peyami had a father who was mentally disabled. Dmitri’s entire family was going to come for dinner at Peyami’s house, and Esvet wanted to hear what conversations they were having, as she was keen to know what kind of impact her disappearance had on the family. Esvet was busy overhearing the conversation when Mustafa got out and came in front of Dmitri, who was standing in the garden with Peyami. Peyami didn’t know how to react or what to tell his best friend, but his housekeeper came at the right time and saved him by saying that Mustafa was her family member. After that incident, Peyami fired Esvet in “The Tailor” Episode 3, and though he had started liking her as a person, this kind of gross negligence wasn’t pardonable, according to him.

Why Did Dmitri Get Suspicious Of Faruk?

Esvet had contacted her father, and she wanted to meet him and tell him in person why she had escaped and where she was hiding. Faruk was quite close to Esvet, and unlike Irina, he was not somebody who would throw her under the bus. Dmitri overheard Faruk talking to Esvet over the call, and he followed him to the place where the father-daughter duo was supposed to meet up. Esvet got horrified when she saw Dmitri charging towards her, and she started running to save her life. Esvet was able to make a near escape, but Faruk landed himself in a great deal of trouble as Dmitri didn’t trust him now, and he believed that he had conspired with Esvet to make her escape. Esvet realized that she didn’t have any place to go other than Peyami’s house, so she returned there and told Peyami’s grandmother that she was ready to tie the knot with Mustafa if she agreed to take her back.

Another revelation that was made in “The Tailor” season 1 was that Lia and Ari, Dmitri’s parents, had adopted Esvet only to inherit her property, and when they got what they wanted, they left her in an orphanage. Lia had kept a bracelet in Esvet’s basket when she was dropping her off at the orphanage, which she wore at all times, even when she grew up, believing it to be the only token of remembrance she had of her biological mother. Dmitri had wiretapped his house, and through it, he heard that Esvet had a major share in their property, and that’s where he hatched a plan to take revenge on his father for years of mistreatment. 

Even Sulun had an intuition that Firuze and Esvet were the same person after Dmitri came to their house, found Esvet’s bracelet lying on the stairs, and told Peyami that it belonged to his fiance. Just to be sure, Sulun had gone to Dmitri’s house under the pretext of paying her condolences and asked Irene and Lia to show her the picture of Esvet. Sulun realized that her suspicion was not wrong and that the woman pretending to be a caretaker was actually Esvet.

‘The Tailor’ Ending Explained: How Did Dmitri Find Esvet? Is Peyami Dead?

After getting to know that Esvet had a share in the property, in “The Tailor,” Episode 6, Dmitri tried to remember all the details as his intuition told him that Esvet had not left the town and was still around. After going through all the details in his mind, it struck Dmitri that it was his own best friend, Peyami, who was backstabbing him. He remembered that he had found Esvet’s bracelet at Peyami’s house and had also noticed that the wedding dress that Esvet was supposed to wear was lying on the floor as if somebody had just taken it out hastily and left it there. Dmitri finally decided to raid Peyami’s house, but fortunately, at that time, Peyami and Esvet were both not there as they had taken Mustafa sailing on the yacht. Dmitri left, but he told Sulun to inform Peyami to come and meet him at his ranch.

Peyami and Esvet had gotten quite close over the course of time. For the first time, Esvet saw that an individual wasn’t torturing her or using her for his own benefit but was genuinely empathizing with her situation and trying hard to give her a new life. Esvet knew that she was slowly falling for the famous tailor, and even Peyami had started reciprocating her feelings. Sulun was of the opinion that Esvet should be the one who confronts Dmitri and tells him that Peyami is not involved in anything. But Peyami was against this plan, as he wanted to send Esvet to London so that she could start a new life. Peyami decided that he would try to convince Dmitri to let Esvet go, though deep down, he knew that, being the kind of man his best friend was, he would never let Esvet go because his ego had been bruised.

Towards the end of “The Tailor” Season 1, Peyami reached the ranch, where Dmitri asked him if he was having an affair with his fiancée. Peyami denied having any sort of affair with her and requested that he let her go. But Dmriti wasn’t going to let her go, and the situation got even more aggravated when Dmriti took out his gun and pointed it at Peyami. Just then, Esvet also arrived at the scene with the gun that had been given to Peyami by Sulun. Esvet fired at Dmitri, but Peyami came in between and got shot. Though it was not explicitly shown, we believe that Peyami succumbed to his injury and took his last breaths at the ranch. Esvet and Dmitri sat there dumbfounded, looking at Peyami and not being able to fathom what they had done.

What Happened To Esvet? 

Though the series never shows us what happened after Peyami died on the horse ranch, we would like to speculate where the fates of Dmitri and Esvet lead them if there is probably a Season 2 of “The Tailor.” It is possible that seeing his best friend die in front of his eyes must have changed something inside Dmitri, and he might have become a little more empathetic and civilized in his life. But we believe that Dmitri was the kind of man who had a bloated ego, and he was not somebody who would give up on his stubbornness and obsession so easily and let others be the way they wanted to be. Also, he wanted to give a fitting reply to his father by bringing Esvet back to their home, and spoiling whatever he was planning. So, it is a possibility that he still forces Esvet to marry him and does not grant her the freedom that she craved.

As far as Esvet is concerned, we believe that she wouldn’t even want an inch of that property she was supposed to inherit if she was granted her freedom and allowed to live her life the way she wanted. In that case, she always had the option of going to London because Peyami had already made half of the arrangements, and though it was far from home, she would get the opportunity to start over again. But Esvet was dealing with a selfish lunatic, and she knew that it could be possible that even after such a catastrophe, Dmitri would be unhinged. One more thing that Dmitri had no clue about was that legally, Esvet was married to Mustafa, and that surely was going to create a lot of problems if Dmitri decided to force her to get married. Dmitri’s parents would want to safeguard their own interests and try their level best so that they are somehow able to challenge the will that gave Esvet her right to inheritance.

“The Tailor” introduces a lot of potential subplots but leaves them all stranded mid-way, as if the writers forgot that they had the responsibility of taking it to its end or at least giving it some sort of meaning. We hope that Season 2 gives us some kind of clarity and lets us know what happened to the characters and what kind of decisions they ended up making.

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