‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Theories: What Can We Expect From Peyami, Dimitri And Esvet?


The first season of “The Tailor” leaves us on a cliffhanger where a lot still needs to be ascertained. Dimitri was finally able to find his fiancée, but now an even greater problem stood in front of him as Esvet had accidentally shot Peyami. Maybe the tragedy changes Dimitri for the better, or maybe it makes him worse, and he chooses to continue to play the role of an oppressor and keep wreaking havoc in the lives of other people. Peyami’s mother was still out there, and we never came to know why exactly she left the family in the first place. So, let’s find out what we can expect from “The Tailor” Season 2 (if there is one) and in what direction the lives of the characters would lead them.

Spoilers Alert

Is Peyami Actually Dead Or Alive?

Dimitri had come to Peyami’s home to confront him, and in his absence, he told his grandmother, Sulun, to inform Peyami that he would be waiting for him in his horse ranch the next morning. Peyami came back home with his father, Mustafa, and Esvet, and he realized that his secret had been revealed, and Dimitri knew that he had been hiding Esvet in his home. Sulun bluntly said that her family wouldn’t take the fall for Esvet and that she should go herself and confront Dimitri and tell him why she had run away in the first place. Esvet also agreed that Peyami’s relationship with Dimitri shouldn’t suffer because of her, and she was ready to sacrifice her freedom for that. But by now, Peyami had fallen head over heels for Esvet, and he didn’t want her to take the risk of confronting Dmitri herself.

Peyami knew what Dimitri was capable of, and he decided that the best option would be to meet him in person and try to convince him to let Esvet leave. Sulun gave her grandson a gun and told him that he was being delusional in thinking that he could convince Dimitri to see the rational side of things. Sulun was of the opinion that the only way they could get rid of the lunatic was by killing him. Peyami was against this plan, and he wanted to resolve matters amicably. In “The Tailor” Episode 7, we realized that Peyami was actually being idealistic, and Sulun was right in speculating what she did. Dimitri pulled out his gun, aimed it at Peyami, and threatened him to disclose where he had hidden Esvet. Dmitri believed, and rightly so, that Peyami and Esvet were having an affair behind his back, and he wanted to know if they had developed feelings for each other. Esvet also arrived at the scene, holding Peyami’s gun and pointing it toward her fiance, Dimitri. Esvet fired at Dimitri, but Peyami came in between, and the bullet pierced his body.

“The Tailor” never shows us if he actually died or not, which in turn opens the possibility of him getting saved somehow (though it would be outrageous) and coming back in season 2. If Peyami is still alive then, things would get quite complicated as firstly he would have to figure out what his stance would be in case Dimitri decides to force Esvet to marry him and what would he do when he comes to know that she was already married to his father. By the harrowed looks on the faces of Dimitri and Esvet and the secluded space they were in, the logical deduction would be that Peyami died on the spot and left Esvet to fend for herself, but again, you never know what decision the makers make, and they might want to spice up in the next season by bringing the imminent designer back. 

Why Did Peyami Betray Dimitri’s Trust?

No matter how erratic, insane, and uncivilized Dimitri might have been in the past, Peyami had never left his side nor thought of doing anything behind his back. Peyami, since his childhood, never had any relationship with a girl, and that is why it was even more shocking for Dimitri that the first girl he laid eyes on was Esvet, his fiancee. We believe that had Peyami known that Firuze was, in reality, Esvet, he would never have come close to her, and he would have even informed Dimitri about her, even at the cost of favoring a tyrant who was abusing his own fiancé and giving her trauma for an entire lifetime. The thing was that before Peyami came to know about Firuze’s reality, he had already fallen for her. He was attracted to her kind behavior and the way she understood things, even when the other person didn’t explicitly speak about them.

Esvet had gone through a lot in her life, and maybe that is why she was very perceptive and sensitive towards the issues that others faced in their lives. Peyami knew what Dimitri was capable of, but he had always overlooked that fact. When he saw the pain in Esvet’s eyes, he became empathetic towards her and realized how wrong he was to favor the oppressor. Still, he loved his best friend, who had always been there for him since his childhood, and that is why he wanted to find a middle ground where everybody was able to do what they wanted without hurting each other. If we see things from Peyami’s perspective, then we realize that he never felt that he was betraying his own friend, as Dimitri never really loved Esvet. Esvet was his obsession, and her leaving him like that hurt his pride. Dimitri never wanted Esvet back because he loved her, but he wanted to show her that nobody could go against his wishes. 

How Is Esvet’s Marriage To Mustafa Going To Make Things Complicated?

Dimitri had realized after secretly wiretapping his parent’s room and listening to their conversation that Esvet had a share in their property. Knowing that fact, towards the end of “The Tailor” Season 1, Dimitri becomes even more eager to find his fiance and ruin the expectations of his father. Ari had made Faruk the head of the purchasing department only because he believed that by doing him favors and making him feel indebted, he would be able to get information from him about Esvet’s whereabouts. Till the very end, when Dimitri met Peyami and Esvet at the ranch, he had no clue about the fact that Esvet was already married to Mustafa, and Peyami became the recipient in case anything happened to Esvet and Mustafa. Only Sulun knew about the matrimonial alliance between Mustafa and Esvet, and considering the kind of shrewd lady she is, she would like to use the situation to her advantage and not let Dimitri take the property so easily. Also, if Peyami is able to survive his wounds, this issue of Esvet’s marriage will cause even more problems between him and Dimitri.

Why Did Peyami’s Mother Run Away? Will They Unite In Season 2?

Peyami’s mother abandoned him and his family years ago. Peyami was raised by his grandparents as his father was not mentally capable of taking on his responsibility. After his grandfather’s death, he found a note that belonged to his mother, Kiraz Dokumaci. Ever since then, he had started meeting a man named Osman, as he believed that he knew something about his mother and could eventually lead him to her. Peyami was right in assessing that, as Osman actually knew his mother and met with her on a regular basis. Osman knew why Peyami had started meeting him and playing with his band, though Peyami was under the delusion that he had been able to keep his purpose and identity concealed.

Kiraz still had a lot of affection for her son, and one day, she requested that Osman let her see him play with the band from a distance without letting him know that she was present in the crowd. Osman had warned Kiraz that she would become even more restless after seeing her son in front of her eyes, but she didn’t listen to him at that time, and the inevitable happened. We are never told in “The Tailor” Season 1 why Kiraz left Peyami and Mustafa in the first place. It could have been possible that she was also forced, like Esvet, to marry Mustafa, and she started feeling trapped in that arrangement. Kiraz would have realized that if she took Peyami with her, she wouldn’t be able to hide for long, and Peyami’s grandfather would have located her sooner or later. She knew that Peyami was the heir to the empire, and his grandfather would have never let anybody take him.

In “The Tailor” Season 2, we might see Kiraz surrendering to her emotions and deciding to meet her son and explain to him her side of the story and her motives behind leaving him at such a young age.

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