‘The Tailor’ Season 3 Ending Explained & Series Spoilers: Did Dimitri Die In The Bomb Blast?


The Tailor, directed by Cem Carci, comes with another season where we get to witness what happens in the lives of Peyami, Esvet, and Dimitri after the upheaval they witnessed in the first and second seasons. Peyami, in the wake of recent events, had decided that it was best for him to focus on his work and bring his life back on track. Peyami had made a decision in The Tailor season 2 that he wouldn’t hide his father from the world because he understood how unfair it was for the poor guy. He had a loving father, and he deserved to not be caged like a prisoner. Mustafa was elated when Kiraz, Peyami’s mother, came back into his life, and it seemed like everything would go back to normal, but they were delusional to think so. So let’s find out if Peyami is able to tell Dimitri that he loves Esvet and wants to be with her, and if Dimitri’s father is able to create a rift between the friends.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Dimitri want to go to New York?

Dimitri had all of a sudden, in The Tailor Season 3, decided to go and settle in New York, and the decision had come as a surprise for everybody. Peyami had just come back after traveling around the globe, and he had realized that he had committed a huge blunder by not taking a stand for his love. He was disappointed that Esvet had not even once expressed her desire to stay back in Istanbul, and in fact, it looked as if she was way too eager to go to New York. Esvet, on the other hand, was disappointed in Peyami that he had left her without even giving her any kind of justification. Esvet felt that it was all very convenient for Peyami, as he left when he wished, came back at his own convenience, and then expected her to reciprocate his feelings.

Esvet had decided that she was going to give Peyami a hard time and that she would go to New York just to teach him a lesson. Dimitri was saying that he was going to New York because he wanted to get as far as he could from his father, and that would have been true to some extent, but there was another contributing factor, which he was hiding from everybody else. Dimitri’s father and we, as an audience, felt that somewhere, Dimitri just wanted Esvet to stay away from Peyami. Dimitri was an insecure man, and he knew that until Peyami was around, he would keep feeling that there was something happening between him and his wife. So, he decided to leave his country, stay away from all the hassle, and be at peace. The problem was that Dimitri was shying away from his own feelings and was in a state of denial. Whoever made him privy to his feelings, like his father, became his enemy. Dimitri was like that scared child who feared that if he opened his eyes, his dreams would shatter, and he would have to face harsh reality. Ari time and again told him that it was not how one should live their life, but Dimitri was just not in a state to listen to anybody.

What was happening between Peyami and Esvet?

Esvet and Dimitri were going to leave Istanbul, but Kiraz and Mustafa played a masterstroke and told them that they were going to get married and say their vows, and for that, they wanted them to be around. Dimitri changed his mind at the very last moment, and Peyami realized why his parents had done so. They wanted Peyami to get some more time with Esvet, but the former had no hope that Esvet would change her mind. During the marriage celebration, Esvet finally gave in, and she explicitly told Peyami that if he was persistent and kept on trying, she wouldn’t be able to be angry with him for a very long time. That’s when Esvet’s extramarital affair started with Peyami. She never felt that she was doing anything immoral or wrong because she never loved Dimitri, and moreover, that toxic man had made her go through hell.

Peyami might have had a soft corner for Dimitri, but Esvet didn’t have any such thing for him. Peyami told Esvet that he would talk to Dimitri and sort things out because he was done hiding, and he wanted to start afresh with Esvet. But Dimitri was an intimidating man, and his behavior was so unpredictable that all of them were very scared of him. Nobody knew what went through the mind of that madman and what he might end up doing next. Peyami tried telling Dimitri what was happening many times, but he was unable to do so. One day, Dimitri almost caught Peyami and Esvet meeting behind his back, and that day, Peyami came to the realization that before it was too late, he should go and tell him everything that had been happening between him and Esvet, but that day too, Dimitri included Esvet in the dinner, and Peyami, at the very last moment, decided not to reveal anything to him. Once again, Dimitri booked his tickets for New York, and Esvet literally begged Peyami to confront Dimitri and tell him everything that had been happening. Esvet was being abused by Dimitri, and she just couldn’t lie on the same bed with him every day.

Why did Dimitri kill his father?

At the end of The Tailor Season 3, the inevitable happened, and Dimitri got to know about Esvet’s and Peyami’s affair in the worst possible manner. Ari, Dimitri’s father, had left spies behind both Peyami and Esvet, who were tracking their movements and seeing when and where they were meeting. If we go a little bit back in time, we can see the progression of Dimitri’s insecurities and how he reached a position where he had just stopped believing his father. Dimitri had accepted the fact that Ari didn’t like Peyami, and he wanted to create a rift between the two friends. It was so because whenever Dimitri had doubts, Peyami and Esvet would come out clean. Little did Dimitri know that it was not because they were not meeting behind his back, but because they just got lucky and somehow managed to not get caught. Ari probably knew that his son didn’t trust him even one bit, and that is why he had asked his men to also click pictures and take videos of Esvet and Peyami.

Ari found out that Peyami and Esvet were meeting in a hotel, and he himself went there and caught them red-handed. After that, he called his son to the ranch, and he decided to show him all the evidence and tell him what was happening behind his back. Dimitri lost his cool after he saw those pictures and videos, and it almost felt like he had become possessed. In extreme rage, he pushed his father, whose head banged on the iron railing, and he fell to the ground. Ari was admitted to the hospital, and the doctors tried their level best to save his life, but he succumbed to his injuries. Dimitri didn’t feel bad about what he had done because his father gave him nothing but trauma throughout his life. He despised the man, and Ari, too, was fed up with him. There were times in The Tailor when, seeing them taunt and argue, one felt that they would end up killing each other. Dimitri made sure that it looked like an accident, and the police didn’t come to know anything about it. He didn’t tell Esvet or Peyami that he knew that they were having an affair, and we knew that he was up to something and making a devilish plan to get back at them. He was waiting for the right opportunity, but at that moment, nobody realized that he was capable of doing something as bizarre as what he had done.

How Did Dimitri Survive The Bomb Blast?

Dimitri, at the end of The Tailor Season 3, called Peyami and Esvet over for dinner at a warehouse. He had planted a bomb at the place, and he had already decided that he was not going to go out of there alive. Dimitri revealed to Esvet and Peyami that he knew about their affair, then started the timer and told them he would make sure that all three of them would die there. Esvet and Peyami begged him to open the lock, but he didn’t. In the end, Dimitri whistled the same tune that they used to when he and Peyami were kids. Peyami was reminded of the good old times and how Dimitri was by his side whenever he was stuck in a difficult situation. Peyami surrendered to his circumstances, opened a bottle of wine, and sat together with Dimitri to reminisce about the good old days and think about how far they had come after all those years.

Esvet, for a moment, couldn’t understand what was happening and how Peyami could just stop panicking and resign to his circumstances all of a sudden. For us, too, it was difficult to understand the kind of bond they shared, and it almost felt like Esvet was not the priority for Peyami, at least at that moment. He shared a drink with Esvet’s abuser because he had fond memories (which we did find a bit absurd no matter how poetic and philosophical the makers wanted that moment to be) with him, and then waited for his death to arrive. That was when something snapped inside Dimitri, and he had a change of heart. He pushed Esvet and Peyami out of the warehouse, and he himself went inside and locked the door. He told Peyami that he wanted his suicide to haunt him his entire life. Dimitri hoped that Peyami was filled with guilt and that he was never able to be at peace. The bomb exploded, and Peyami knew that he had lost his friend.

Before committing suicide, Dimitri had left a letter and certain documents for both Peyami and Esvet in the same secret house amidst the forest, where they used to go together when they were kids. Esvet got to know that Ari and Lia were her biological parents, and Dimitri knew about it some time ago. Peyami left his brand and settled with Esvet, Mustafa, and Kiraz in a new home. Peyami wanted to make a fresh start, and he wanted to spend an eternity just with Esvet.

The Tailor Season 3′ ending left us at a cliffhanger, from where the narrative could go in any direction. We came to know that Dimitri was still alive, and he managed to escape before the bomb went off. Maybe he staged the entire thing so that he would witness what Esvet and Peyami ended up doing, or maybe he just wanted to vanish from their lives and live happily. As of now, we are not sure what the intentions of Dimitri are, but soon, there will be trouble in the paradise that Esvet and Peyami have created for themselves. If there is a The Tailor season 4, we will get to know if Dimitri decides to come back and wreak havoc in Esvet’s and Peyami’s lives (which is highly possible) or if he decides to let them be and move somewhere else.

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