‘The Tailor’ Season 3: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


The second season of The Tailor made us feel that from hereon, things would change for the better. Esvet knew about what Dimitri had gone through in his childhood and that is why she somewhere sympathized with his situation but no matter what his circumstances were, abusing his own partner was nowhere justified. Dimitri craved validation from his father all his life, but not even once did that man come and tell him that he had faith in his abilities and that he would be there to pick him up in case he stumbled along the way. To date, Ari had left no chance of insulting his son publicly, and Dimitri has given in to his fate and accepted that he was a bad man who is not worthy of anything.

A very different side of Dimitri was seen when he was with Mustafa, Peyami’s father, and that’s when we realized that beneath all that impetuous and abrasive behavior was a child who would do anything to hear words of appreciation from his father. Peyami also realized that he had to stop treading on that path of self-destruction and take charge of his life. He had made a name for himself, and he realized that he would be the most foolish man if he gave it all away. More than anything, he wanted to be around his father and give him all the happiness that he could.

Peyami wanted to rectify the mistakes that had happened in the past between him and his grandparents, and he did that by bringing both his parents together. It was a cathartic moment for Peyami when he saw his parents together on stage, and he felt like someone had lifted a huge burden from his shoulders. Though we couldn’t ascertain how hollow his relationship would be with Cemre henceforth, we know that considering the mature people they are, they would have a cordial relationship even if they decided to part ways. Surprisingly, Cemre turned out to be a very different kind of person, and she helped Peyami come out of his slumber and take charge of things.

We never imagined when we first saw her that she would have that kind of emotional maturity to deal with such things, but she actually became the reason Peyami’s life came back on track. We had this assumption that now everything would be fine in the lives of the characters in The Tailor, but Cem Karci, in the last 10 seconds of The Tailor season 2, dismantled that belief of ours and made us realize that Esvet, Peyami, and Dimitri would once again fall into the same loop and turn their lives into a living hell. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement of Season 3, we believe the writers already have a story in mind and seeing the last few seconds of season 2 we believe that they know in what direction the lives of the characters is going to lead them. 

We think that in The Tailor Season 3, we will once again see Peyami and Esvet crossing the boundary and being with each other. It was pretty evident in the entire second season that both of them still loved each other, and it was only their circumstances that were stopping them from expressing their love. Esvet, till the very end, lamented that Peyami never once said that he loved her. She had spoken her heart out in front of Dimitri because she was not scared to tell the truth, yet Peyami always shied away from his own feelings. But at the end of season 2, Peyami also accepted that he had fallen for Esvet, as he didn’t know that she was Dimitri’s fiance back when she had come to work as a caretaker. To add to the already existing problems, Dimitri had started pinning with unrequited love. He knew he could never have Esvet completely, and she would always love Peyami more, even if she decided to stay with him. But it seems like in The Tailor season 3, Esvet is going to break all barriers and go back to Peyami.

We expected that Dimitri would not take it well, but we didn’t imagine that he was going to get so mad and take such drastic steps that would ruin everybody’s life. In the clip shown to us at the end of The Tailor Season 2, we saw a timer going off, and we believe that Dimitri is going to do something big. Ari had told Dimitri that a time would arrive when Peymi would take over his entire life, and probably Dimitri would see that happening in Season 3. Now that Dimitri sees things for what they are, practically he should take a step back and let Esvet go, as he knows that she doesn’t love him but we know that he is not going to let go off so easily. Dimitri was as stubborn as he was egotistical, and he just couldn’t accept the fact that his own fiance was in love with another man. He had treated Esvet in the worst possible manner, and when she met Peyami, she fell for his kindness and genuineness.

Obviously, there are many other things that make this entire dynamic a bit more complex, like the greed of the parents, who knew that Esvet legally had a huge share in the property. Maybe in The Tailor season 3, Esvet will come to know why Ari wanted her to be in the family and what the intention of her adoptive parents was as well. Esvet would be devastated when she gets to know the reality, and maybe that’s when she will plan on having an affair with Peyami and not have any qualms about it.

Till now, she had always felt guilty whenever she shared an intimate moment with Peyami because, as much as she hated the man she had married, she didn’t want to break the sanctity of the institution. But after knowing the reality, such dilemmas would cease to exist, and she would unabashedly go and get what she wanted. Dimitri did not share a very good relationship with his father, and things would deteriorate even more in The Tailor season 3, and there would come a point where he would cross all limits and refuse to suffer anymore. Things are going to get ugly in the future, and it would be interesting to see how life pans out for Esvet, Peyami, and Dimitri. The solution to these problems is very simple yet extremely complicated, and now that money and property are involved, everybody has a vested interest in the scheme of things and would want the outcome to favor them.

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Sushrut Gopesh
Sushrut Gopesh
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