‘The Tailor’ Season 4 Theories: Will Peyami Be More Toxic Than Dimitri?


The Tailor has a knack for finishing every season on a cliffhanger that, for lack of a better word, could be called appallingly convenient. The worst of all was the cliffhanger of the first season, where Peyami survived the bullet shot fired by Dimitri, and moreover, what was more astonishing was that he accepted Dimitri back into his life. We understand that Cem Karci and the entire team want to create complicated relationship dynamics where, a lot of times, people do not feel free to express themselves, but we couldn’t help but feel that even if we consider all those things, it did feel a bit stretched. As of now, there hasn’t been an official announcement that The Tailor will have a fourth season, but seeing where the narrative has left us makes the intention of the makers pretty clear.

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Will Peyami Be More Toxic Than Dimitri?

We have started feeling that more than Dimitri, it is Peyami who is a toxic human being. We still understand the motives of Dimitri, considering the kind of circumstances he faced in his childhood, but Peyami’s actions make us utterly confused, and we do not understand at times what is going on inside his mind. A lot of times in The Tailor season 3, we felt that Peyami was a coward who wanted to be on the right side of things, and he did whatever was convenient for him. He didn’t treat Esvet the way she deserved to be treated, and we understood why she was so angry with him and why she wanted to go to New York with Dimitri. At least Dimitri didn’t confuse Esvet. She knew he was an erratic and unpredictable human being who, in his rage, could do anything. Dimitri never pretended to be this nice guy, and he lived up to his expectations. He didn’t even expect the world around him to perceive him as some sort of saint. But Peyami was different from his friend, as he wanted to take a morally upright stand, but still, he ended up doing things that weren’t righteous.

We understand that the man had feelings for Esvet and wanted to live his life with her, and there was nothing wrong with it because Esvet deserved to be with a sane man. But even when we take into consideration that Dimitri was a horrible person, going around the back of a person he called his best friend and crossing every limit with his friend’s wife was not something that one could call very morally correct. He just needed to go and confront his friend, tell him what he was doing, and then whatever he would have done would have been justified. We agree that a lot of times, Dimitri doesn’t give him a chance to speak his mind, but it cannot be denied that when the opportunity did arrive, Peyami backed off as he was scared to accept what he had done.

We cast aspersions on Peyami’s sensibilities because he knew how Dimitri treated Esvet, and still, he was more worried about how he would feel. We understand that Dimitri had been there with Peyami in his lows, but that is not an excuse to not raise a voice against the abuse that he subjected his wife to. The trauma, the beatings, and the rude behavior should have given enough motivation for Peyami to confront his friend head-on and tell him that what he was doing was not right. Once again, we say that we understand the dynamics and how difficult it could be to speak up against such a person in such a circumstance, but if you cannot take a stand for the person you love and with whom you have decided to spend your entire life, then we don’t know what kind of man you are.

Will Dimitri Come Back Into Esvet’s Life?

The first question that came to our minds after the bomb blast was if Dimitri was still alive. The Tailor does not waste a lot of time and lets us know that our assumptions are right. Dimitri was alive, and in season 4 (if there is one), we would get to know what the intention behind doing so was. It could have been possible that Dimitri actually wanted to die, but somehow got saved. After he had seen that people believed him to be dead, a plan would have brewed inside his mind, and he would have decided to stay in the shadows for some time and see how things pan out and what others do in his absence.

The second possibility could be that Dimitri had planned everything before, and he wanted to fake his death to see the true colors of the people who pretended to be his well-wishers. Whatever the motive might have been, the fact was that he was back, and the way he looked at Peyami and Esvet from a distance made us believe that he was not going to let them live in peace. There is a possibility that Dimitri wanted revenge on Peyami for what he had made him go through. Peyami and Dimitri knew each other very well, and maybe the latter would have known that making his friend feel guilty was the best punishment he could have given him for indulging with his wife behind his back.

At the end of The Tailor Season 3, we saw remorse, regret, and guilt in Peyami’s eyes, and clearly, he had not made peace with the fact that his friend had committed suicide. For now, he was saying that he didn’t want to go back to his old life and wanted to spend all his time with Esvet, but we can already see that changing in Season 4. As of now, we believe that Esvet is clear about what she wants, but unfortunately, she is surrounded by two extremely toxic men who are not happy with their lives, have a lot of baggage from the past that they need to deal with, and have a knack for spoiling everything at times. So, we will find out in The Tailor season 4 where this love triangle is headed and how long it takes for Esvet to realize that she should get away from this mess and probably start living independently because that would be best for her.

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