‘The Tailor’ Season 2 Ending, Explained: Why Had Kiraz Left Peyami And Mustafa?


Directed by Cem Karci, The Tailor is back with another season, and things get even more complicated and intense this time. After the debacle that had happened in their lives, Esvet, Dimitri, and Peyami were trying to cope with everything and live a normal life. So, let’s find out what fate has in store for all three of them and if they are able to bring their lives back on track or not.

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How Were Things Between Peyami And Dimitri?

Peyami had miraculously survived after he had gotten shot in The Tailor Season 1. The wounds had healed, but the scars on the conscience were still not cured. Nobody talked about that incident any longer, but the discomfort was visible whenever Dimitri, Esvet, and Peyami came face to face, and no matter how much they tried to hide their feelings and pretend to be cordial with each other, things weren’t right between them. Esvet was still in love with Peyami, and somewhere she was also disappointed in him. She had told Dimitri what she felt for Peyami, but the renowned Tailor didn’t have the courage to embrace his feelings in front of the whole world. Not even once did Peyami say that he liked Esvet; not even once did he take a stand for her, and that’s what made Esvet judge him.

Peyami always kept his friendship above whatever he had with Esvet, and even now, in The Tailor season 2, when Dimitri had decided to get married to Esvet, Peyami did not utter a word and took part in every ceremony even if it killed him from within seeing Esvet going to someone else. Peyami was clearly not doing well, and things had taken a toll on him mentally. He was drinking and smoking like there was no tomorrow. He had reached a stage where he didn’t care if he lived or died the very next day. He had stopped valuing his own life and what he had been able to achieve after years of hard work.

Ari, Dimitri’s father didn’t like how Peyami had become after he created a scene at Dimitri and Esvet’s wedding. Peyami met a girl named Cemre in a bar the other night, and he asked her to accompany him to the wedding. People were surprised to see Peyami with another girl because he was not the kind of man that people associated with such things. Peyami got drunk, and though he didn’t create a scene per se, it wasn’t a very pleasant sight to look at him in that state. Ari had blatantly told his son that the time had come to ask Peyami to leave the company because he was doing more harm than good at that point. But Dimitri always took his friend’s side, even after being repeatedly told by his father that he would betray him.

Peyami didn’t know what he was doing, and he was adamant about ruining everything that he had created. His profession and his personal life had gone for a toss, and he treated people in the worst possible manner, something that they didn’t deserve at all. Peyami, in an inebriated state, fired his staff and insulted his assistant Suzi for no rhyme or reason. We were amazed to see how these women, be it Suzi, Cemre, or Esvet, put up with Peyami’s rude behavior and forgave him every time he made a scene or said something hurtful. Peyami had no control whatsoever over his temper, but somehow he still managed to get love from all sides, and people didn’t give up on him even after being publicly offended. Peyami showed no signs of improving his lifestyle, and it was as if he had surrendered to his fate.

How Did Dimitri Come To Know About Mustafa?

Dimitri had no clue that the man he had met in the first season was actually Mustafa, Peyami’s father. With so much happening, it was not possible to hide Mustafa from the world, and eventually, Dimitri got to know about him when he saved Mustafa from drowning in the pool. Dimitri was shocked that he had known Peyami for so many years but he had no clue about Mustafa’s existence, whereas Esvet knew all about him. Surprisingly, Dimitri’s behavior towards Mustafa was very different from what anybody would have expected of him. Dimitri never mocked Mustafa or made fun of Peyami. Instead, he showed so much affection and warmth towards Mustafa that, for a moment, even Esvet and Peyami were quite surprised by it.

Dimitri didn’t show any sympathy towards Peyami because he felt Peyami was fortunate to have such a loving father. For all his life, Dimitri had been abused and treated with utter disdain by his father. He was often locked in a small box and asked to think about his actions, and that kind of abuse had a deep impact on him. Dimitri had become like that only because he had gone through such abuse early in his life. He told Peyami that he had a father who loved him, who wanted to talk to him, and who didn’t humiliate him, something that he had desired for his entire life.

Dimitri might have had his own complications, and he was not the best man to be with, considering the kind of abuse he had made Esvet go through, but at that moment in The Tailor season 2, the man talked sense. He asked Peyami to let bygones be bygones and not destroy his career by his own hands and try to make a fresh start. Peyami agreed to look at the brighter side of things and start making more designs so that they could show something to their investors and make them realize that it was not the end of the star designer. Dimitri didn’t want to give his father any more reasons to tell him to throw Peyami out of the company, and he wanted to keep whatever conflict he had with Peyami aside and focus on what was important.

Why Had Kiraz Left Peyami And Mustafa?

For years, Peyami believed that his mother didn’t want to stay with him and his father, which is why she abandoned them. Even his grandmother told him the same story, and every time Peyami thought about it, he felt hurt. Kiraz came to work for Peyami, assuming that nobody would recognize her and that she would get to be around her son. But one day, when she came to the house, Mustafa saw her and told everyone that she was Kiraz. Kiraz had told everyone that her name was Kumru, and at that moment, she was able to make people believe her lie. Peyami also forgot about it, but Esvet just couldn’t get it off hermind. She saw the conviction with which Mustafa spoke, and she knew he could not be so delusional as to identify a random woman as his wife. Esvet did some investigation and found out where Kiraz lived. She confronted her, and that’s when she came to know that Mustafa was right and Kumru was actually Kiraz.

The Tailor Season 2, Esvet planned everything out and the mother and son finally came face-to-face and confronted each other. Kiraz told Peyami that his grandmother brought her into the family only so that she could give them an heir. Kiraz was mentally abused in the worst possible manner, and after the grandmother realized that she couldn’t get pregnant, Kiraz was thrown out of the house. Kiraz loved Mustafa, and she wanted to stay with him, but she wasn’t allowed to do so. Miraculously, once she left the house, she realized that she was pregnant, and she wanted to hide it from the whole world. But Peyami’s grandparents found out about it and took her kid away from her. Kiraz was distraught but she knew that she didn’t have any other option but to move away and learn to live without her son. 

How Did Peyami Revive His Career?

Dimitri was trying to be a better man, but the demons of his past were not letting him be. He knew that Esvet didn’t love him, and his father told him again and again that Peyami would take everything he had. Dimitri had an extramarital affair with Suzi, and they met more often now because he felt hurt by Esvet’s actions. Even Esvet cannot be blamed in this regard because Dimitri hadn’t been very nice to her in the past, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that he was a nightmare for her at times. 

Meanwhile, Cemre came as a blessing in disguise for Peyami, and she told him to leave all his baggage behind and go, as only then could he start over again. After getting sloshed and creating a scene in a cafe with Dimitri and Esvet, Peymai drove his car off a cliff, with Cemre sitting by his side. Their car fell into the water, but both Cemre and Peyami survived. Cemre lived her life on the edge, and though it was bizarre that she let him drive in that state, she had this confidence that she would be able to help him.

Peyami felt like he had gotten a second chance, and now he wanted to make the most of it. Kiraz also saw what he was going through in his life, and she wanted to help her son. She knew about a piece of cloth that Peyami’s grandfather had kept hidden in the table on which his sewing machine was kept. She took it out and gave it to Peyami so that he might feel a bit motivated and inspired to bring his life back on track. That piece of cloth reminded Peyami of where he had started and how much he had loved his work at one point. He visited the same old shop where his grandfather used to take him, and he felt like he had been baptized. Peyami came back and told Suzi that they had to get ready for a fashion show in 8 days, as he had a lot to prove to the people who had started doubting his abilities. He sent the invite to Dimitri and Ari and started working on the designs. It was an impossible task to create the designs and have them ready in merely a week, but Peyami had taken the challenge. That date of the show held a special significance as it was his father’s birthday, and he wanted to make the day memorable for him.

Peyami, during The Tailor Season 2’s ending, did something that no one had expected from him. After the fashion show ended, he introduced his father to the entire world, and he also asked Kiraz to join him on stage. He reunited his parents and showed the world that he was not done yet and that he was not going to let Ari buy him out anytime soon.

Will There Be A Third Season?

It felt like everybody got their closure, and things went back to normal, but it seems like there will be more trouble in paradise in the future. The short sneak peek that was given to us by the makers for The Tailor season 3 made us realize that Esvet and Peyami were not done yet. They still loved each other, and their feelings would once again cause trouble for both families. We caught a glimpse of an enraged Dimitri who was threatening Peyami and was apparently going to blast a bomb, though we don’t know if it metaphorically represents something else or if he was literally going to blow one. We did feel at the end of The Tailor season 2 that Esvet had accepted Dimitri in her life, but it does seem like her love for Peyami would overpower everything else in the future and she would once again indulge with him. We will have to wait for season 3 to find out where the lives of Esvet, Peyami, and Dimitri lead them and if they are able to get past those conflicts or get swallowed by them.

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