‘The Tourist’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is Eugene Cassidy A Special Agent?


In the first season of Stan’s original series, The Tourist, Jamie Dornan’s character, often called the Irishman, lost his memories in a tragic car accident while conducting his shady business in the deserts of Burnt Ridge, Australia. As the man woke up, he came across a probationary constable, Helen Chambers, who tried to find the tourist’s real identity and eventually found out that he went by the name Elliot Stanley and used to work for a schizophrenic drug dealer named Kosta Panigiris. Throughout the course of his journey, the Irishman unearthed some unsettling truths about his past life, which led to misunderstandings between Chambers and Stanley. Fortunately, the two reconciled at the end of Season 1, further implying a potential love affair between them. And that was exactly what happened.

As The Tourist Season 2 began, we found out that Chambers and Stanley had started dating each other. The couple left their lives at Burnt Ridge behind to travel the world as “tourists.” However, Chambers, being a curious soul, still didn’t know who the man in front of her really was. She yearned for answers, and it was when she showed Stanley a letter sent to the police station by someone named Tommy. So that’s the conflict for Season 2. The couple decided to visit Ireland and met with Tommy to find answers about Stanley’s past lives because Chambers wanted to know more. However, what awaited them in Ireland turned their world upside down.

Spoiler Alert

Why did Donal kidnap Stanley?

Chambers and Stanley set up a meeting with Tommy at Sclata Cafe, where Stanley was kidnapped by three masked men and taken to an isolated island. It turned out that these three kidnappers belonged to a mafia family named McDonnell, who had a history with the man. The head of the family, Frank McDonnell, ran a number of illegal trades under the guise of Kilgal Whiskey. His eldest son, Donal, who took Stanley from the cafe, hated the tourist because he had impregnated his wife in their youthful years and left the island without a word. The kidnapper, named Fergal, was none other than Stanley’s own son. But the young man was unaware of the fact that Donal wasn’t his real father. Donal, on the other hand, always knew the truth, which was why he never treated Fergal like his own. Donal wanted to kill Stanley before Frank would get wind of the situation; however, before he could take his revenge, Stanley tricked the lot and escaped the island. But that wasn’t the end of the conflict for the poor old Stanley and his lover, Chambers. As his own family history started to unravel, Stanley slowly got familiar with his real identity and the crimes he had committed in his past life.

Why did Eugene leave Ireland?

The old Irish town had a history of its own. Like all mafia families, the McDonnells also had sworn enemies who went by the name Cassidy. While Frank headed the McDonnells on one side, it was the ruthless Niamh who took command of the Cassidys and never missed a chance to strike back at their enemies. Now, The Tourist Season 2 didn’t explain the root cause of the family feud, but we do know that Frank had killed Niamh’s brother in cold blood. The brother tried to end the rivalry between the two families but ended up dead instead. Niamh felt betrayed and realized that the McDonnells cannot be trusted ever. She swore to take revenge for her fallen brother, and soon, the trail of dead bodies followed.

Sometime later, Niamh gave birth to two sons, Joe and Eugene (present-day Elliot Stanley), who continued the family feud. However, in a very West Side Story manner, the young Eugene fell in love with Donal’s wife, Claire, and started a forbidden affair. As soon as Donal found out that his wife had been sleeping with their sworn enemy, he took out his gun and arrived at the Lough Taymor Hotel to kill his wife’s lover. As Niamh had mentioned earlier, Joe and Eugene were two years apart and still looked like twins. At the hotel, Donal mistook Joe for Eugene and fired a bullet that pierced his stomach and killed him on the spot. When Eugene found out about his brother’s death, he blamed himself for the tragedy, and instead of carrying out revenge, he left the cursed place so that people behind him could live a peaceful life. As Claire mentioned, Eugene cared a lot for the people around him and had done everything to keep them safe.

Why did Lena shoot Chambers?

In The Tourist Season 1, we came across a Russian woman, Lena Pascal, who used to work for Kosta Panigiris and Eugene Stanley. The drug lord used to seal the drug packets inside the women traffickers’ stomach so as to evade airport security. During one such incident, the packets inside these women got torn up, killing Lena’s friend on the spot. Lena, too, suffered some serious complications that left permanent scars on her skin, with which she had confronted Stanley in Season 1 in order to remind the man of the horrors he had committed. However, Lena didn’t report Stanley back in Australia, as she didn’t have substantial evidence to prove his crimes. But the woman wanted revenge for her friends Angelica and Mila, which was why she contacted Stanley’s sworn enemy, Donal, and wrote a letter to Stanley so as to bring him back to Ireland, where she could exact her revenge. In the end, Lena shot Chambers in the middle of the woods to make Stanley realize the pain of losing a loved one.

Why did Niamh kill Donal?

Donal’s wife, Claire, wanted her past lover, Eugene Stanley, to kill Donal, as the man was the root of all evil and the real cause of their problems. It was Donal who brought Eugene into town and abducted him, reigniting the long-forgotten feud between the two families. Throughout these years, the man had been physically and emotionally abusing his wife for loving someone else. Donal couldn’t let go of his past grudges and blamed his wife and son in Eugene’s absence. Eugene, on the other hand, believed that walking away from the cursed land would solve everything automatically, and that’s where he was wrong. His mother, Niamh, wanted her surviving son to seek revenge for his fallen brother, but Eugene was done spilling blood. Even when Claire asked him to pull the trigger on her husband, Eugene couldn’t just do it. But Niamh, being a mother, couldn’t forget the attack on her Joe, which was why she finished the task that Eugene had started. She asked her men to follow Eugene when he went after Donal, and as soon as he left the hotel, Niamh finished the job, thereby putting an end to Frank McDonnell’s only son.

Why did Niamh kill Elliot Stanley and bury the letters?

As previously established, the real name of Jamie Dornan’s character wasn’t Elliot Stanley, but he went by the name Eugene Cassidy. Elliot, on the other hand, was an expert diver in town who was hired by Frank McDonnell to find the remains of a plane that had been carrying something very precious.

Around 42 years ago, Frank’s father died in Boston while undergoing some surgery. However, before his death, the father had sent some important cargo to his son through a plane that went down just off the coast of the Irish town. Frank wanted Elliot to find the cargo, but before he could deliver the items, Niamh killed Elliot underwater and stole the cargo, which she later buried deep in the ground so no one would ever be able to find it. It turned out there were some romantic letters in the safe that established the fact that Frank’s father was in love with Niamh’s mother, but they kept their relationship a secret because of the ongoing family feud.

The revelations further implied that Niamh and Frank were brothers and sisters, and the man whom Frank had killed on the boat was his own brother. The family had been killing their own for a long time. But Niamh never let anyone find these letters because it would have ended the eternal feud between the McDonnells and the Cassidys. In such a case, Niamh wouldn’t have been able to exact revenge on her brother. She wanted to keep those letters buried until she had killed Frank with her very own hands, and that was the reason why she brought Frank into the Cassidy bar to finish what she had started.

What Will Happen to the McDonnells and the Cassidys?

After exacting revenge for her son, Joe, Niamh wanted to kill Frank so that she could kill her brother’s murderer. However, before the two families could start another war, Chambers arrived at the pub and stopped the two rivals from spilling more blood. Through these letters, Frank realized that he had killed his brother in the past, which was why he decided to put the gun down. Niamh, on the other hand, was still hard-headed about seeking revenge when Eugene intervened and begged his mother to put an end to their rivalry for good. Perhaps the two families would now put their differences aside and spend their lives peacefully without killing each other anymore. Niamh might not accept Eugene’s son, Fergal, but for Frank, he was and would always be a McDonnell.

After finding his father’s letters, Frank indeed had a change of heart, which suggests that he might treat Fergal and Claire with respect and hand over the family business after his death. Niamh might try to bridge the differences too, but it is most likely that the old woman would spend the rest of her days in isolation as she couldn’t forget her brother’s ruthless murder and wouldn’t forgive Frank for the same.

Is Eugene Cassidy A Special Agent?

The Tourist Season 2’s ending takes place six months later, when we see that Chambers and Stanley stayed back in Ireland and started a family of their own. Chambers started working as a private investigator so that she could quench her curiosity and do what she did best, i.e., solve crimes. Before the series came to an end, Stanley received a confidential file from someone in his past who had read an article on him in the newspaper. However, Stanley wasn’t interested in digging up his past anymore, and he didn’t want to make the same decision for Chambers. He kept the file in case Chambers wanted to know about the real Eugene Cassidy, but perhaps Chambers, too, had no interest in it. Finally, Stanley threw the file in the Irish oven, and as it burned up in flames, we found out that Eugene Cassidy used to work as a special agent for some intelligence agency, and perhaps that was the reason why he donned the name Elliot Stanley and went to Australia for some special mission. Well, at this point, we don’t know anything else, but these new revelations indeed set up a really intriguing Season 3, which reveals the mystery further and fills the holes in Stanley’s past.

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