‘The Tourist’ Season 3 Theories: When Did Eugene Become A Spy?


The first season of The Tourist took place in Burnt Ridge, Australia, where Jamie Dornan’s unnamed character lost his memory after being attacked by an unknown truck in the middle of the desert. Since then, the Irish tourist has been struggling to find his real identity without much success. He even fell in love with an Australian woman named Helen Chambers, who decided to leave behind her job as a constable to travel the world with the tourist. While the first season of the series failed to provide any satisfactory answers, the second season shed light on the unknown tourist’s past, where we found out that his real name wasn’t Elliot Stanley. Back in the small Irish town, the man went by the name Eugene Cassidy, who belonged to a mafia family with an eternal feud with another Irish family called the McDonnells.

Spoiler Alert

A young Eugene Cassidy had started an affair with a McDonnell girl who was already married to the oldest son of the family, Donal. Their romance rekindled an old rivalry, and Donal, the hothead, couldn’t accept the fact that his wife was sleeping with an enemy. The final nail in the coffin, however, was when Donal found out that Claire was pregnant with Cassidy’s child and, therefore, could not contain his anger. In a fit of rage, Donal confused Eugene’s identical brother, Joe, for him and shot him to death. Eugene could have struck back, but the man didn’t want to fall into the vicious circle of revenge and, therefore, decided to leave the country and his old life behind.

What Happened to Eugene After He Left Ireland?

So, this is the part that the third season of The Tourist will certainly explore further. The ending of Season 2 suggests that there is so much more about Eugene Cassidy that we still don’t know. We came across a confidential file that laid down the fact that he was a sentinel secret agent who reported to some government agency on June 15, 2005, while the events of The Tourist Season 1 take place somewhere around 2018. I believe that Joe’s death was a turning point in Eugene’s life, which perhaps influenced his decision to leave the world of crime behind. Or maybe he didn’t. Eugene was raised in a criminal family, and it was the only thing he was good at. So perhaps to start a new life, Eugene traveled to the closest countries, i.e., Scotland or England. It could be any European country, to be honest, but I am just assuming England, as per the cliche we have seen in so many spy movies and shows. In London, Eugene might have gotten mixed up in yet another shady business and might’ve been picked up by law enforcers. As much as we know Eugene, he is quite a smart talker, and perhaps the man found a way out. He might have shared some important information with the investigators in exchange for his freedom. Maybe it was through this channel that Eugene became a special agent and started working for the government agency as a sentinel.

While working for the intelligence services, Eugene donned the identity of Elliot Stanley, who was none other than a fabled scuba diver in his Irish town. Ironically, it was Eugene’s mother, Niamh, who had ruthlessly killed Elliot underwater in order to hide a big family secret. Later in the future, Niamh’s son revived the man and used his name as an undercover agent.

How Did Eugene End Up In Australia?

The first season of The Tourist pointed out that Eugene, under the identity of Elliot Stanley, started working for Kosta Panigiris. As far as I remember, Kosta was an international drug dealer, which meant he had his operations running all over Europe, and Eugene somehow infiltrated his network and gained the self-made gangster’s loyalty. After entering Kosta’s close circle, Eugene joined the man in Athens, the gangster’s home country, from where he used to operate. According to The Tourist Season 1, Eugene worked as an accountant, and perhaps his job was to keep an eye on Kosta’s drug channels and inform the intelligence agencies about the same. Everything might have been going according to plan, but Eugene fell prey to his lover’s instinct and developed feelings for Kosta’s fiancé, Victoria. Yes, that was the end of the road.

Victoria was a con woman who honey-trapped Kosta in order to steal from the Greek gangster. But she couldn’t pull off the robbery all by herself. She needed someone as trustworthy as a lover. Perhaps Victoria found Eugene’s real identity and, therefore, blackmailed him to help in her plans. Or maybe Eugene actually fell in love with the wrong woman for the second time in a row. Whatever the case might be, the two stole from one of the most threatening gangsters in the world and escaped to Australia to live a peaceful life in the desert.

An intelligent person like Eugene should have known that he couldn’t keep running forever. And stealing other people’s women isn’t the right thing to do. But now we see a pattern there. First, it was Donal, then Kosta, and last but not least, Ethan Krum, who was dating Helen Chambers before she met our heart-stealer. And as Eugene arrived in Australia, we already knew what happened next. The man lost his memory and struggled to find his identity.

What to Expect in Season 3?

The Tourist Season 3 will most likely fill in the gaps in Eugene’s life and explore the events that took place after he left Ireland and before he started working for Kosta. There is a huge time gap between the two events, and we believe that Eugene, as an intelligence agent, may have had a few other adventures to his name and may have made some enemies, too, who might be coming after him in the third season. Perhaps it will be through one of the old nemesis that we will learn more about Eugene’s past. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that this old enemy could be the Russian woman, Lena Pascal, who had brought Eugene to Ireland to punish him for his past crimes. From the looks of it, Lena wasn’t done with Eugene just yet and she might strike back in Season 3 to make him pay for his sins. Or Lena might join hands with some other enemy from Eugene’s past to get back at him.

Eugene, on the other hand, had already established the fact that he wasn’t interested in digging up the past anymore, and that was the reason why he burned the confidential file sent to him by an old friend from the agency. Eugene might be done with his past, but we believe his past isn’t done with him, and therefore, it will surely try to hunt the man down in the next installment of The Tourist.

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