‘The Trial’ Season 2: Is It Renewed Or Canceled? What Can We Expect Next?


At the time of writing this article, we have no confirmation regarding the greenlighting or cancellation of a potential second season of The Trial. Given how it’s a remake of The Good Wife, which ran for seven seasons, there’s plenty of material to draw from. But given how everything depends on viewership and reviews, we can’t exactly expect The Trial to go on for seven seasons just because The Good Wife did. Am I looking forward to a second season of Kajol’s web series? No, absolutely not. Compressing 23 episodes into eight episodes for a flimsy Bollywood remake seems like a sin that’s big enough to warrant cancellation. How did the right holders of the original even allow that? Anyway, they did what they did, and now we’re here talking about what can happen in the future of the show. So, let’s get on with it.

Spoilers Alert

After seeing that The Good Wife had 23 episodes, I assumed that the first season of The Trial is a two-parter. They are doing that a lot nowadays, and Disney+ Hotstar has already done it with The Night Manager. But that’s not the case. As per my cursory research, The Trial has the same ending as the first season of The Good Wife. So, in case you are looking forward to the release of 8 more episodes, you can stop because they aren’t coming. Now, let’s focus on what happens during the concluding moments of The Trial Season 1. Rajeev, who was accused of taking sexual favors as bribes, was acquitted because the prosecution’s claims were too weak. Noyonika got the job at Khanna-Chaubey, and Dhiraj didn’t. Rajeev decided to get into politics and requested Noyonika to be by her side. Vishal, on the other, kept expressing his love for Noyonika. He tried to persuade her to leave her husband and her family so that they can start anew. However, Ilyas (Rajeev’s right-hand man) intercepted that message from Vishal so that Noyonika never deviated from her goal or created another incendiary news cycle.

Rajeev isn’t in the clear, and as he has entered politics, his past, and his personal life will be subject to a lot of scrutiny. By the end of The Trial, it wasn’t really clear if he had taken any sexual favors or if it was a result of some elaborate digital fakery. Since the judge said that Rajeev hadn’t taken any bribes, but he paid for Tina’s services in a legal fashion, he was innocent. Prostitution is legal in India, so I am guessing those were the grounds on which his name was cleared. However, unless Rajeev proves that he didn’t do that as well, he will be subjected to consistent character assassination because he did all that despite being a family man. Daksh Rathod, who became Noyonika’s enemy after she proved that he was running an unfair media trial of the girlfriend of a deceased cricketer, promised that he’d bring Noyonika to her knees. Rajeev is clearly the easiest way to get to her. So, it’s possible that Daksh will give Rajeev a hard time when he does the rounds of the state as a politician by reminding the people that he’s an unfaithful man. Maybe that’ll force Noyonika to launch another attack against Daksh or make her plead with him to give Rajeev a free pass, I guess.

Then there’s the curious case of Dhiraj. He’s a good lawyer. Even though Sana says that Noyonika is better than him, they are probably at the same level. But I don’t understand for the life of me how he expected to be considered for the job after showing up stoned out of his mind and cracking jokes during a high-profile meeting with a client accused of rape and murder? Yes, it might’ve seemed comedic at the moment, and it was played for laughs. However, the Khanna-Chaubey firm not hiring an intern who wasn’t of sound mind when he was needed the most didn’t seem very preposterous. By the way, given how the show doesn’t underscore that, I don’t think the writers thought it through. They just wanted to give Noyonika a win and ignite the enmity between her and Dhiraj, and they took the most convenient way out. Anyway, with Sharad’s resources at his disposal, he’ll be able to break through Noyonika and Rajeev’s defenses quite easily. I don’t know how many of those resources will be authentic because Sharad is capable of forgery. So, associating with him might deteriorate Dhiraj as a lawyer. Vengeance never leads to anything good, but that’s the road that Dhiraj has chosen. So, he’ll have to see it to its bitter end. If he realizes that it’s pointless to dedicate his attention to bringing down Noyonika instead of improving himself, then it’ll be better for him.

Last but not least, there’s Vishal. He’s a grade-A loser. I won’t hear any arguments against it. He’s a grown man, and yet he is whining about why his crush from several years ago doesn’t want to abandon her family and husband and live with him. I understand that love makes people stupid, but this is insane levels of stupid. At one point, he even kissed Noyonika, and I don’t think it was really consensual. On top of that, the man doesn’t know how to read the room. Noyonika is under so much pressure. She’s an employee at his firm. And there he is, trying to romance her. Why?! If it wasn’t for Ilyas, he would’ve started yet another controversy and jeopardized not just Noyonika’s life but Rajeev’s political career as well. There’s no guarantee that his idiotic behavior won’t have any impact. He can continue to be a nuisance for Noyonika and keep badgering her with his cringe-worthy romantic advances. If Rajeev learns about all this, he won’t take it lightly. He doesn’t like Vishal anyway, and he’d be relieved to throw him out of their lives. There’s an issue, though. Noyonika is an employee at his company, and without him and his company, Noyonika will be jobless. Therefore, Rajeev has to tread carefully while dealing with Vishal.

Just to be clear, I haven’t watched The Good Wife series. So, if any of these predictions and expectations for a yet-to-be-announced season 2 of The Trial are accurate or inaccurate, now you know the reason. If the showrunners, Banijay Asia and Ajay Devgn FFilms, choose to adapt the second season of The Good Wife, which had 23 episodes, I am sure they’re going to compress it into 7-8 episodes, thereby making it yet another disaster. If they choose to go in a completely new direction, it’ll be original but equally disastrous. Either way, it’s something that I won’t be looking forward to. If you liked The Trial, feel free to share your thoughts and what you expect to see in the second season and why.

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