The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise (2021 Film) Review – A Going-Away Party For The Ears!

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The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise (film) directed by Bennett Lasseter and starring Keean Johnson and Madeline Brewer in the lead role, is a story of a high-school senior, Marcus Lund, who needs to undergo brain surgery which will lead to permanent deafness.

Marcus is a music geek who spends most of his time making mixtapes for people. His mixtapes range from “The Ultimate Playlist of Third Dates” to “The Ultimate Playlist of Facebook-stalking Your Ex at 3:00 am.” Music and Sound for Marcus was not just his hobby, but something that completes him, not just because it makes him happy but because music connects him to his late brother Alex. 

Marcus lost his elder brother Alex, who was a singer, at a very young age while Alex was saving him from a fire. Everything that he possesses from microphone to amplifier belongs to his brother Alex. But life takes a huge turn when he goes to a club one night, and encounters Wendy, an indie rockstar performing in the club. He becomes totally mesmerized with her, and her music, as he states it “Love at First Sound”. He progresses to meet this girl, but instead takes an elbow to his face, and gets his first seizure. 

Marcus wakes up in a hospital, where he learns that he has a tumor in his brain close to his auditory nerves, which needs to be surgically removed but will lead to total deafness. This left Marcus devastated and heartbroken. He decides to go on a month-long trip to New York before his surgery, to tape every sound possible, “big sounds, small sounds and everything in between”, his very own The Ultimate Playlist of Noise, which he calls “a going-away party for my ears.” 

The Ultimate Playlist Of Noise (2021 Film) Review - A Going-Away Party For The Ears!

As he embarks on this journey, he runs into Wendy, who is luckily also going to New York to meet Sylvie Scar, Marcus’s rock idol. As they move through this journey to New York, Marcus tapes all the sounds on the way that he has made a list of, from “Velcro Buckling” to “Fireworks”, from “Windchimes Extravaganza” to “Chinese Food Lunch Rush”. He wanted to end this playlist with his brother’s song, which he tracks down to a studio in New York. 

But he discovers something about his brother in the studio which made his world and belief turn upside down. Will he be able to complete his Ultimate Playlist of Noise? Watch The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (film) today to discover all the answers. 

Keean Johnson, as Marcus Lund, has given an amazing performance as a high school senior who is about to lose something that he highly appreciates. He has successfully conveyed all the emotions of frustration and despair that Marcus feels. Madeline Brewer, as Wendy looks beautiful and has given an excellent performance as a fun-filled, cheerful rockstar. 

The Ultimate Playlist of Noise (film) is streaming on Hulu.

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Anjali Agarwal
Anjali Agarwal
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