‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Episode 11 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Ma Ju Seok’s Spirit?


We are at the last leg of another entertaining season of The Uncanny Counter, and the fight has boiled down to a face-off between good and evil. While the events of Episode 11 The Uncanny Counter Season 2, were predictable, they were still fun to watch, which has been the flow of the series so far, so here is a recap of them.

Spoiler Alert

Mun Tries To Protect Ju Seok

So Mun had always had a more tolerant view of Ma Ju Seok because he was fond of the kind man who had saved his grandmother. Having experienced his kindness so closely, So Mun was unable to stop believing that the person he loved so much had just disappeared and was replaced by an evil spirit. At the end of episode 10, we wondered whether the evil spirit existing in Ma Ju Seok had been obliterated or if there would be a civil war within the man between that and Hwang Pil Gwang. To put our doubts to rest, the spirit is completely subdued, but the civil war is on between Ju Seok and Pil Gwang.

At the beginning of the episode, the Counters don’t know this yet, and they believe that Pil Gwang has consumed Ju Seok, which means that he is a “complete evil spirit”. His powers are extreme, and he can use the territory to not just become more powerful but also to track down the counters. This makes it imperative for the counters to calculate their future moves because this man might be too much for even Mun to handle. The spirits tell the counters that the only way to deal with this is to kill him. Usually, the Counters try to summon the spirits, but Ju Seok has gone beyond that.

Mun cannot accept this, and he wonders whether the situation is really all or nothing. He asks for Ha Na’s help to try to put his doubts at rest, and Mun takes the fight into Ju Seok’s subconsciousness. While fighting with Pil Gwang, Mun is overpowered, but just then, Ju Seok’s sliver of presence protects him. He holds back Pil Gwang so that Mun has time to escape. This is what Mun was looking for, and he knows that they can just exorcise Pil Gwang and protect Ju Seok. Wi Gen agrees with this, but she warns the two that the chances of success are extremely slim since Pil Gwang has become way too strong. She is not in favor of the summoning, but Mun is certainly going to try that.

The Conflict Between Ga Mo Tak And So Mun

Mo Tak and So Mun have had differing opinions about how to handle Ju Seok. Mo Tak does not share Mun’s idea that it is still possible to bring back Ju Seok. Mo Tak goes with his partner, Han Ul, to track a lead, and that takes them to the old Baekdu Planning Office. Unfortunately, Ju Seok is waiting right there, and he is ready to kill the counter and his human partner. Mo Tak manages to save Han Ul once, but he is an easy target for Ju Seok, and he won’t let him go. Mo Tak’s spirit even tells him to not fight Ju Seok and just look for a way to get out somehow, but the latter doesn’t give him that option. However, when Ju Seok seemingly ends up killing Han Ul, Mo Tak cannot control his anger anymore. He leaves the place, but he is hell-bent on killing Ju Seok. Trying to summon him is not a possibility anymore, and the suggestion of it earns Mun a punch to the face.

As Mo Tak angrily leaves the counters’ hideout, Ha Na joins him. She later tells him, once Mo Tak has sufficiently calmed down, that even she is in favor of the summoning rather than killing Ju Seok right away. But she left with Mo Tak because she wanted to be with him as his family, the way they had all been there for each other through thick and thin. This is Ha Na’s way of reminding Mo Tak that they are still on the same team. Any differing opinions could be worked out with discussion. To help Ha Na’s case, Mo Tak gets the call that Han Ul is alive and is in the hospital. Once Mo Tak had left, Ju Seok had taken back control of his own body from Pil Gwang, healed a still-breathing Han Ul, and forced him to leave immediately. This is Mo Tak’s proof that there is still hope for Ju Seok. If Han Ul had indeed died, Mo Tak would have had a much harder time coming on board Mun’s plan, but he could do that now a lot more easily as most of his anger has been resolved.

Will The Counters Summon The Spirit From Ma Ju Seok?

The world is accepting that there is no hope for Ju Seok—that is, that he is a murderer gone mad. Even his mother suspects that he might be dead since she is not given access to newspapers and television in her hospital on the orders of Jang Mul. There isn’t much even Mun can say to her to appease her fears.

At the warehouse, everyone is preparing for Mo Tak’s return, but something else walks in. Jeok Bong’s nose can detect evil spirits, and if a complete evil spirit is around, he is quite unable to breathe because of the force of the smell. He, Jang Mul, and Mae Ok hide from Ju Seok, and Jang Mul comes up with a plan for their safety. He offers to distract Ju Seok while Jeok Bong escapes with Mae Ok to the safe room after initiating the self-destruction of the hideout. They put this into action, but the problem remains that Ju Seok is way too strong for anyone to escape unscathed. Thankfully, Mun arrives, but with a plan of his own.

After pushing Jeok Bong, Mae Ok, and Jang Mul to safety, he decides to see the fight to the end, finishing off himself if need be. All these Counters continuously underestimate how strong Ju Seok is, and when he is about to kill Mun at the end of The Uncanny Counter Season 2 Episode 11, Mo Tak and Ha Na come back and, together with the others, push up the door and save So Mun. Mo Tak wants to try summoning Pil Gwang out of Ju Seok. It is Pil Gwang/ Ju Seok against six counters, and they don’t have much time before the building collapses to kill them all. They are all going to fight and bring him down so that they can summon Pil Gwang and save the other spirits trapped in him.

Final Thoughts

We saw in the final preview of The Uncanny Counter Season 2 that all the counters are going to be fighting Ju Seok with everything they have. The clock is ticking, and they don’t have much time, but this sequence will certainly take up at least twenty minutes to half an hour. The secrets are out, so all that is left is action and emotion, and that is what we expect from the finale.

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