‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Episode 9 Recap & Ending, Explained: Is So Mun Out Of Coma?


The Uncanny Counter Season 2 saved its best episodes for the latter half, and we quite enjoyed the development of the characters in episode 9. It is also the episode that firmly establishes the relationship between So Mun and Ha Na. Season 1 teased a romantic angle between them, but Season 2 threw that out of the window by briefly pairing her up with Do Hwi. However, Mun and Ha Na shippers still needed a better answer, and this episode shows them as people who understand and respect each other without any romantic tension getting in the way. If they don’t get romantic now, they won’t in any of the future seasons of the show. So here is a recap of episode 9 of season 2

Spoiler Alert

What happens to So Mun?

When Gelly takes away Mun’s powers in the fight, Pil Gwang is furious at the utter loss of it all. Seeing his rage and the way he attacks the counters and Gelly, Ju Seok starts to wonder whether he had been lied to by Pil Gwang this whole time. This question in his mind is just another example of how Ju Seok has still not let the evil spirit take over him. When Jang Mul arrives at the scene, the Counters are able to escape, but not without Ga Mo Tak realizing that the combat skills he had learned with So Mun can be put to good use against Ju Seok or even Pil Gwang. But the moral of this fight is that the Counters cannot allow Pil Gwang to kill the other evil spirits since he would end up consuming their souls and becoming even more powerful.

Once the Counters are safe and sound, they hold a meeting with their spirits and come to know that Wi Gen is trapped in a place called the White Ground. So Mun is most likely in a coma, and unless the two find each other and form their partnership again, neither could be saved. But with some time, the Counters realize that Mun isn’t in a coma but has receded deep into his own subconsciousness. Ha Na meets him there and finds that he doesn’t recognize her but thinks that he is responsible for the death of his team. For the entire time, So Mun was the strongest of them all, which means that since they encountered Pil Gwang and Ju Seok, he has been the key to keeping them all safe. Right now, Mun is under the impression that he has failed his duties; hence, he doesn’t want to come out of the place and face the world.

Back in the real world, Ju Seok has realized that Pil Gwag lied to him about wanting the same things. But Pil Gwang says that they may have different methods, but their goal is the same. However, Ju Seok reminds him that with Mun out of the game, the Counters are not a real threat, and he has no desire to hurt them just for the sake of it.

How Do The Counters Take Care Of Gelly?

Gelly will continue to be impulsive, and that is what the Counters decide to use as their strength. Mae Ok goes to visit Jae Yeol, having forgiven him for ratting her out. As she takes care of him once again, he finally remembers her and asks whether she is the person he dreamed about who rescued him from his bullies all those years ago. This might as well have been a reunion between a grandmother and her grandson. Jae Yeol tells Mae Ok that Chung Jae is leaving the country with all the stolen money that very night. Hence, this is the Counters’ next mission. They also know that Gelly is going to be there, and Ha Na comes up with a plan to take her out with the help of Jeok Bong. The counters reach there in time to catch Chung Jae, and Mo Tak even arrests him, but not before he injures Jae Yeol. We suppose he made up for what he did to Mae Ok with this. She will heal him anyway, and he will be fine, though she will once again have to erase his memories.

As for Gelly, she is trapped in a truck with Ha Na, who has learned her lessons from the multiple fights she has had, and in no time at all, Ha Na takes down Gelly and exorcises her. Gelly, the human, is arrested by the police, but instead of reaching prison, she meets Pil Gwang on the way, who declares her fate an utter waste and kills her. He was hoping to absorb her power, but now that it doesn’t exist anymore, she is of no use to him. In fact, her human mind may still have retained some data from their heist, which is why he killed her. Or it could also be purely petty behavior.

Does Ha Na Bring Back So Mun From His Coma?

We called it a “coma,” for lack of a better term. But the point right now is that an angry Pil Gwang and an unpredictable Ju Seok are looking for the Counters’ hideout to attack them. Ju Seok even spends some time with Mun’s grandma, which leads the Counters to believe that should he wish for it, he would be able to track them down. This increases the urgency of bringing So Mun out from the depths of his consciousness, and Ha Na agrees to take on the task. This is the part where we realize something about the connection the two of them shared. They had both lost their entire families in one swoop, and it was only by being counters that they found people that they could call their own. While Ha Na had gone from losing her family to being a counter, So Mun had lived with his grandparents and taken on a chunk of their caregiving responsibilities. This had built up a resilience in him, one that mirrored what Ha Na had in her. They were two sides of the same coin, and that made them understand each other like others didn’t.

When Ha Na steps into Mun’s subconsciousness, she finds that he is being haunted by ghosts of the past and present. Ha Na tries to remind him of all the times that he has spent with the counters while telling him that they are all safe. Yet Mun is consumed by the picture of them lying dead in the hotel. It is almost as if he is taking a trip through his worst memories and fears. When he once again comes across his memory of the accident in his childhood, Ha Na tries to drag him away from there to protect him, but Mun stands transfixed. However, at the end of episode 9 of The Uncanny Counter season 2, as Ha Na gets in the way of the truck before it can hit Mun, he protects her by stopping it with his power. That seems to bring him an awareness of reality, and finally, he wakes up to the cheers and happiness of his friends.

Final Thoughts

Ju Seok was going to discover the exact extent of Pi Gwang’s betrayal in the next episode. That would mean that he might join hands with the Counters. But there could be a conflict since he would want to kill Chung Jae, who is in police custody. The Uncanny Counter is rather interesting right now, so we know that we won’t be disappointed.

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