‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Episode 11 Preview: What Can We Expect From Finale?


The Uncanny Counter seasons 1 and 2, are strictly feel-good shows, despite the subject matter they have chosen. A few people having fun in a noodle shop while fighting evil spirits for a profession is a lot more lighthearted than it sounds. The show has definitely had its tense moments, especially with episodes 9 and 10, but there has been an assumption on the part of the audience that it will all be alright anyway. It was only a matter of how, and that part was easily resolved. Now that the finale of season 2 of The Uncanny Counter is close, we can’t help but wonder what will happen. Some of the conclusions seem obvious, but there might just be some surprises along the way.

Spoilers Alert

Hwang Pil Gwang and Ma Ju Seok

Right from the beginning of the second season, Ma Ju Seok has been shown as someone rather strong-willed. He is also a very kind and loving man who is a respected member of the community. This is one of the primary reasons the spirit had such a hard time subduing Ju Seok’s own will. Usually, spirits go for hosts with sensibilities similar to their own, but this spirit chose Ju Seok due to the strength of his rage. But it was that very strength that kept Ju Seok as the stronger party.

At the end of episode 10, we saw Hwang Pil Gwang take over Ju Seok’s spirit. It wasn’t clear to us if the other evil spirit was subdued, killed, or expelled from Ju Seok. In the first and third cases, we would assume that the spirit is still lurking in Ma Ju Seok, which means that he is hosting not one but two spirits. That could mean that a potential civil war might be happening in Ju Seok between Pil Gwang and the other spirit. Their conflict could either drive Ju Seok mad or give him the few moments of clarity needed for him to make critical decisions that would determine his and the Counters’ fate. However, we doubt that Pil Gwang would share space with anyone. He is most likely alone, and we don’t doubt that he is far stronger than the other spirit. Ju Seok would be fighting with him. Right now, Pil Gwang is a lot closer to his goal than he was in episode 10, so he would leave no stone unturned in taking complete control over Ju Seok.

So Mun had the idea in episode 10 that Ju Seok just needed powerful enough encouragement from someone he loved for him to let his human side win. Right now, Mun is the only one entertaining this idea and willing to act on it, whereas the others are in favor of the complete elimination of Ju Seok. They had wanted to give him a chance to see his mother in the hospital, but after the spectacle where he kills Pil Gwang, they must have lost all hope. Ju Seok would need to prove that he is still there, and Mun might go a little rogue to try and help him. Is it possible that we will see the counters fighting amongst themselves? Moving on, we are really curious as to what can finally convince Ju Seok to fight his demons.

In Season 1 of The Uncanny Counter, we saw how Mun’s parents were still trapped with the evil spirit. Similarly, we believe that Min Gi must be on Earth, and she will finally find Ju Seok and tell him to move on, the way he had told her to when she was alive. We definitely expect a happy ending here, so we know that Ju Seok will fight Pil Gwang and get rid of him or have him exorcised. He may pass away with him, or he might briefly serve some time in jail before returning to normal life. But the latter doesn’t seem likely since it is public knowledge that Ju Seok has committed a few murders.

Jeok Bong

We haven’t seen him do much in the last few episodes, and we wonder whether his purpose was just to provide comic relief after being a counter. We don’t see him train the way Mun used to in Season 1 or even hone his skills any further. We just hope his character is not killed off in season 2. If he survives, he will probably have a happy ending by finding a girlfriend and making a lot of money at his farm, as he wanted to do when we first met him. He will continue to be a counter, but with a thriving side business. Or maybe Jang Mul will invest in his business and make it a big hit.

The Oher Counters

Since we have talked about Jang Mul, wouldn’t it be a sight if he and Mae Ok actually got together? He has been hinting since season 1 that he wants to, and Mae Ok might finally decide to respond. On that note, Ga Mo Tak had said at the beginning of The Uncanny Counter Season 2 that he was looking for a retirement. We don’t know how that will come to be, but we want him to be safe, as in, we hope he doesn’t sacrifice himself in the fights that are about to come.

As for Ha Na, maybe she will have a reunion with Do Hwi. Their separation was quite a tragedy, considering that Do Hwi had waited for her for so many years. Maybe once she sees that everything is normal, she will realize that she shouldn’t stop living her life, even though danger will always be a part of it. She just needs to go about her life like normal, with the appropriate security measures in place. Finally, we come to So Mun. He still has to go to college, and he might give it an honest shot this time. He had previously mentioned that he had applied to colleges out of his league so that he wouldn’t have to go. But life must move forward, and he might decide to take his art seriously. All these changes are making us think that a huge tragedy might be in the works, one that may also hint at a possible third season of the show. The Uncanny Counter is a fun and easy watch, and more seasons of it are not a bad idea.

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