‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Ending Explained & Season 3 Expectations


The Uncanny Counter Season 2 had its fair share of loopholes. But for the most part, it delivered on the fun and kept our love for the characters alive by giving each of them a decent arc. Those that did not change from season 1, like Mae Ok or Jang Mul, still had a lot going on for them. Basically, season 2 was a way for us to relive our love for this show with a plot that did not demand too much from us. It was all fairly simple as compared to season 1, and here is a detailed recap of The Uncanny Counter Season 2’s ending.

Spoiler Alert

What Is The Main Challenge For The Counters?

At the start of The Uncanny Counter season 2, we saw that counters were there in every part of the world. We had almost forgotten about it after hearing it first in season 1. When these counters tried to take down some spirits, the whole thing backfired on them instead. They were killed at the hands of Wong, Gelly, and Pil Gwang. These three are actually Korean but had been hiding in China after a scam they pulled off. Sadly, they find that they have been robbed in turn by one of their own, Chung Jae (not possessed). When the spirits return to Korea, they learn about the new Counters and realize that So Mun is the most powerful of them all. Pil Gwang wants to consume So Mun’s spirit because that would make him incredibly strong, just like consuming the spirits of the other counters gave his teammates their powers. Over time, Pil Gwang tries to plan his attack in a number of ways, but he is not strong enough to face So Mun. It is at this time that he runs into Ma Ju Seok.

Ju Seok’s wife had been murdered by Pil Gwang when she stumbled upon them while they were threatening someone to give them back the money from the scam. These spirits had proceeded to kill Min Ji, and Ju Seok had lost his mind and tried to take matters into his own hands. While he did not harm anyone, he still had to spend some time in jail, and that is when an evil spirit identified him as an excellent host for itself due to the sheer amount of anger within him. While the spirit set its roots in him, it was not able to take over Ju Seok because of his innate stubbornness. Yet its influence was evident, and that is what Pil Gwang caught on to. He understood that Ju Seok could be a formidable opponent in this fight against So Mun; therefore, to turn him over to their side, he constantly lied to him about the Counters, just wanting to stop him from getting revenge. This trick worked for a while, and Ju Seok escaped prison to hunt down the person who killed his wife. So Mun and the others want to stop Ju Seok from killing someone because that would mean that the spirit’s hold on him gets stronger. But they are unsuccessful, and Ju Seok makes his first kill.

During this whole time, Wong and Gelly are also killed. While Wong’s spirit is summoned by the Counters and the host is later killed in prison by Gelly, she herself faces the same thing. The Counters exorcise the spirit in her, and then Pil Gwang kills her. All of this basically boils down to him being left alone to fight his war, which makes Ju Seok all the more important to him. But the trouble is that Ju Seok remains adamant about only hurting his wife’s culprits, and that is Chung Jae. This doesn’t align with Pil Gwang’s ambitions, and he is getting more and more desperate. Therefore, he comes up with a plan where he reveals to Ju Seok that he is the one to kill his wife. That makes Ju Seok go mad, who then kills Pil Gwang and consumes his spirit, which ends up taking control over Ju Seok.

How Do The Counters Kill Hwang Pil Gwang?

Throughout this time, Mun has maintained that he never gave up on Ma Ju Seok. He continued to sense Ju Seok’s presence, which told him that there was still hope for the man trapped underneath the weight of Hwang Pil Gwang. The other counters are skeptical of his idea, but Ha Na comes on board when she finds proof of it with Mun and the territory’s help. Ga Mo Tak proves tougher to convince, especially when Pil Gwang kills one of his colleagues. However, when it turns out that the colleague is alive and that it was Ju Seok who had briefly taken over to save him, Mo Tak agrees to try and exorcise Pil Gwang instead of directly killing him. This is made possible when Mun goes into Ju Seok’s mind and fights with Pil Gwang there. Thankfully, when Ju Seok wakes up at the last minute, Mun is able to overpower Pil Gwang and exorcise him. The problems of the counters are solved once and for all, and Ju Seok has his memory of the past few days erased.

But there is another problem here. Whatever had happened with Pil Gwang, Gelly, and Wong was just a hint of what was to come. The spirits were learning more advanced ways of fighting with the counters and growing stronger as well, whereas the counters were stuck at the same skill level. Even they needed to upgrade if they were to fight the evil spirits effectively. Therefore, Mun is sent to meet the counters from all over so that he can teach them his skills. At the beginning of the series, we saw him try to teach his team how to use psychokinesis. Now, that ability, along with the capacity to summon the territory, is a lot more crucial for everyone, and Mun goes for it. He comes back to South Korea in six to eight months, ready to fight spirits in his territory again.

What Can We Expect From Season 3?

The standout moment at the ending of the series was the moment when Pil Gwang made the decision to not fight Wi Gen and just go through the door as she was trying to send him. It sent the message that he was choosing his battles at the moment, and at that time, he knew he was no match for Wi Gen. But Pil Gwang is a strategist, and no matter the obstacle, he comes up with ingenious ways to solve it. Therefore, we doubt he would have given up. It is not as if he could die more. At best, the spirits surrounding him will torture him a bit. We don’t think he will break under that pressure. We also won’t be surprised if he starts ruling them all soon enough. Maybe he will bring everyone together and create a force strong enough to break down that door, the way he promised Wi Gen and So Mun. After all, he is not the only spirit with a grudge against the Counters, so he is bound to find support if he plays his cards well. The Uncanny Counter season 3 may just be about him breaking out of Yung to cause havoc on Earth with the others.

Final Thoughts

The Uncanny Counter was a memorable show, and while it ended on a good note, we wouldn’t mind it being extended into a third season because we know the easy fun that this show offers. We have come to love all of the characters, and seeing more of them is always a good idea, especially Ga Mo Tak, who has been our favorite since season 1. Let us see what the future brings in terms of this show for us.

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