‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2, Episode 1 Recap & Ending, Explained: Who Are The Evil Spirits?


A new day is here with the long-awaited second season of a series that gained quite a bit of popularity during some trying times for the world. The Uncanny Counter is for over-the-top supernatural action lovers, and the first episode has plenty of that, with just a hint of the pieces that are going to come together to give us the villains of this season. This is a recap of it.

Spoilers Alert

Who Are The Evil Spirits In China?

We expected the characters to have some makeovers, but only So Mun’s seems to be working; maybe Chu Mae Ok as well. We can see why Ha Na’s appearance may not have changed too much, but how dare the MUA team ruin Mo Tak’s hairstyle? In the dashing first few minutes of episode 1 of season 2 of The Uncanny Counter, this one thing put us off a lot. But coming back to the story, the counters are stronger than ever as they rescue a school bus full of kindergarteners, whose driver has been possessed by an evil spirit. So Mun’s psychokinesis is on point, and he can summon the territory at will, making him the most powerful counter of the group. Even Chu Mae Ok has some new tricks up her sleeve. Back in Yung, the spirits and the counters are getting along well, but Ga Mo Tak is complaining a lot because the spirits made him go back to his old job as a police inspector. This means that he is working two jobs right now, and he says that he is exhausted. It might also have something to do with how he works up a nosebleed every time he tries to learn psychokinesis. Mae Ok and Ha Na are having better luck than him in this regard.

Remember what we said about Season 1, that it is a story about using supernatural powers to help human causes. Season 2 of The Uncanny Counter continues that by showing us the two pieces of the puzzle that are going to come together. Groups of counters exist all over the world, and their existence is only known within their circles. Evil spirits do not know about them, which was a huge plot point in Season 1. Something similar happens when four counters in China, who also run a noodle shop, set out to capture some evil spirits. We have gotten the impression that our Korean Counters are famous across the world, and these four from China are excited to meet them when they go on vacation. When they investigate the evil spirits, it is quite evident that they are dealing with something very powerful, as their body count is way too high. Unluckily for one of the counters, a spirit by the name of Wong sees her trying to heal an injured woman, and he immediately understands that she is more than human.

After a grueling fight, he kills her and absorbs her soul, along with the Yung spirit, into himself. The same thing happens with Gelli and Pil Kwang, and if we were to guess it right, Pil Kwang gained the most strength of them all. They had been planning to go to Korea as soon as their business in China was done. Only future episodes will tell us what their business was and what they are planning to do next. They look rich, so their hosts have money, which means a possible tie-up with the organ harvesting ring in Korea, which the Counters have come across. All of these evil spirits were speaking in Chinese, but once they absorbed the Counters’ souls and realized their powers, they switched to Korean.

Do The Counters Rescue Jun Hui And His Mother?

We are introduced to Ma Joo Seok, who is a firefighter and a popular man in the community, and So Mun’s grandmother calls him “oppa.” The man is charming enough, though he has never revealed what he told grandmother when trying to rescue her from the rooftop. However, he reveals to So Mun that he and his wife are expecting a baby, and the latter brings out his bratty side and makes the announcement for everyone. After all, So Mun is probably still a teenager, and he has yet to go to college, which he has put on hold for the sake of his Counter duties. It is also one of the reasons Mae Ok, Mo Tak, and Ha Na are demanding the recruitment of a new counter. They not only need help with the growing demands of the job, but when they hear about the incident in China and how the evil spirits are now as powerful as them, they say that they cannot do it without the help of more people. But finding a new host has been hard because most people either make a choice to pass on to the afterlife or they just don’t have the character to take on such responsibilities.

Meanwhile, So Mun and Ha Na rescue a child and his mother from an abusive house, where the father is demanding that the woman hand over her mother’s insurance fund so that he can pay off his gambling debt. While the man is sent to jail, he is undoubtedly connected to evil spirits, though unknowingly. The men he owed the debts to kidnapped Jun Hui and his mother to harvest their organs and gain back the money they lost. But at the end of episode 1 of season 2 of The Uncanny Counter, Mun, Mae Ok, Mo Tak, and Ha Na save them just in time. They had been able to sense the danger because one of the men was a spirit.

It is evident that this wasn’t a one-off incident. These men are undoubtedly connected to the housing scam where Ma Joo Seok and his wife lost their money two years ago. When the spirits from China come to Korea, specifically Jungjin, they will join hands with whatever evil corporation the Counters have to take down this time around. Last time, So Mun and Ga Mo Tak had a personal stake in the battle, but without that this time, what will be the emotional hook of the series from the main characters’ point of view?

Final Thoughts

While the title of the series suggests that the main character is So Mun, the other counters immediately clarify in the first few minutes that he is late but not the main character. We have a feeling that Jun Hui is more than just a helpless boy looking for safety. He may even be the fifth counter for the group. Also, there is a counter in China that the spirits failed to kill. Maybe she will make a comeback in the coming episodes. Season 2 of The Uncanny Counter is crisper than season 1 by 4 episodes, but so far, it has taken the same long-drawn route, so we still need to make up our minds on how it is different or superior from what we saw two years ago.

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