‘The Uncanny Counter’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap & Ending, Explained: Did The Evil Spirit Take Over Ju Seok?


Episode 4 of The Uncanny Counter was the first fun episode of season 2 of the series. It was a little too full of action sequences, but we enjoyed them because the right person was getting beat up. The villain seems most enjoyable, and that feels quite welcome since we remember being unimpressed by the one in Season 1. Pil Kwang has yet to have a purpose or a direction, but his sharpness is already intimidating. On that note, we would like to see an intelligent sidekick for once, rather than just an impulsive one. So, without any further delay, let’s look into the recap of episode 4.

 Spoiler Alert

Why Does Jeok Bong Leave And Then Come Back?

So Mun proves to be too strong for Pil Kwang, and he may have just killed him if Mun did not need to protect Jang Mul, who had come in the middle. Mun should have just used his powers to stop the bullet instead of taking the hit himself. Maybe the high-powered emotions of the situation clouded his judgment a little. Elsewhere, Mo Tak and Mae Ok successfully take down Wang and exorcize his spirit, along with those of the Chinese Counters trapped with him. One villain is down, and there are two more to go. Ha Na delivers a deadly blow to the woman when she knocks Gelly’s own punch into her face, blinding her in one eye. As furious as Gelly is, she doesn’t forget to sketch on her eye patches, which she will need going forward since Wang isn’t there anymore with his healing powers, which is making us wonder how Pil Kwang is able to walk on his feet after the ordeal with Mun.

But Jeok Bong’s esteem has taken a hard hit, especially since he lost his sense of smell during the fight with Gelly. He considers himself rather useless since his physical abilities are nowhere on par with those of a counter, and the one thing that made him useful has been taken away from him. That is why he goes back to his cow farm, but returning to normal life is not without its emotional turmoil. Jeok Bong feels that his father might be embarrassed by him since he is not as accomplished as Seong Sik, the son of the village head. Jeok Bong is aware that when he loses his powers as a Counter, he will either relapse into a coma or even die. Therefore, he asks his father to settle his debts and start living his life, but that is misinterpreted by the old man.

When Jeok Bong goes to the village head’s house with some fruits, he finds that Seong Sik is possessed and is about to kill his father. Jeok Bong cannot ignore that, and he tries his hardest to protect the head and his own father, who jumps into the fray to protect his son. This is the precise moment when Seong Sik hits Jeok Bong’s nose, giving him back his sense of smell that had been lost when Gelly landed a blow on his nose in the field. A newly confident Jeok Bong also feels his physical strength for the first time and beats up Seong Sik, along with summoning his evil spirit. He is officially back with the Counters and even makes up with his father by buying him new shoes and finding that he has gotten the same gift in return.

Does Pil Kwang Recognize The Evil Spirit In Ju Seok?

Ever since the evil spirit entered Ju Seok, it has been a constant battle to get him to accept it. The host has to become one with the spirit for the latter to gain control over the host’s body. The spirit says that it was Ju Seok’s anger and grief that summoned it, so there is no reason for it to leave now. But that is making things difficult for Ju Seok, who recognizes evil and doesn’t want to give in to it. While talking to his attorney, the spirit takes things a step further by inciting Ju Seok with thoughts of how Min Gi must have suffered. Ju Seok continues to fight it, but his resolve is getting weaker as the spirit starts taking over his mind.

Elsewhere, Gelly tells Pil Kwang about the memory she read of Ha Na while fighting her in the field. She saw that she and So Mun were crying at the death of Min Gi, and that makes Pil Kwang understand why Mun had gotten so personal during their fight. Gelly has also found a newspaper clipping about Ju Seok’s arrest, and the evil spirits’ curiosity is ignited.

While Mo Tak and So Mun prepare for Ju Seok’s court date, they are praying that the judge won’t be too hard on him. In court, Mo Tak even says that Ju Seok was never going to kill the man because he only kept demanding how anyone could hurt another human being. Those words could not have been those of a man intent on murder. At the end of episode 4, Season 2, of The Uncanny Counter, as if to negate Mo Tak’s words, Ju Seok gives his statement that he would like to be free so that he can kill the man. While the lawyer is flustered and tries to cover up his statement by saying there has been a fumble, Mun notices the different energy of Ju Seok. Pil Kwang, who is in the courtroom, also senses the evil spirit in Ju Seok and understands what it means for them.

Final Thoughts

Now that Pil Kwang has set his sights on Ju Seok, who is on the verge of giving up the fight against the evil spirit, the narrative is going to spice up from the villains’ end. When the spirits repeatedly call Ju Seok special, they must mean that he will be rather strong, probably strong enough to rival So Mun. But to fight against Mun, he would need some legitimate reason. Should we expect some sort of misunderstanding where Ju Seok is led to believe that the Counters had something to do with his wife’s death? Rather than that, maybe Pil Kwang and Gelly will just lead him on until So Mun and the other Counters knock sense into Ju Seok. We are already considering him gone, but we hope that this tragedy doesn’t extend to Jeok Bong. It is a sneaky feeling without any concrete proof, so we can’t be sure, but we also want this man to be safe. Next week’s episodes will be the halfway mark of The Uncanny Counter Season 2, and maybe all the pieces of the puzzle will be clear by then.

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