‘The Veil’ Ending Explained & Finale Recap: Is Adilah Dead? Is Imogen’s Father Alive?


FX’s spy thriller series The Veil comes to a conclusion this week with an intense but slightly unconvincing episode 6, as some serious revelations are made. Imogen had earlier managed to extract Adilah’s daughter Yasmina from Paris, as she wanted to reunite the girl and her mother, on the condition that Adilah would tell her the name of the ship carrying the bomb to America. On the other side, the French and American agencies, the DGSE, and the CIA, respectively, immediately respond to their main target, the Djinn of Al Raqqa, once again becoming fugitive with the help of the MI6 agent. Overall, The Veil had been hinting at a very personal storyline to take precedence, even though we were shown very little of it, and ultimately, it is indeed Imogen’s personal past that takes over in the end.

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What is Imogen’s plan with Adilah?

The Veil episode 5 had ended with the protagonist Imogen Salter giving Adilah El Idrissi one final chance to team up with her and work towards a reunion with her young daughter Yasmina, after the girl had been safely moved to the UK by the MI6 agent. Confirmed to have been an ISIS operative popularly known as the Djinn of Al Raqqa, for her ability to fit into any cover story and manipulate people, Adilah’s desire to be with her daughter was stronger than any plot of revenge on the West. Therefore, she finally agrees to be with Imogen in order to avoid trouble from both the intelligence agencies and her own terrorist unit. The two women are seen sheltered inside the storage hull of a truck, which has crossed over to England from France and is currently somewhere close to Canterbury. Imogen had falsely promised some physical favors to the driver, in exchange for which he had agreed to smuggle the two into England, and he was quickly brought down by her once they were in the country. But the news of Imogen going rogue with the dangerous Adilah by her side had also spread by now, and so the two women immediately faced trouble from the local police force.

Imogen and Adilah split up in the town of Canterbury before the protagonist can arrange a ride for themselves to London by making use of her own manipulation and convincing skills. At present, she knows that nobody would be willing to help Adilah out, and so Imogen gets in touch with the only contact she has who would perhaps take the risky step. She happens to know someone who does not directly fall under the jurisdiction of MI6 or any other government institution, despite originally having begun his career as an agent for the intelligence agency. This individual happens to be Michael Althorp, a man with whom Imogen was extremely close in the past. She had also been staying at Michael’s apartment in Paris, where she was keeping Adilah safe, and it was there that their romantic past had been suggested for the first time. But when Adilah questioned her about him, Imogen stated that Michael was simply a student of her father, and he went on to become her teacher as well.

At present, Imogen gets in touch with Michael and informs him about the situation she is in, along with telling him about Adilah. Despite Imogen technically trying to fish out the name of the ship with the bomb from Adilah by using her daughter as leverage, she also does genuinely want the mother and daughter to be reunited. This is perhaps what makes Imogen such a great spy, and her ability to arrange for both sides of the bargain is what makes her the protagonist of this tale. Therefore, she wants Michael to arrange fake passports for her and the French woman so that they can fly over to Canada, where Yasmina and her aunt, Noor, will also be taken. The plan is to have Adilah and her family settle down in Canada, where they can avoid each of the organizations looking for them, both legal and illegal. But the plan does not get executed well enough, for Imogen quickly realizes that although Michael had agreed to it over the phone, he does not have any intentions of letting Adilah get away from the country.

What had happened between Imogen and Michael in the past?

Although The Veil episode 6 is when Michael Althorp is first seen in person, his presence and dominating effect on the protagonist’s life had already been felt in the earlier episodes. At the very beginning of the series, Imogen was shown to be often disturbed by a certain memory, in which a man significantly older than her made her feel uncomfortable despite her not being able to express so. This man is now confirmed to have been Michael, the very favorite student of her father, Marcus Seabright. As Marcus was a veteran spy in MI6, and Michael had seemingly just started in the agency, he was made the mentor to the younger man, and they developed a strong bond with each other. It is not exactly clear as to whether Imogen and Michael met at this very time, but their acquaintance probably took place after the death of Marcus.

Left with no parental figure in her life, Imogen was left under the care of Michael Althorp, even though the man disappeared from public existence during this time. Being the successor to some wealthy aristocratic family, he had inherited a grand house in the English countryside, and this is where he spent his life, away from the public eye. It was also at this very house that Michael grew close to Imogen, who was basically his student and protégée. Just like Marcus had molded Michael into a successful spy, the latter started training and molding Imogen into one as ruthless as him. However, this training soon took on the form of sexual grooming, and the man quite literally conditioned Imogen, who was much younger than him, into accepting his physical advances.

Imogen was not comfortable with the situation, and she was well aware that something wrong was taking place, but she could not do anything about it. She was groomed into becoming an object of desire for Michael to manipulate whenever he wanted, and he even tries to exercise his control over her even now. While the series does not exactly make it clear, it seems most likely that Imogen became pregnant with Michael’s child at the time, and she even gave birth to the baby. However, the existence of this baby would have made things very difficult for Michael, given the fact that he was still living a life of extreme secrecy, and he probably got rid of it somehow. Although he did not perhaps do anything too direct, which would have had Imogen confront him, the baby was accepted by all to have died from some natural cause. However, Imogen still carries the grief of not being able to be a mother, and this is exactly why she helps Adilah so that the latter can be with her daughter. Even though Imogen had managed to get away from Michael in her life, she now returns to the very house and presence of her abuser, only to help Adilah escape unharmed.

Who is the real perpetrator behind the terrorist attack plan?

When Imogen first enters Michael’s personal office at his sprawling mansion, she finds photographs of herself, Adilah, and the DGSE and CIA agents, along with notes on every development regarding them. This meant that Michael had been keeping a close watch on the specific mission, which initially seemed to be of personal interest to him. However, Imogen then also finds some shredded pieces of paper on the floor, as if documents had been destroyed in a hurried manner, which are in Russian and have the name Djinn of Al Raqqa mentioned. Among his documents is also a copy of the Kitab Al-Bulhan, from which the different Djinns representing the different days of the week were quoted. Therefore, by the end of it all, there is no doubt that Michael was very much involved with the whole terrorist attack plan.

When confronted by Imogen about the same, the man does not deny his involvement either, and she discovers that the terrorist attack was actually a plan of the FSB. The Russian FSB wanted to take revenge against their age-old enemies in the United States of America, but they wanted the blame to be put on someone else. This was why the ISIS sleeper cell had been brought back into action, and a biological attack through a bomb that would spread radiation had been planned, with the Russians funding it all. But the FSB needed help from others in this regard, and this is where Michael Althorp came in, for he was someone with vast influence and power, being an ex-MI6 agent. Just like his own mentor and guide, Marcus Seabright, Michael was also a double agent, working very closely with the Russian FSB. 

Michael also talks about the reason for his support for this staged terrorist attack, for he firmly believes that the current world is headed towards extreme warfare and destruction. If the bomb attack is carried out as planned on the East Coast of the USA, the country will surely retaliate by attacking ISIS and invading countries where the terrorist organization holds power. This would give Russia a chance to attack its own enemies, and the end result would be global warfare. Michael and those aligned with his ideals believe that this utter destruction and chaos will help in establishing a new world order and a restart for civilization, for this current state is bound to fail very soon. There is also a suggestion that Michael, and particularly his trusted driver and henchman, Patrick, hold extremely racist beliefs against Arabs and all Muslim people.

Did Imogen help Adilah reunite with her daughter?

While Imogen uncovers all these secrets at Michael’s house, the DGSE and CIA agents, Malik Amar and Max Peterson, respectively, reach the same address in London, where Imogen used to live. This is where Malik met her and spent some loving days with her, but he is unable to find anything useful at the place. When Peterson also comes to search the same place, the two agents decide to work together, as Malik states that he knows where the women would be. After all, Imogen was genuinely in love with Malik, which is why she had told him everything about her life and her past. Based on this information, he figures out that she must have gone in search of help from Michael at his estate.

Their presence at the house ultimately works out for the women, as Malik shoots Michael dead just in time as he is about to hurt Imogen. On the other hand, Max manages to save Adilah from the racist Patrick before he is unfortunately killed by the man. In the end, Imogen is very close to driving Adilah away from the house, but in a final turn of events, Patrick kills Adilah with a shot from his sniper before he is taken down by Imogen. The driver had obviously been ordered by his master to ensure that Adilah did not reveal any information about the ship with the bomb on it, and the best way to do so was to kill Adilah altogether. However, much to the relief of Imogen and the rest of the Western world, Adilah had written the name of the ship on the foggy windscreen of the car, for she had feared that she would not be able to escape after all. This action redeems Adilah’s character as well, for she ultimately chooses to ensure that the terrorist attack does not take place, despite having earlier prepared to detonate the bomb with her mobile phone, which was the last step of the plan. 

As Imogen and Malik escape the shootout, they immediately inform the authorities about the ship’s details, and it is raided by operatives who kill Emir just as he tries to blow up the bomb, which obviously fails since Adilah had not carried out her part of the plan. Thus, the ship does not blow up either, and there is no direct casualty because of this failed terrorist attack plan at all. Although Adilah dies in the process, Imogen still keeps her promise and arranges for the safe passage of Yasmina and Nour to Canada, where the two will settle down. 

Is Imogen’s Father Really Alive?

In The Veil‘s ending, Imogen goes through Michael’s documents once again and comes across a certain name repeatedly: that of one Sebastian Illyria, who lives in the vicinity of Oxfordshire. Fearing the obvious, she goes over to the address and sees someone drive away before she can get close enough. Nonetheless, Imogen decides to go through the things inside the house and finds letters and photographs of herself and her father at the place. She realizes that her father had been alive for all this while, and he had only hidden from the world because his cover for being a double agent had been blown. This was why Michael also went into hiding after Marcus’ supposed death, for the two were still in touch with each other in the English countryside.

However, this discovery also makes Imogen realize that her own father, Marcus Seabright, must have been the master planner of the fake terrorist attack, as he still worked with the FSB. It must have been he who got in touch with the ISIS cell and forced Adilah into doing the job, promising her freedom from the terrorist organization in exchange. This means that if The Veil ever returns for a second season, we might just see Imogen, or Violet, as her real name is revealed to be, going after her own father, for their ideologies and motivations differ a lot. The Veil season 1 ends with the protagonist getting a call from her MI6 superiors once again, as she is assigned to a new case immediately, this time in Greece. 

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