‘The Veil’ Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: What Happens To Adilah’s Daughter, Yasmina?


FX’s spy thriller series The Veil continues spinning its web of mysteries with regards to its characters more than the plot, as the motivations of the individuals and their personal relationships are what remain to be solved. With the terrorist plot already being uncovered, especially by the French DGSE officials in the previous episode, the authorities have now set their target on capturing the Djinn of Al Raqqa and somehow stopping the attack from taking place. However, the situation becomes much more complex when Adilah manages to flee the surveillance of Imogen and the others while the CIA orders indirect operations to counter this sudden change.

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How does Adilah escape?

By now, there is no doubt left that Adilah El Idrissi, one of the central characters we see in The Veil, is the terrorist ISIS general known as the Djinn of Al Raqqa, confirming the protagonist’s doubts about the same. Therefore, it is very important for Imogen to stay put with the woman, despite being attacked by armed goons the previous night, which was clearly an assault carried out by the terrorist group. But last week’s episode 4 ended with Adilah receiving a text message on her phone that ordered her to step out of the apartment into the stairwell of the building at six in the morning. While this initially seemed like another plan to attack and kill Imogen while ensuring the safety of the French woman, the matter actually turns out to be centered more around Adilah. Early in the morning of the next day, as Imogen lies sleeping at her desk following her personal discovery about her father’s identity as a Russian spy, Adilah leaves her bed and dresses up in the MI6 agent’s clothes. She then sneaks out of the apartment and is met by a man in the stairwell, who gives her his jacket and helmet, which acts as a disguise for her. Adilah soon steps out of the building wearing the helmet and escapes the area on the bike that her associate had just left. 

Since Adilah was still believed, and almost proven, to be an ISIS general, both the French authorities and the American intelligence agents had bugged the apartment where she had been staying with Imogen for the past couple of days. Not only was the inside of the apartment surveilled, but the CIA and DGSE had set up watchers outside the building as well in order to keep track of who was entering and leaving. This was exactly why Adilah’s associates came up with this particular plan of her escape, in which a delivery man would enter the building posing to be dropping a parcel and then leave soon after. But while leaving, it would actually be Adilah, dressed exactly like the delivery man, which would ensure that no alarms were raised and nobody knew that she had escaped. The plan is executed to perfection, as the surveillance team cannot identify the person leaving the building as Adilah, and she manages to escape the place without any trouble.

When Imogen wakes up from her unplanned slumber, a few minutes later, she suspects something wrong and immediately goes to check on Adilah, only to find her room empty and realize that her target has fled. Imogen quickly informs the authorities about this unwanted development, indirectly asking for their help in dealing with the trouble. She also figures out the exact manner in which Adilah fled by stepping onto the stairwell and seeing an unknown man pretending to be mopping the floor. Since the delivery man was stuck inside the building, he planned to pose as the sweeper for some time before the area would be cleared for his escape. Imogen spots the man and asks for permission to approach him, and when nothing of the sort comes, she decides to pursue the matter herself. Using her brilliant skills, she steals the man’s phone from his pocket and then blackmails him with it. Since he is working for the terrorist network, and that too on such an important mission, they would soon call him up for updates. Imogen quickly prepares a tracker to find out where the call would be placed and then offers the delivery man an easier alternative.

If Imogen answers the call from the terrorists, they would obviously understand that their associate had been captured, which would put the latter at great risk from them. Therefore, the protagonist offers the man to tell her directly about where Adilah was headed so that the whole mess can be avoided and he can walk away, facing no trouble from either side of the law. In this regard, it is clear that Imogen actually bluffs about tracing the phone call, since she completely ignores the matter when the phone rings only a few moments later. At the same time, the DGSE sends agents to the place, and the delivery man spots them as well, which is followed by a long chase. By the end, Imogen is able to corner him and is about to convince him to surrender, but the agents shoot him dead before he can say anything more. 

It is possible that the agents believe Imogen to be in trouble with the man and, therefore, shoot him dead. However, right before the man was killed, he seemed to be about to reveal that he was not really working for the terrorists but for some other organization. If that organization is somehow the DGSE, then it would make sense for the agents to kill the man before he could reveal any more secrets. Although this would tremendously complicate the matter, it might be possible that the French wanted to get hold of Adilah before the Americans, because of which they arranged this escape plan for the woman. 

What happens to Adilah’s daughter, Yasmina?

While Imogen is still disturbed by Adilah’s disappearance, she receives a call from Malik, informing her of a different development that they have been monitoring. The rivalry and competition between the French and American intelligence agencies has been a very integral part of the plot in The Veil, as both sides try to gain some advantage over the other. While Max Peterson and his CIA team intercept DGSE communications and reach the restaurant where Adilah’s bike was parked, the French authorities also listen in on the American meetings through the surveillance system they had earlier set up. In this way, the DGSE learns of an important meeting to take place between Peterson and the government authorities in the United States, and Imogen is also invited by Malik to witness it. As the French had notified the Americans about the terrorist plan of the ISIS cell, which is to blow up a bomb on a ship headed towards the east coast of the US, Peterson and his superiors needed to come up with some plan.

It was initially suggested by one of the officials that the best way to handle the situation would be to stop all ships headed to the US from Europe, since it is known that the bomb is being carried in a ship from Bulgaria. However, although this would ensure that American cities and the public would be safe from any terrorist threat, it would also cause a massive disruption in the supply chain. Moreover, such a development would also quickly be reported by the media as soon as the workers at docks would get suspicious, and it would lead to massive panic among the people and further problems for the government. Therefore, this option is quickly canceled, and the only other means to stop the attack is to get more information about the ship carrying the bomb. It is now that Max Peterson comes up with a brutal but supposedly efficient plan, in which he would kidnap Adilah’s young daughter, Yasmina, and pressurize the French woman to reveal information about the particular ship. As Peterson is confident of such an illegal but necessary operation, his CIA superiors also show their support for him. Imogen and the French officials keep watching, terribly shocked, as the Americans finalize this brutish mission to ensure their safety. 

But before Peterson and his team can reach Yasmina, someone else arranges a covert operation in which the girl and her aunt, Nour, who is also her caretaker, are safely removed from their apartment. Since this place is also heavily monitored by the authorities, the operation is carried out indirectly, with the help of a garbage collection team. The security cameras only record a garbage truck pulling up in front of the building and two men walking into the basement area to collect the trash. However, the men actually help Yasmina and Nour get into the garbage bins, which they then roll back out onto the truck and safely take the two women away from the place. When the CIA sends a team to monitor Yasmina’s movements in her apartment, they wait for a couple of hours only to realize that the apartment is actually empty. Sometime later, the DGSE also discovers that Yasmina is nowhere to be found, meaning that the French did not have anything to do with her rescue either.

Thus, it becomes very apparent that it was Imogen who had carried out the whole operation, and she had arranged for Yasmina and Nour to be safely transported to her home country, England. However, whether the protagonist saves the girl for her own benefit is arguable, for she essentially does the same thing as the Americans. Towards the end of the episode, Imogen tries to convince Adilah to tell her everything about the terrorist ship in return for guaranteeing the safety of her daughter. She, too, tries to use the girl as leverage for information, and Adilah is understandably angered by this.

Does Adilah choose to side with Imogen in the end?

After her escape from the apartment, Adilah met with her associate, Emir, who also seems to be her romantic partner. Emir states that Imogen must be killed, and he asks her to carry out the strike during their next meeting. Although Adilah promises that she will lure Imogen out to a safe spot for the murder, she asks for someone else to commit the act, as she is not comfortable. This is probably because the woman knows that if the murder plan fails, she will still be close enough to Imogen to act friendly and extract more information. When the situation comes, her decision turns out to be the correct one, as the man responsible for killing the MI6 agent actually fails, for Imogen spots him in time and takes Adilah hostage.

The two women drive away from Paris, and Imogen eventually proposes her plan of sending Yasmina to England, but only after Adilah tells her about the terrorist ship, which gets the latter all riled up. She tries to justify the terrorist attack, claiming that the Americans had invaded the lands of her people numerous times, causing similar levels of death, suffering, and destruction as the bomb would cause. On the other side, Imogen questions Adilah’s concern for her daughter, trying to suggest that she actually does not care for the girl as much as she states. In the process, it is suggested that Imogen, too, had a child—possibly still has one—but her life as an international spy and agent hardly lets her be a mother. 

At the end of the episode, Adilah talks about how she hardly ever had any choice in life with regards to being associated with ISIS, and she also states that Imogen would have also cared very little about the lives of enemies if she were in her position. This makes the protagonist tremendously angry, possibly because the statement might be true, and her involvement in this whole mission, at least partly, was out of her determination to learn about what happened to her father. Although she starts to drive away from the gas station, abandoning Adilah at the spot, Imogen quickly gives the French woman one last chance to go with her and help Yasmina in the process. Although it is not directly shown, the ending surely suggests that Adilah will side with Imogen and will possibly give her the details about the ship carrying the bomb. How the ship would be intercepted and whether the terrorist attack could be stopped will finally be revealed in next week’s finale episode.

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