‘The Vince Staples Show’ Ending Explained & Series Summary: Is It Based On A True Story?


Directed by William Stefan Smith and Calmatic, The Vince Staples Show is the latest Netflix comedy series where we get to witness the real-life rapper play himself on the screen. It’s a goofy and weird comedy that takes us through a bizarre series of events where Vince Staples finds himself stuck in different situations, and he tries to find a way out of them. So, let’s find out what kind of conflicts the rapper has to face and if he is able to overcome them.

Spoiler Alert

Is it based on a true story? 

At the beginning of the series, a disclaimer is given, stating that The Vince Staples Show is a work of fiction. But it could be safely assumed that the series is a culmination of the experiences that Vince Staples had in his life, and it could be said through it, that he tries to make us privy to the various conflicts faced by the African American community living in the US. Staples brings forth a fictionalized version of himself on screen, and through his satirical and sometimes absurd narrative, he touches upon various social issues that have plagued the nation. The makers tell us how the African American community becomes a victim of institutionalized racism, and it becomes even worse when the members of their own community play a role in it. The series tells us how prevalent gun violence is and how it takes the lives of so many innocent people in the country. I would have to say here that though the show makes a promising start, it is not able to harp upon its potential, and in the end, it becomes an underwhelming affair. We have to give full marks to the makers for their effort to create something unique, but I believe the series could have been much more impactful than it is.

Why was Vince behind bars? 

At the beginning of The Vince Staples Show, we saw that the police arrested him as he was over-speeding, and they believed him to be responsible for the recent shootings that had shaken the entire beach town where he was staying. Four people got injured, and one person was shot dead, and the authorities were adamant about finding evidence that could prove that Vince was behind it. They kept him in the cell, where a lot of inmates recognized him as a famous rapper. One of the inmates tried convincing him to hear his song and work with him, but Vince was too stressed to listen to him. Vince met a guy called Poke who had preconceived notions about the man, and before the former could even utter a word, Poke believed that he was his enemy. Vince tried convincing him, but all his efforts went in vain, as the man just wanted to take revenge at all costs. One of the policemen was also his fan, and he took him out of his cell to have a conversation with him. Vince called his mom and asked her to get him out of jail, but she very blatantly told him that she would not do any such things as he needed to take responsibility for his actions. Vince, at the end of the first episode, was released from jail as the authorities weren’t able to find any conclusive evidence against him. Vince went back to his home, and when his partner asked him how his day went, he very casually replied that it was very boring. It felt like it wasn’t a big deal for him, and even his family wasn’t surprised by the fact that the man had been put behind bars. 

Did Vince get a loan from the bank? 

In The Vince Staples Show episode 2, we saw that the rapper had an idea to start his own business and wanted to execute it as he wanted to become a successful entrepreneur. He knew that he needed some capital to start his business, but he didn’t have that sort of money. So, he went to the bank to ask for a loan, but as soon as the manager heard his business idea, he rejected his request. The bank manager told him that the bank didn’t have any trust in artists, and they would have lent him money if he had some noble profession. Before Vince could leave the premises, a few robbers entered the bank and ordered everybody to stay where they were. The most hilarious thing happened when Vince realized that he knew the robbers, and actually, the one leading them was a good friend of his. Amidst the robbery, while everybody else was stressed out, these two gentlemen stood there having all sorts of small talk. Vince decided that, like a true Samaritan, he would help his friend get money from the bank locker. He struck a deal with the bank manager and then went and figured out the lock combination to open the vault where all the money was kept. To their dismay, this was not the first time the bank was attacked by robbers on that day. Some criminals had already robbed the bank, and there was no money left in the vault. Vince told his friend that he could let two hostages out at a time since he had seen something like that in a movie. Vince had already told the manager that if he wanted to come out of there alive, he would have to give him the loan. But as soon as Vince and the manager came out of the bank, the police shot the manager dead because he had not raised his hands even when they were constantly shouting to do so. Vince’s dream to start his own business also went down the drain, and he went back to being a rapper. 

What happened during the family get-together? 

Vince felt like his family just wanted to take advantage of his success, and he was not very happy about it. His partner, Deja, was also in a bit of a fix because she didn’t know how to deal with Vince’s mother. Deja felt like whatever she did, Anita would always find a flaw in it and belittle her for not knowing anything. She confronted the woman and told her that since they were going to be around each other all the time, they needed to resolve their conflicts. Anita was always on the edge, but Deja’s words did make her understand, to some extent, that whatever she was doing was not right. Meanwhile, Vince got some words of wisdom from his uncle, who told him that he was judging his family members wrongly. He told him that though they seemed like a greedy bunch of people, in reality, they were proud of the fact that whatever he had been able to achieve in his life, and God forbid anything happened to him, they would always be there to support him. 

How did Vince save himself from the white boy? 

During The Vince Staples Show‘s ending, the rapper was called to his alma mater to give a speech and tell the kids about his journey so that they could feel inspired by it. Nobody was interested in listening to him, and then after he was done, a boy came up to him and told him that his father went to school with him. The boy told Vince that they were not exactly friends, and he referred to his father as White Boy. As soon as Vince came out of the school, White Boy saw him and fired shots at him. The chase began, and Vince ran into his neighborhood to save his life. White Boy lost Vince, and he was almost about to give up on the chase when, once again, Vince appeared in front of him. In the end, Vince was able to get the better of him, and he killed White Boy. Vince went back to his home, and once again, the same series of events happened. His wife asked him how his day was and if he wanted to have something. The only thing that changed this time was that Vince was actually guilty of murdering a man.

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