‘The Watchful Eye’ Ending, Explained: Who Killed Alice Greybourne? Will There Be A Season 2?


The final episode of “The Watchful Eye” proves that deceit runs deep in the Greybourne family. Elena believed in Matthew’s innocence, and she was shocked by his sudden arrest. Her plan to extort money from Charlotte Ivey came to a pause as a result of the family crisis. Elena’s mother, Ronnie, is back in her life, and she demands entry into Elena’s plan. Even though she was initially hesitant, Elena decided to pay Ronnie to keep her out of her and Teo’s life. James reveals his psychopathic nature as his truth surfaces. Even though “The Watchful Eye” episode 10 brings it all together, it was rushed and unsatisfying. 

Spoilers Ahead

The Watchful Eye’ Plot Summary: What Is The Series About?

Elena Santos started working as a nanny at the Greybourne building. Over time, she managed to develop a beautiful relationship with Matthew Ward’s son, Jasper. Jasper had completely shut off after the sudden death of his mother, Alice. Whenever she got time off from her job, she secretly searched for a ruby in the building that her boyfriend and policeman, Scott, had informed her about. Scott and Elena intended to run away once they found the ruby. While Elena was unsuccessful in finding the ruby, she came across controversial family secrets. She learned that Alistair Greybourne, father of Charlotte Ivey, had an affair with her nanny, Jocelyn Morrow. Jocelyn’s ghost often visited Elena, further intriguing her interest in the entire case. She came across several love letters addressed to Alistair, where Jocelyn mentioned her “precious jewel.” Elena initially believed that maybe Jocelyn had the jewel, and it was later passed on to Otis Winthrop. Elena searched Winthrop’s apartment, but she could not find the ruby she was looking for. 

One night, when the power of the entire building went off, Elena and her nanny friends conducted a seance, and Elena asked Jocelyn about the ruby. Initially, she could not figure out the code that Jocelyn indicated, but later when she followed Jocelyn to the chamber, she figured out that Jocelyn wanted her to check the sixth step of the chamber staircase. She came across a bag with letters and documents. Amidst all the papers, Elena discovered the birth certificate of Ruby Greybourne with the help of which she found that Jocelyn Morrow and Alistair Greybourne were Ruby’s parents. Jocelyn wanted to protect her baby and planned on running away with Alistair, but his wife, Iris, found out about their plan and did everything in her capacity to stop them. Her brother, Otis, pushed Jocelyn through the window, and he went on to kill Alistair. Iris adopted their baby and named her Charlotte. Elena connected the dots and realized that she truly had a gem on her hands. She decided to extract money from Charlotte Ivey in exchange for the birth certificate. Though later, when she realized how Charlotte had suffered her entire life, she decided to abandon her plan. But the sudden interference of her mother and Teo forced her to return to her original plan. In the meantime, Matthew was arrested for the murder of Alice Greybourne. 

Who Was James Working For? 

James locked Alex in his storeroom after they found Elena and Morgan’s phones under his bed. Kim figured out something was wrong, and she contacted Ginny to find out the truth. Since Alex had shared their location with Kim, she knew that they were at James’ apartment. Kim was flying back home, but she needed Ginny to break into James’ apartment to find Alex. Meanwhile, Charlotte Ivey asked for more time to arrange the money Elena wanted. Just when Elena was discussing the change in plan with her mother, she was kidnapped. When Elena came to her senses, she realized that it was James who had kidnapped her. Alex screamed for help the moment they realized that there was someone else in the room with James. Later, Ginny knocked at his door, and as James unlatched the door, Roman forced his way into the apartment. Roman tackled James, and Elena held a gun at him. Everything that James had carefully built for months had fallen apart. 

James realized that he could earn a lot more than he did as a manny if he used the information Morgan provided him about the Greybourne family. Even though he had ruined Morgan’s life by working for the Greybournes, he had no regrets. From stealing Elena’s phone to torturing Dick Ayres, James was involved in the entire mess. It seemed a little too unbelievable that a businessman like Otis Winthrop had only one man to take care of his dirty business. Nonetheless, he went on to reveal that Charlotte Ivey was responsible for the death of Alice Greybourne. Charlotte felt threatened when Allie wanted to include a branch of the family that was cut off a long time back (Scott and his family). Charlotte knew that there would be an evaluation of the legitimacy of every family member if she made changes, and she wanted to avoid that. When Elena threatened to reveal her secret, Charlotte wanted her to be handled as well. Elena could have suffered the same fate as Morgan, but fortunately, Ginny and Roman stepped in at the right moment.

Who Killed Alice Ward Greybourne? 

Elena spilled the entire truth to Tory in exchange for five million dollars. Tory was the only Greybourne who cared about Matthew and believed in his innocence. After discovering Charlotte Ivey’s truth, Elena knew that Tory would be interested in knowing it. Tory confronted Charlotte about it, and she realized that there was no point in concealing the truth. Charlotte admitted that she was threatened by Alice and wanted her to give up on her plan. Dick Ayres was ready to take the job, and he went over and beyond to impress Charlotte. He was asked to only scare her, but he instead pushed her to her death. Charlotte wanted Tory to believe that she had never intended for Alice to die, but it was all too late now. By poisoning his drink, Tory forced Dick to confess the truth in exchange for an antidote. Dick explained that he was desperate to win a seat on the council, and he went to extreme lengths to make it possible. He drugged Alice, and she started to have visions that ultimately pushed her to the edge. Dick had hoped that she would be sent to a mental health facility, but that never happened. He watched her jump off the building, and he did not stop her. Hector, the doorman, had seen Dick that night looking out of Alice’s window. Dick paid him for months to maintain silence, but his demands started to grow. He killed Hector, silencing him forever. Charlotte was disappointed in Dick for the consecutive deaths, but they were relieved that the threat was gone. But then came Elena; they noticed that she was snooping around, and Dick tried different ways to trick her, but it all failed. Tory gave Dick the antidote after he confessed the entire truth, though the moment she sensed pride in his voice for what he had done, she started to rethink her decision. 

‘The Watchful Eye’ Ending Explained: How Did Darcy Prove Matthew Guilty?

In episode 9, it was Darcy who found out the shocking evidence against Matthew that ultimately led to his arrest. Later, we learn that Alice had written a suicide note that stated that if anything ever happened to her, one must assume that Matthew was involved. It was strange, considering that Darcy found the evidence on the laptop, yet it was a letter that she handed over to the police. Unknowingly, Elliott found the last piece of the puzzle. While writing a letter to Darcy, he noticed the trash bin in the attic room. He went through it and found papers that had Allie’s name written over and over again. He wondered why Darcy was practicing writing Allie’s name, but Darcy refused to answer his question. She insulted him and pushed him away from her. Elliott realized that what he had found was important, and he handed it over to Elena. Darcy had written the letter that she had submitted to the police. We can assume that she came across evidence that implicated her father, and she decided to do whatever was necessary to protect him. She targeted Matthew since he was an outsider. 

By the time Elena went to inform Tory about the fake evidence submitted by Darcy, it was too late. Tory had stabbed Dick multiple times after he tried to establish that he pushed Allie to the edge for Tory. Tory was envious of her sister, but she had never wished for her death. She ended up murdering Dick out of anger and frustration. It seems Elena will help Tory to cover up Dick’s murder, but will she discuss the mess Darcy made? The investigation into Allie’s murder was not an active one, so why did Darcy suddenly decide to hand over evidence, especially after learning that her father was involved? We can only assume that she believed her father would be left unharmed after Matthew’s arrest. Darcy had always been protective of her family, and she decided to protect her family’s secret, even if that meant accusing someone else of murder. Meanwhile, Scott now has the birth certificate, and it looks like he is willing to work with Ronnie to get money out of it.

What To Expect In ‘The Watchful Eye’ Season 2?

The truth has now spread like wildfire, and Charlotte will surely struggle to contain it. Otis Winthrop seems to be the man in charge, but did he ever not wonder why Charlotte was so hell-bent on teaching Allie, Dick, and even Elena a lesson? Otis Winthrop will benefit the most if he ever finds out about Charlotte’s truth, and it is strange that he never tried to get to the bottom of what he was dealing with. While season two of “The Watchful Eye” is not confirmed yet, we hope that it will address all the doubts. Since the series ends with a sort of cliffhanger (we do not know what Elena will decide), we can expect a second season. Elena and Tory might work together to free Matthew from prison and expose Charlotte’s secret since they are pretty much on the same team now. Will Charlotte manage to keep it all a secret? We can only hope that the characters in season two will have the depth that they were majorly lacking in the first season. 

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