‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 3: Recap And Ending, Explained: How Did Elena Plan to Find the Jewel?


The search for the ruby continues, and Elena is hellbent on finding the key to the safe in the basement room. After realizing that she had met Jocelyn’s ghost in “The Watchful Eye” Episode 2, Elena wanted to run away, but Scott made it clear that they could only leave the country after finding the jewel. Even though she loved him, whether or not he was worthy of her trust remains a mystery. Elena’s search for the ruby brings to light other possible secrets at the Greybourne in episode 3 of “The Watchful Eye.”

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Ginny and Her Friends Clean Elena’s Room? What Did Elena Find in Tory’s Room?

Elena struggled to think straight after she realized that the building was haunted. It troubled her all the more that she was staying in the same room as Jocelyn, who ended up committing suicide. She was so obsessed with Jocelyn that she saw her in her dreams. The room felt suffocating, and she could feel pressure in her neck. She expressed her concern to Scott, but he was not ready to allow a ghost to sabotage his plan. He insisted that Elena continue the search. Even though they are lovers, Scott’s authoritative position allows him to control Elena, and she cannot say no to him. She decided to search for the key to the safe in Tory’s apartment. As she entered the building, she noticed that Tory and her husband were leaving for a short trip. It was the best time to search around the house and find the key. When Darcy stated that she would be watching films while her parents were away, Elena showed interest in joining her along with Elliot. It was the perfect plan, but Ginny had something else in mind.

When Elena discussed with Ginny about Jocelyn and her fear that the building was haunted, Ginny called her other nanny friends to cleanse the room. The girls, along with James, came down to help Elena cope with the stress. He apologized to Elena for his behavior and explained that he could not discuss Morgan’s experience since she had signed an NDA before leaving her job as the Wards’ nanny. Elena knew that an NDA meant that something bad had surely occurred that the family wanted to keep a secret. While Elena was glad that she had the support of her nanny friends and that they cared enough to come to her room to cleanse it of spirits, she was missing out on the opportunity of entering Tory’s apartment.

After finding the right opportunity, Elena left her room and went down to Tory’s apartment. Elliot was happy and high; he had finally kissed Darcy, and he was thankful to Elena for coming up with the plan. He added that Tory and her husband were returning, and the girls needed help cleaning the apartment. While Darcy wanted to lay low and watch a film, Bennett had her friends over for a party. Elena called her friends from the attic, and they all helped the two sisters clean up the place before their parents came in. Elena used the opportunity to her best advantage and went through the documents stored in Tory’s room. She came across a brochure for the building that had pictures of Alistair Greybourne and Otis Winthrop.

During the cleansing ceremony, James mentioned that he did not find it strange that Elena had come across a ghost since the Greybourne building was built in a neighborhood (called Foxhill Village) that was burned down years ago, and the entire incident was covered up. In the brochure, it was mentioned that the Greybourne building was built on ashes and that it symbolized the American Dream. What caught Elena’s eye was that the two men in the brochure were wearing the same eye motif that she found on the basement wall.

Did Elena Find The Key To The Safe?

Elena took a close look at the painting in the lobby. The presence of the key in the painting had always intrigued her, and she believed that there must be a secret hidden behind it. She tried to take the painting off the wall, and as she tried to do so, she noticed the eye motif in the frame of the painting. She pressed it, and a key emerged from behind her. She took the key straight to the basement safe and unlocked it. She found a metal case in it. She hoped with all her heart that it was the ruby, but instead, she found a bunch of letters. She took the letters to her room in the attic and read them. The letters seemed to be written by Jocelyn, and they were addressed to Alistair Greybourne. She expressed her love for him and hoped that one day they would live in a world where they could live openly as lovers. She wondered if the kids she looked after would ever be hers, clearly indicating that she hoped for him to take her as his wife someday.

The letters mentioned a jewel that she kept safe, further growing Elena’s interest. Jocelyn begged Alistair not to send Otis to meet her because she could never trust him. Elena stopped reading the letters and instead fetched a bag from under her bed. She pulled out a folder labeled “Salazar,” which consisted of documents relating to the purchase of an automobile garage after it was declared bankrupt in 2016. The garage belonged to Mr. Salazar, and it was bought by Otis Winthrop III. After analyzing the documents, she held a jacket close to her. Her affection for “Mr. Salazar” indicates that he must have been an integral part of her life (probably her father), and perhaps he was her reason for agreeing to enter the Greybourne building.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 3: Ending Explained – How Did Elena Plan to Find the Jewel?

Scott laughed at the letters Elena collected, but she believed that the letters had a deeper meaning. Jocelyn talked about a plan that Otis told her that Alistair wanted to execute, but she could not trust Otis at all. Elena concluded that since Otis Winthrop III was the CEO of the Greybourne Cooperation, chances were that his grandfather was behind Jocelyn’s murder. She clearly was scared of the guy, and he must have taken advantage of Alistair and Jocelyn’s situation. Jocelyn mentioned that she would always keep the jewel safe with her and that it would belong to him forever. Therefore, Elena concluded that maybe Jocelyn did not hand over the treasure (the jewel) to Otis, and that is why he killed her and got hold of it. To find the ruby, she had to find out where Otis Winthrop III lived.

As she looked closely at her letters, we got a glimpse of all that Jocelyn tried to express. She spoke about the shame she brought to the Greybourne family, especially his wife. She discussed how she could not trust anyone, including his wife and Otis, with their treasure. She added that Alistair could not hide the treasure as he had hidden her. Is the treasure Jocelyn mentions in the letters the ruby or something closer to the couple? Was Jocelyn pregnant during her relationship with Alistair, and did that lead to her confinement?

At the end of “The Watchful Eye” Episode 3, we get to know that the new doorman, Roman, was Elena’s recommendation. By having someone close to her as the doorman, she could access the basement anytime she wanted. Roman mentioned that he owed his life to her father; therefore, unlike her mother, Elena’s father must have been on the good side. During their conversation, Roman mentioned that the man who walked past them was Mr. Winthrop, a grumpy old man who only smiled when his grandkids were around. He continues to live in the building, and his daughter and her family (the Chans) live in his old apartment. Ginny worked for the Chans, and Elena knew she would not have a problem finding her way into that apartment. Since Elena believed that Otis Winthrop had stolen the jewel, she was confident that it had been passed down through his family and must now be with the Chans. Meanwhile, Morgan agreed to meet her and discuss her past. With the Chans and Morgan, Elena made major breakthroughs in the almost impossible task.

Episode 3 of “The Watchful Eye” is full of surprises. We are yet to know Elena’s real motive behind entering the building since it seems her father might have had a past with the Greybourne Cooperation. Scott continues to be a questionable person. A detective going against the law to find ruby and elope does not seem very convincing. Was Scott commissioned to find the ruby by someone influential? Or did he share a past with the family? The treasure or the jewel Jocelyn constantly mentions in her letters can literally be a jewel (ruby), or it could be her way of describing her baby. There is no end to the complexities that “The Watchful Eye” introduces, and hopefully, the entire puzzle will be solved by taking into account all the details.

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