‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 4: Recap And Ending, Explained: Was Matthew Involved In Allie’s Death?


After discovering the letters in the basement in “The Watchful Eye” Episode 3, Elena was determined to snoop around the Chans’ apartment to find any relevant clue pointing to the ruby. She assumed that because Jocelyn had mentioned how Otis Winthrop had taken the jewel from her and promised to protect it at all costs, it must still be in possession of the Winthrop family to this day. In “The Watchful Eye” Episode 4 she sought help from Ginny to get into the Chans’ apartment. Ginny assumed Elena’s interest in touring the apartment was innocent, but when she noticed Elena go through the cupboards, she did not take it well. She expected transparency from Elena, and her trust was broken. Elena blamed it on her silly curiosity, but Ginny could not forgive her. While searching the Chans’ apartment was futile, she did get some important information from the previous nanny, Morgan.

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Elena And Ronnie

Elena’s mother, Ronnie, was in prison for forgery. She was supposed to be released on parole if her children spoke on behalf of her good behavior. Elena was not ready to accept her mother back into her life. She refused to write letters for her freedom and wanted her to remain in prison as long as she worked to find the jewel. She knew that her mother would destroy the smooth execution of her plan. Unable to find help from her daughter, Ronnie sought help from her son, Theo. Theo lived at a boarding facility, and he was desperate to go back home. Since Elena was the one who enrolled him at the school and got him a scholarship, he knew that she would not be ready to take him home. So, he decided to write in favor of his mother and leave school with her help.

Elena was furious when she got to know that Ronnie had contacted Theo. She confronted Ronnie in prison. Ronnie was confident that she would be released on parole, and she blamed Elena for her misery. Since Elena testified to all of Ronnie’s crimes and involvements in court, she could not forgive her. In “The Watchful Eye” Episode 3, it was revealed that Elena’s father had sold his garage to the Greybornes; it is further clarified that her father was not in favor of selling it to them. He was forced to let go of the garage when it caught fire. The fire was also said to have been planned by the Greybourne family. With the help of Scott, Ronnie’s parole was delayed. Elena was glad to hear the news, but Theo could not bear the sadness of it.

Elena and Morgan

Morgan met Elena at the park. She was paranoid about being spotted by the Greybournes. She sat on the bench next to Elena and stated that she was always being watched. She still cared about Jasper but asked Elena not to mention her to him because she had signed an NDA and was legally not supposed to be there. After Morgan signed the NDA, the Greybournes found her a job and got her an apartment at the Hilderbrand. Elena asked Morgan if she had been in a relationship with Matthew. Morgan scoffed at it; she added that Matthew was a nice, innocent man who did not deserve to be wrongfully doubted.

Morgan shared a beautiful relationship with Allie, but Allie was unwell during the time. She used to see things and people who were not there in reality. She always felt that people were watching her whenever she stepped out of the house. Nobody believed in Allie, and she was simply said to be sick. The Greybournes wanted the problem (Allie) to be gone. They used their lawyer to clean up their messes, and that is what they did with Morgan. While discussing Allie, Morgan was taken by a sudden fear. She stated that there were people watching her and that it would be better for her to leave. Before walking away, she wrote down the name of the lawyer—he was Victor Marcato.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Ending Explained: Was Matthew Involved In Allie’s Death?

When Elena noticed Matthew struggling with arranging Allie’s clothes for charity, she offered to help. Elena called Ginny to the apartment and offered to pay half her extra cash if she was ready to assist her. Ginny was happy with the offer and asked Elena never to lie to her because that was something she could not tolerate. Elena promised to remain honest with Ginny; after all, she was her only friend in the building. While packing Allie’s clothes, they came across an envelope, and inside was Matthew and Allie’s divorce document. It was Matthew who had petitioned for the divorce, but Allie was the only one who signed it. Therefore, before committing suicide, Allie and Matthew were planning to get a divorce, even though nobody ever spoke about it. Elena kept the document with her.

Matthew was pleased with Elena’s work and offered to have dinner with her, to which she readily agreed. There was smoke when Matthew overcooked a dish, but strangely, the smoke alarm did not go off. When Elena checked the alarm, she discovered that micro-cameras were hidden in it. There were cameras all around the house, reminding Elena of how Morgan had discussed being watched all the time. She believed that it must have been Tory who installed the cameras because she was the one who knew Elena was in the apartment, even though she was not informed about it. She assumed Matthew to be innocent because he was searching for the batteries of the smoke alarm, thinking that the batteries were the reason why it did not ring. Elena left the apartment; she now knew that every step of hers was being monitored by someone. She discussed the case with Roman, and they decided it would be best to consult Morgan about it. When Elena called Morgan, she learned that her phone was no longer in service. She went ahead to her apartment building and discovered that the building was closed off and evacuated for demolition. Morgan was impossible to reach now, and Elena wondered if it was because she dared to speak about the Greybournes. Elena requested that Scott file a missing person’s report, but he felt that it was unnecessary because it had not been 24 hours since she had disappeared. He asked Elena to stop poking around unnecessarily because that could land them in serious trouble. Scott and Elena were not on the same page, so she decided to leave. The next morning, after discussing the surveillance cameras with the nannies, she came up with the idea of keeping an eye on those she doubted. She fixed a tracking device inside the bag Tory had handed over to Roman for repair. Elena was now playing the same game with them.

Elena attended a Greybourne Corporation event with Jasper that morning. The Winthrops announced that Matthew Ward was coming in-house as his firm, Ward and Brickman, became an official subsidiary of the Greybourne Corporation. Elena could not believe that Matthew was joining forces with the Greybourne; she had assumed him to be different, but what if he was involved in Allie’s death since he was the one who clearly benefited the most from it? When Elena reached home with Jasper, she found Matthew with a man whom Jasper referred to as his mother’s friend. It turns out that the friend is none other than Scott, Elena’s partner in crime. Was Scott involved in covering up the truth behind Allie’s death? Did he and Matthew plan something together? Or was it the complete opposite? Scott always doubted Matthew and did not like Elena’s closeness with him. Maybe Allie told him the truth about Matthew? Also, was Allie the one who discussed the ruby with Scott? There seems to be no end to the twists and turns in “The Watchful Eye.”

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