‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 5: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Was Allie And Scott’s Relationship?


A few questions are finally answered in episode 5 of “The Watchful Eye.” In the last episode, we found out that Scott and Allie knew each other before she committed suicide. Their relationship is further discussed in the new episode, which explains the reason behind Scott’s desperation. Matthew struggles to find the right way to spend Allie’s birthday, and Elena helps him figure out what would be best for Jasper. While the ruby is nowhere to be seen, Elena continues to be hopeful about finding it.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Was Matthew Working With The Winthrop Family? What Was His Relationship With Tory?

Elena had started to trust Matthew, and the fact that he agreed to work with the Wintrops did not sit well with her. She wondered why he chose to agree to the terms and conditions of the Greybourne Corporation even after knowing how problematic they were. Of course, Elena had her own personal reason to hate the Greybournes as much as she did. But Matthew was practical; there were passion projects that he needed funding for, and the Greybournes had helped him with them. He believed all developers have a history of corruption, and the Greybourne Corporation was no different. Also, Otis Winthrop is his relative, so it was not too strange that he chose to merge his company with the Greybourne Corporation.

While Elena did have reasons to be upset with Matthew, she helped him when he was struggling to make up his mind about Allie’s birthday. After losing his garage to the Greybournes, Elena’s father committed suicide, and her mother had been mostly secretive about her emotions and preferred not to discuss the loss of their father. Her mother’s behavior had affected Elena negatively, and she believed that Jasper would experience the same if Matthew ignored the loss of Allie. Instead, it was important that they celebrate her and do all the things that Jasper always used to do on his mother’s birthday. From watching jellyfish to blowing out the candle on a confetti cupcake, they did it all.

Allie’s birthday brought Matthew and Tory closer. Apart from being his sister-in-law, we learn that they used to be together at some point in time. But when Allie announced that she was dating Matthew, Tory knew that their relationship was over. This explains why Tory was protective of Matthew and secretly went through his pictures. He was her lost love, and maybe she never really got over him. But on Allie’s birthday, they got together to celebrate Allie since losing her was not easy for both of them. We also find out that Otis and Tory used to be together. Maybe their relationship did not end on the right note, considering how panicked Tory looked when Dick announced that Otis had invited him to join the Greybourne Board of Council.

What Did Elena Find in the Attic?

There was a secret spot in the attic that Jasper and Allie knew about, but Jasper refused to share the details with Elena. She was curious, wondering if that was the spot where the jewel was hidden. She asked Ginny to buy her cupcakes so that she could have the attic to herself. While she initially focused on a crucial document she had laid her hands on, she was soon distracted by a marble that came rolling to her doorstep. She tried to find the source of it and came across a door with steps leading to it. Underneath the steps, she noticed a playing card. When she pulled it out, she realized that it was hollow underneath the stair. She pulled up the stairs, and to her surprise, it was a secret passage. As she walked in, she came across a room where a woman was playing piano. She soon realized that maybe that was the passage that Jocelyn used when she was having an affair with Alistair, and since he used to live in the apartment where Mrs. Ivey now lived, she assumed that the woman playing the piano must have been her.

Meanwhile, Ginny is doubtful of Elena. She has a tendency to try too hard to make those around her like her, and that is the sole reason why she goes out of her way to help Elena. But she knew that Elena was far from an honest friend, especially after finding out about her and Scott. Ginny had noticed Scott when Elena went to the back of the bar to meet him, and when she saw them together again in the hallway, she knew something was up. Elena was not someone who liked discussing her life, but when she realized it would be futile to lie about her relationship with Scott, she admitted that she was seeing him.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 5: Ending Explained: What Were Allie And Scott’s Relationship? What Did Elena See In The Basement Room?

Elena doubted Scott from the minute she saw him in the same room with Matthew. She had learned from Jasper that Scott was his mother’s friend, and she was enraged that he never cared to discuss it with her. So, she decided to pretend to mend ties with him and sneak into his apartment and find any clue that could explain his relationship with Allie. After going through his belongings, she came across an envelope that consisted of Allie’s coroner’s report. It was simply strange that he was carrying her report, further raising Elena’s suspicion, and she brought the report with her to her room.

Later, she confronted him, asking him for an explanation. Scott was reluctant about sharing his story but when he realized that he might lose Elena in the process, he gave up and stated that Allie was his cousin, and therefore he was a Greybourne. His grandmother and her brother had a falling out, and after involving lawyers, they ended up getting removed from the family trust. The Greybournes were unaware of what had happened to the family they removed from the trust. Scott’s mother turned into a bitter person after realizing that she was denied what she should have rightfully inherited. Scott wanted to give back what his mother deserved, and he sought Allie’s help to do it. While he was relying on Allie to solve his problem, she ended up dying. He could not trust anyone else to bring justice to his family because he believed that the truth had killed Allie.

When he came across Elena at the station, he realized that she had reasons to hate the Greybournes, and together they could work on his plan to steal the ruby and escape the country. Scott promised that his love for Elena was not fake and that the only truth that he had kept from her all along was now on the table. Elena, too, wanted to come clean, so she took Scott to the basement room. But upon entering the room, she saw that the wallpaper, table, chairs, paintings, and chest were all gone. The room was completely empty, and Elena was frantically looking for ways to make Scott believe her. Scott started to trust her when they came across a board that consisted of pictures of Elena and her brother, Teo. The pictures were obviously taken by someone who was spying on Elena, and it was their way of threatening her not to get too close to the truth. They already knew that her weakness was her younger brother, Teo, and they wanted her to believe that he would be harmed if she dared to do anything beyond her job.

The eyes are always watching, and clearly, they are on Elena now. Of course, it is strange that there were no pictures of Elena and Scott, considering that they have met in public a number of times. Just like Scott seems untrustworthy, Matthew also cannot be considered completely innocent since he has always found a way to become a Greybourne. Also, Allie was supposed to discuss Scott’s case with someone (him), and she ended up dead. Was she supposed to have a word with Otis Winthrop? Or was it Matthew that she shared the secret with? While all these are mere speculations, a lot is yet to unfold in “The Watchful Eye.”

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