‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 6: Recap And Ending, Explained: What Happens To Dick Ayres?


Even after six episodes, “The Watchful Eye” has barely made any progress. With a logically flawed script and mediocre performances at best, it surely is turning out to be a series not worth remembering. Even after learning that there are “eyes” watching anyone suspicious in and around the Greybourne building, Elena continues to snoop around like an amateur. The way she hopes to find a ruby randomly lying in a room is laughable. “The Watchful Eye” tries really hard to build suspense and bring in the elements of thrill and horror, but unfortunately, none of that works. It all seems too superficial and just badly executed. Episode 6 of “The Watchful Eye” is another slowly built episode with the same amateur snooping around.

Spoilers Ahead

Save New York Gala: How Did Elena Manage to Enter the Party?

The gala was organized by the Greybourne Foundation, and Mrs. Ivey was the guest of honor for the night. Elena was intrigued when she noticed the wax seal that had the exact symbol that she saw in the basement room. She wanted to attend the gala because she believed she must get to know the people who were after her and her brother. Scott had promised to protect Teo, but she wanted to be a step ahead of those who threatened her. She had no idea what she was up against, and the gala was the best way for her to get to know the Winthrops. Roman wondered if Scott was involved as well, considering he, too, had kept a secret from Elena. But Elena was convinced that Scott would not scare her since it would not benefit him in any way. Roman was unsure about Matthew as well, but Elena was confident that he only worked with the Winthrops for business and not because he was fond of them. She believed Otis Winthrop was the mastermind, making it all the more important for her to attend the party.

When Ginny informed Elena that the Chans were sick and would not be able to attend the party, Elena proposed that they use their invitations. Ginny was not on board at first, but her need to please Elena got the better of her. Even though she knew that it was a risky business, she decided to get the invitations and have a fun night. While Elena was away attending the gala, she asked Roman to sneak into Mrs. Ivey’s apartment to find the ruby. She showed him the secret passage that led to her room. Roman was scared to follow through with the plan, but he decided to do it for Elena. While Roman had a lot of snooping around to do, he decided to spend a few hours with Bennet. Roman was aware of how dangerous it was to feel romantically for a tenant, but he felt an instant connection with Bennet that he simply could not ignore.

What Did Elena Notice At The Party?

Dressed in 1920s gowns, Elena and Ginny entered the gala. Elena hoped to remain unidentified under the mask she was wearing, but it did not take Matthew much time to figure it all out. He was quite impressed with Elena’s talent, knowing how impossible it was to enter such events. Elena requested that he maintain his silence, and he promised not to share the truth with a soul. Meanwhile, Tory’s husband, Dick, was missing from the entire event. It was strange, considering how excited he was to join the Greybourne Board of Council after he was invited by Otis Winthrop. Elena overheard Otis talking with his men about “someone” overstepping and how they needed to take care of it. Later, she overheard him talking with Tory about Dick and how important the gala night was to him. It was evident that Tory and Otis did not share a pleasant relationship after their breakup. Was Otis trying to take advantage of Dick, knowing how desperate he was to prove that he could also be a Greybourne?

Otis took Matthew aside and stressed the importance of his vote in making a board decision. Matthew made it known that he did not care about politics and would make a decision that would benefit his son. Matthew was not happy about the situation he was in, and he was ready to leave it all because of the discomfort he felt. Clearly, the Greybournes were up to something, but what was it? Elena followed Otis Winthrop to find out the truth. She went downstairs and followed the grunting noise she heard. She witnessed two men in masks hitting and punching Dick Ayres. A man came from behind, covered Elena’s mouth, and took her away from the room. The man turned out to be Scott; he followed Elena to protect her, knowing well enough that there would be strange occurrences at the event. Elena was tired of Scott arriving at places he asked her to avoid. She could not trust him and decided to end their relationship.

The most important question that arises is: why did Otis want to get rid of Dick? Dick was never a man of great character; thus, the only possibility is that Dick learned of some secret that he wanted to use to his advantage, and it backfired. Was Tory in any way involved in it? Tory was not proud of her husband, and when Dick mentioned that he was to be declared a member of the board, she seemed to be concerned and aware that something bad might happen. Was it simply because she knew the kind of man Otis was, or was she involved in the plan? Tory seems to be too invested in Matthew, and maybe her love for him never dissolved, something that makes one wonder whether love had a role to play in the chaos.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 6: Ending Explained: Did Roman Find The Ruby? What Happened To Elena’s Phone?

Bennet was surprised when Roman decided to leave after making love to her. She questioned whether she was at fault, but he assured her that he was leaving to attend to a family emergency. But Bennet knew he was lying when she noticed the elevator going up to the attic. Roman searched Mrs. Ivey’s house, but of course, the ruby was nowhere to be found, and when he left the apartment, he was greeted by both Bennet and Elena in the attic. Elena and Bennet returned from the party and wanted to know about the ruby, and Bennett was curious to find out what kept Roman in the attic. She was confident that Elena and Roman were together, and she wanted them to admit it. Roman was about to confess the truth when Elena interrupted him and revealed that she had hooked up with Roman a few times. Bennet was upset and left. Roman realized the trouble he could be in, and he was not ready to lose it all for a ruby that could not be found. He was also a little taken aback by how Elena had changed after living with the Greybournes.

Meanwhile, Elena couldn’t find her phone after leaving it at the party’s reception. She got to know that someone else had collected her phone, and she was extremely troubled by it. Ginny was furious when she returned from the party. She was tired of Elena’s behavior, and it was because of her that she was in trouble. Tory discovered at the reception that Ginny had entered the party using the Chans’ invitations. Ginny accused Elena of being self-absorbed, for which she could lose her job. Elena wanted to tell Ginny the truth, but she knew she wouldn’t understand or support her. Ginny freaked out when she received a message from Elena’s phone while she was talking to her. The message proved that Elena was telling the truth, but the message also indicated that there was someone stalking Elena, and Ginny was now on their radar. The stalker sent a photo of Elena and Ginny entering the party, letting them know that their trick was caught by the eyes of the Greybournes.

Elena has a lot to explain to Ginny now that she is in trouble because of her. Will Ginny risk it all for Elena, or will she simply work for the authority to save her job? The ending of episode 6 of “The Watchful Eye” will leave a lot of questions in your mind. Every character continues to be equally doubtful, and Elena is somehow convinced that she will be able to fool the Greybournes and take away a pretty much non-existent ruby. Well, let’s see how the creators bring it all together in the end.

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