‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 7: Recap & Ending, Explained: Did Elena Find The Ruby? Is Dick Ayres Dead Or Alive?


The truth about the Ruby is finally revealed in Episode 7 of “The Watchful Eye.” In the last episode, Ginny figured out that Elena was not just a babysitter when she received a message from a random stranger. The stranger had taken pictures of Ginny and Elena on the gala night to instill fear. Elena chose not to share much with Ginny, even after the strange texts. Meanwhile, Roman is upset with Elena after she lies about being in a relationship with him, breaking Bennet’s trust. Even after searching Mrs. Ivey’s apartment thoroughly, Roman did not find the ruby Elena was desperately looking for. Also, Tory’s husband, Dick, was being tortured at the gala, but why?

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Lights Out: Why Did Elena And Roman Communicate With Jocelyn?

Elena had made dinner plans with Matthew at the Greybourne Social House. She had tracked Tory there multiple times in the week, and she was desperate to know what was in the building. Matthew asked Elena for dinner to thank her for her service. To take advantage of the situation, Elena suggested they go to the Greybourne Social House. While Matthew was a little surprised initially, he later seemed quite content thinking about their dinner plan. While Elena was getting ready for dinner, Roman walked into her room, accusing her of leaving the basement door open. Elena was disheartened when she realized that she had lost Roman’s trust. And as the two argued, the lights went off. To make matters worse, Bennet had gone to the attic as well and had overheard Elena’s conversation with Roman. Bennet was now all the more confident that Roman had lied to her. Even though she was clearly upset, she was technically locked in the attic. The attic did not have a staircase leading to the ground floor; it only had an elevator that stopped functioning once the power went out.

While Ginny, Kim, Elena, Roman, and Bennet waited for the lights to turn on, the group decided to play ouija. Later, Ginny, Kim and Bennet backed out, and it was just Elena and Roman who decided to communicate with the spirits. While Elena was reluctant, Jocelyn’s spirit pointed to some letters when she was asked about the ruby. Elena penned down the letters, but they did not make sense, and she assumed that it was a code that opened the safe where the ruby was stored. Later, Roman apologized to Bennet for not being more forthcoming about Elena. He established that she was the woman he truly cared about, and Bennet finally decided to forgive him.

After the lights went out, Tori came by Matthew’s place. She had ordered sushi and planned a spa day with Bennet, but she was not up for it. Tory was looking for support, and she knew she would feel better if she went to Matthew’s. Tory avoided talking about her husband whenever someone asked her about him. Tory seemed shaken after the gala; maybe she knew that Dick was tortured, and that would further explain why she frequented the Greybourne Social House. She went on lying about Dick’s golf trip, knowing well enough that her husband was in a terrible mess. Why did Tori maintain her silence? Who was she dealing with?

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 7: Ending Explained – Did Elena Find The Ruby? Is Dick Ayres Alive?

After receiving a message from James and Alex about how they were stuck in the elevator with Mrs. Ivey, Elena decided that it was time that they leave the attic through the secret chamber that led to Mrs. Ivey’s apartment. While everyone else left, Elena decided to stay back when she heard Jocelyn sobbing. She went to the chamber again and realized that if she reversed the code Jocelyn had shared with her, it read “sixth step.” The code indicated that the ruby was on the sixth step of the staircase to the chamber. She continued to hear Jocelyn sob, and suddenly Jocelyn rushed out of the chamber and into the attic with a baby in her arms. While leaving, she locked Elena in the chamber. Elena had solved the code, but she was trapped. She checked the sixth step and found a bag with letters written by Alistair and addressed to Jocelyn in it. Soon her phone ran out of battery, and she was left all alone in the dark chamber. She screamed for help when she heard Mrs. Ivey play her piano, but she ignored her cries. Mrs. Ivey was extremely shocked when Alex told her that she had attended the gala party with Elena and Ginny. Charlotte Greybourne seemed afraid of the dirty games played by the Greybournes becoming public knowledge. She surely knew that someone had entered her apartment when she noticed that her showpiece was tilted in “The Watchful Eye” Episode 6. Therefore, this time, when she realized that the perpetrator was trapped, she did not care. This entire situation can also be indicative of another possibility. Maybe the strange cries of ghosts and humans were not new to Charlotte. Playing the piano might have been her way of blissfully ignoring all that went wrong in that building all her life.

Ginny rescued Elena after hearing her scream and opening the attic door. She demanded to know the truth about Elena and Roman’s relationship, and Elena explained that they had been best friends all their lives. Both their families were ruined once the Greybournes torched their lands and bought them cheap. Ginny did not see the point in seeking revenge now, but for Elena, it was important. Of course, Elena kept the ruby a secret from Ginny. While Ginny would have preferred not to be involved in the mess, the stranger texting her made that impossible. Later, Elena got confirmation from Roman that someone had entered the basement and had intentionally cut the power. Could it be something Tory did to spend time with Matthew after somehow figuring out that he intended to take Elena out for dinner? Or was it something Otis Winthrop had planned? When Tory was returning to her apartment, she met Otis. After asking about her husband, he informed her that he was in his home. Tory rushed into her apartment and found Dick covered in blood. While Dick was alive, he was brutally battered by Otis’ men. It is still not known why Otis targeted Dick; maybe he tried to outsmart the Winthropes to claim a place on the Greybourne board of council? Or was Tory behind it all to be in control of her husband? After all, she had emptied out the joint bank account she shared with Dick.

After returning to her room in the attic, Elena went through the letters and documents she found in the chamber, and she came across the birth certificate of Ruby Greybourne. Ruby Greybourne is the daughter of Alistair and Jocelyn. In the episode 3 article of “The Watchful Eye,” we discussed how the jewel Jocelyn repeatedly mentions in her letters addressed to Alistair could be someone close to the couple, and we wondered if Jocelyn was carrying the child of Alistair Greybourne. In “The Watchful Eye” episode 7, this doubt is finally confirmed. Jocelyn promised Alistair that she would protect the jewel (the baby) at all costs. Was Ruby taken away from Jocelyn by Otis Winthrop before she committed suicide (or was killed)? And most importantly, if Ruby is still alive, where is she? Scott’s mother had told him that the Ruby was in the Greybourne building. Does that mean she continues to live in some dark corner of the building? What is the greater conspiracy behind it all? With only the tip of the iceberg revealed, “The Watchful Eye” continues to keep the mystery going.

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