‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 8: Recap & Ending, Explained – Who Is Ruby Greybourne? Did Elena Find Out The Truth?


The mystery gradually unfolds with the release of “The Watchful Eye” Episode 8 this week. In the previous episode, we learned that the ruby Elena was looking for was not a precious gem but the daughter of Jocelyn Morrow and Alistair Greybourne. The truth was not too comforting for Elena and Scott. They were relying on the money they would get in exchange for the ruby to change their lives. Their dreams were shattered now, and Elena decided to leave the Greybourne building before she got herself too involved in their secrets. While Elena prepared to leave, Jocelyn paid her a visit, requesting that she not leave without finding out the entire truth. Elena went through the letters, hoping to find some clue to the mystery. Meanwhile, Scott informed Elena that there was no record of Ruby Greybourne, making the situation all the more hopeless.

Spoilers Ahead

Why Did Tory Decide To Leave?

Dick Ayres is recovering from serious injuries, and even the doctor cannot help but notice the rope marks around his wrists. Tory hoped to get away by blaming it on a mountain bike accident, but the truth was not too difficult to figure out. Tory announced that she would distance herself and her family from the Greybournes. Dick was not in favor of her decision because he did not wish to be the reason behind his family abandoning the fortune they were blessed with. Dick always felt the need to prove his worth to Tory, and he made a desperate attempt to be on the board that nearly cost him his life. He always felt neglected by Tory, and her desperation to save his life comforted him. Tory ultimately decided to stay after discussing the incident with Charlotte. Somehow Charlotte’s faith in her made Tory hopeful even though Otis continued to be a threat to her family.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 8: Ending Explained – Who Is Ruby Greybourne? How Did Elena Find Out The Truth?

From the letters, Elena learned that Jocelyn was an Irish immigrant who came to work as the babysitter at the Greybournes. It was her soft, comforting nature that attracted Alistair Greybourne to her. Alistair always dreamed beyond the box, and his ideas turned out to be extremely profitable for the company. When it came to Jocelyn, Alistair could not hide his affection for her. Jocelyn, too, had fallen in love with him. While their affair remained a secret, Jocelyn knew that his wife, Iris, would find out the truth once she gave birth to their baby. Jocelyn planned to leave, but Iris was not ready to let go of her. She wanted Jocelyn to give her the baby so that she could raise her as a true Greybourne. Jocelyn initially agreed, but living as the babysitter of her own child was gradually becoming unbearable for her.

When Iris figured out the truth, she asked Jocelyn to leave. Jocelyn knew that Iris would never allow her to take Ruby along with her, and she had no other option but to run away with her baby. Alistair handed Jocelyn the birth certificate that would prove Ruby’s true identity, and he promised to leave with her. Alistair was ready to abandon his company and wealth to live an ordinary life with Jocelyn. Jocelyn carried her baby out of the crib and tried to escape, but Iris found out. Jocelyn was severely injured in the scuffle, and Iris got hold of baby Ruby. She called her brother Otis to figure out a solution. He lifted Jocelyn off the ground and dropped her body out of the window to make it look like a suicide.

While Alistair was writing a letter to Iris pleading for forgiveness, Otis Winthrop killed him. Both murders were made to look like suicides. Iris changed Ruby’s name to Charlotte after the murders and raised her as her own. Therefore, Ruby was Charlotte Greybourne. Elena figured out the truth when she went to Charlotte’s room to bid her goodbye. She noticed the year mentioned in the picture of Iris, Alistair, Jocelyn, and baby Charlotte that hung on the wall. The year was 1945, the same year that baby Ruby was born. Charlotte had mentioned that her babysitter and her father had died soon after she was born, and it all made sense now to Elena. She realized that the birth certificate that she had access to was extremely important. It proved that Charlotte was not a Winthrop, and she would not inherit any wealth that came through Winthrop if the truth was ever disclosed. Elena could now demand as much money as she wanted from Charlotte, knowing well enough that she would go to great lengths to hide the truth. While the mystery surrounding the ruby is solved, we still do not know the relationship between Charlotte and James. After being locked in the elevator with Charlotte and James, Alex realized that Charlotte knew more about James than she did. Alex’s doubt was further confirmed when she called one of James’ clients and learned that he had not been working there for quite some time. Was James working as an informant for Charlotte to keep an eye on the nannies who worked in the building? Or are they connected to each other in some other way?

Charlotte asked Elena to face the truth— does that mean she already knows about her actual mother? It seems that Charlotte had grown up hearing Jocelyn’s desperate cries, and it would be unlike her if she never tried to get to the bottom of it. Charlotte had been interested in finding out Matthew’s real motive and his connection with Allie’s death. Is she truly doubtful of Matthew, or is she somehow responsible for Allie’s death? Did Allie find out about Jocelyn and Charlotte, and was she killed to keep it all a secret? Or did Matthew and Otis come to an agreement and get rid of Allie to make it all a little easier for him? It seems that the entire Greybourne family would go to any extent to protect their wealth. In “The Watchful Eye” episode 8, we also witnessed the growing proximity between Matthew and Elena.

Matthew disclosed that he came from nothing and that his views contradicted Allie’s. He wanted a divorce, knowing well enough that he would not get a dime out of their marriage. But instead, Allie committed suicide, and he ended up inheriting a fortune. Elena trusts Matthew, but can he be considered completely innocent? In “The Watchful Eye,” everybody continues to be suspicious. We are yet to find out the reason why Otis nearly killed Dick Ayres. While Elena hopes to extract money from Charlotte, it might not be as easy as she anticipates it to be. She might become even more entangled in the chaos, making it impossible for her to escape the Greybourne building. The multiple suicides and accidental deaths are indicative of how dangerous the family can be if anyone chooses to go against them.

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