‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 9: Recap And Ending, Explained: Why Was Matthew Ward Arrested?


In the previous episode of “The Watchful Eye,” Elena figured out the truth surrounding the ruby that was kept hidden at the Greybourne building. Her plan to extort money from the Greybournes and leave for Mexico was finally coming true, and she was elated. The plan was simple: she would demand money from Mrs. Ivey in exchange for her birth certificate, and the moment she received the money, she would leave the building forever. While Elena’s plan was uncomplicated, she had a surprise waiting at Matthew’s apartment. Her brother, Teo, escaped from the educational facility he was enrolled at and landed at the Greybourne building to find his sister. The sudden intervention of her brother right before her final act seemed a little too strange. The last time Elena spoke to Teo, he was disappointed in her and hoped to be reunited with their mother. What was the reason behind Teo’s sudden interest in Elena, and did Elena manage to make Mrs. Ivey pay? Let’s find out.

Spoilers Ahead 

Teo’s Sudden Visit

It was not easy for Elena to accept the fact that her brother had run away from his school and arrived at the Greybourne building. Teo could detect the tension Elena felt the moment she laid her eyes on him. Elena had lied about her family during her interview, and she was quite scared about it all getting messed up because of her brother. She asked Teo to stay put in her attic room while she tried to contact Mrs. Ivey. With Candace refusing to forgive Elena for blackmailing her, Elena finds it impossible to meet Mrs. Ivey. With too many problems on her plate, Elena asked Roman to handle Teo. While Roman and Teo headed out for lunch, Scott watched them closely. Scott was unaware of Roman’s involvement in their plan and doubted his intention as a result of his proximity to Elena. Meanwhile, Roman tried to dispel all of Teo’s doubts regarding Elena. He confirmed that she did not have an ulterior motive for taking the job as the babysitter. While Roman did his best to hide the truth, Elena later chose to be honest with Teo. She explained the entire situation and, unexpectedly, added that she was considering not seeing it through to the end and intended on leaving without any money. Teo was quite surprised by his sister’s sudden shift in interest.

Surely, Elena had a change of heart after watching Mrs. Ivey suffer at the hands of Jocelyn’s ghost. Charlotte had grown up hearing her mother sob inside the hidden chamber, and she was tired of it. She always played the piano to distract herself, but often the cries became unbearable to live with. When Elena found Mrs. Ivey in the chamber, she was in a state of trance. She was completely exhausted by the supernatural forces constantly interfering in her life. After watching Mrs. Ivey’s condition, Elena realized that the woman had suffered all her life. She lost her parents and was only told lies as she grew up. She could not help with her truth, and perhaps it seemed all too unfair to Elena.

What Did Alex Find Out About James?

James, the Manny, had been a part of the nanny group for quite some time. Elena first made contact with him when she was curious to find out the truth behind the Wards’ previous nanny, Morgan’s, sudden disappearance. He was visibly tensed and left early that night without giving away any information. Later, he helped Elena contact Morgan, who warned her about the eyes that constantly watched her every movement. James turned into a suspicious character once again when he was stuck in the elevator with Mrs. Ivey and Alex. The fact that Mrs. Ivey knew about James’ birthplace surprised Alex, and she decided to dig around a little. She found out that James was not working at the Patel’s like he said he did. Alex found it strange that he lied to her about his job, and she decided to confront him. Alex discussed the situation with Elena, but she had too much going on to focus on James’s strange behavior. Alex was glad when Ginny agreed to stake out James’ apartment. They noticed Otis Winthrop handing over an envelope of cash to him, further raising suspicion.

Alex’s feelings for James changed instantly when he called her up and came clean about losing his job at the Patels. He added that he was forced to take up odd jobs to survive, and he was not proud of the situation he was in. It all added up for Alex, and she decided to forgive him. After spending a romantic evening with James, Alex accidentally came across a box tucked underneath his bed. Upon opening the box, she found Elena’s picture taken from a distance and two mobile phones— one belonged to Morgan, and the other was Elena’s. By the time Alex was checking the content of the box, James had walked into the room. Clearly, James was one of Otis Winthrop’s handymen, and he can surely be suspected of stealing Elena’s phone at the gala. James pretended to be Morgan’s best friend when in reality, he was the one keeping a close watch on her. It is still unknown what James is capable of, but it is not too far-fetched to assume that Alex is in serious trouble.

‘The Watchful Eye’ Episode 9: Ending Explained – Why Was Matthew Ward Arrested?

Elena decided to spend the night at Matthew’s place before leaving the next morning. Elena had abruptly left the previous morning when they were making love, perhaps fearing the consequence. Matthew was her employer, and she struggled to accept the feelings they shared. Jocelyn’s history might have made it worse. But she decided to let go of her inhibitions before leaving the Greybournes forever. They woke up in the morning with loud thuds at the door. Elena was embarrassed, thinking it was her brother.

Matthew was arrested by Scott the instant he opened the door. He was charged with the murder of Allie Ward. For the longest time, we have been wondering why Dick Ayres was suddenly beaten up by Otis Winthrop. Unlike Bennet, Darcy was genuinely concerned about her father. She had been eyeing his laptop, and when the time was right, she got hold of it. She came across some pretty eye-opening information, which she shared with Scott. We can assume that Dick figured out the truth behind Allie’s death, and maybe he thought of using it to his advantage. But clearly, it did not turn out the way he hoped for it to, and that ultimately led to his clash with Otis. But why was Otis trying to protect Matthew?

Matthew’s company had recently become a part of the Greybourne Corporation, and maybe Otis was trying to protect the family name by keeping the truth behind Allie’s death a secret. But was Otis involved in Allie’s murder as well? It is possible that Allie was in some way threatening the business venture that Matthew and Otis had planned to undertake, and that ultimately led to her death. It is also possible that Matthew was in a relationship with Morgan during their marriage, and Allie wanted a way out of it. Allie was not well when she died; she was said to be hallucinating. Does that mean that she, too, had met Jocelyn and had figured out the truth? Though what does not add up is why Matthew filed for divorce. Was it simply another way to prove his innocence after Allie’s “suicide”? It seems Charlotte Greybourne is quite the innocent victim in the entire situation. Of course, the final episode of “The Watchful Eye” will hopefully clarify everything.

By the end of episode 9, we also learn that Teo’s sudden arrival is not innocent at all. He conspires with his mother to find out what Elena is after. The smile on her face after Teo disclosed Elena’s entire plan clearly indicates that she will try her best to steal the certificate and get the money for herself. With too many questions left unanswered, we can only hope that “The Watchful Eye” episode 10 will manage to live up to the hype that the last few episodes have managed to create.

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