‘The Way Of The Househusband’ Season 1: Recap And Ending, Explained – Who Is The Immortal Dragon?


Directed by Chiaki Kon and written by Susumu Yamakawa, “The Way of the Househusband” is based on the manga created by Kousuke Oono. The series shows us the daily life of a former Yakuza who has taken up his role as a househusband and absolutely aces it. The series is highly recommended for its wholesome content.

Spoilers Ahead

‘The Way of the Househusband’ Plotline: What Is The Series About?

Season 1 of “The Way of the Househusband” follows Tatsu, a reformed Yakuza content with his everyday routine as a househusband. He loves his wife and will do anything she wants to keep her happy. Tatsu meets and takes on another former Yakuza named Masa as his student, teaching him the ways of being a good househusband. He teaches him household chores and how to cook; however, Masa is not able to pick up most of it fast and relies on his Aniki (sworn brother) to help him with most of it. Tatsu along with Masa meets up with the other Yakuzas as he finds out their current jobs. Tatsu also helps out his chef friend with recipes and tries to earn a little money by helping out at the restaurant so that he can buy Miku presents for her birthday. Tatsu helps out the other housewives and also tags along with them to cooking classes, volleyball practice, and yoga classes. He passes his busy days with ease, and his skills as a househusband allow him to help others in various situations. Tatsu’s cat Gin also has his own side stories of his adventures around the town and gives the audience a peek into the life of a cat as he goes around meeting new animals and making friends along the way. 

Who Is The Immortal Dragon?

Tatsu is a reformed former yakuza who has adapted to the lifestyle of a househusband and is quite content with the way he lives. Tatsu is a gentle soul who loves his wife a lot and is willing to subject himself to ordering merchandise from a children’s show called “Policure” just because of his wife’s obsession with it. He was formerly known as the Immortal Dragon and was revered by many. The Yakuza bosses and underlings alike seem to respect and fear him. His image as the Immortal Dragon still comes off as intimidating, and some of the Yakuza chiefs double-guess his words, making him come off as more fearsome than he intends. However, just like Tatsu, a lot of the former Yakuza have mended their ways and reformed themselves to better fit into society, like The Steel-Fist Tiger, Torajiro. The reformed Yakuzas that Tatsu seems to meet are either obsessed with cooking like he is or are obsessed with their pets. Torajiro and Tatsu can make a dessert-making competition look intimidating yet absolutely delicious, which does seem to make a parody out of Yakuza lifestyle yet makes Tatsu seem like an absolute ideal husband.  

When Did Miku Meet Tatsu?

Miku met Tatsu while he was wounded from a Yakuza mission. They gradually fell in love, and Tatsu quit his Yakuza lifestyle to support Miku as a househusband while she worked as a designer at a firm. Tatsu supports Miku wholeheartedly and also takes care of her along the way. He visits different stores to get Miku her Policure merchandise, volunteers himself to help her out at events, and gets her pictures of her favorite characters. Miku loves Tatsu and accepts him the way he is. His actions may come off as intimidating, but as Miku knows him well, she understands his actions and instead is supportive and amused. She tries her best to make his birthdays special, just like Tatsu tries his best to make hers special. They have a really wholesome and healthy relationship where they accept each other as they are and love each other and their flaws. This really makes them stand out as the best anime couple in recent times.

‘The Way Of The Househusband’ Season 1: Ending Explained – Do Tatsu’s Intimidating Glares Create A Problem For Him In His Daily Life?

Although this series is quite wholesome and enjoyable to watch, it does not shift the focus from the fact that people are too quick to judge. Tatsu may come off as intimidating, and while there are people who give him a chance and communicate with him, there are others who seem to steer clear of him. The salesman in Episode 1 had first thought twice about approaching Tatsu just for the intimidating aura he gives off, however, once Tatsu approached the salesman with the intention of buying a Policure Blu Ray, the salesman changed his tune as then he came off as harmless. These instances helped Tatsu build up a better relationship with the people around him, who avoided him at first but later helped him out whenever he seemed to need it. Even the police were on his tail every day, keeping track of his actions and always ready to arrest him due to his connections and former Yakuza days. Tatsu’s ways since his Yakuza days affect him a lot more on a daily basis than he realizes. The idea of buying a car intimidated him because he thought he would be attacked from every single corner. The trauma is especially visible in his daily interactions, as he resorts to a glare as a defense when he feels a little bit anxious. Even while trying to get a good night’s sleep, Tatsu was constantly haunted by the days of his past as his thoughts drifted away to questionable incidents. It also affects the way he talks, as even while ordering the silliest and sweetest drink, Tatsu comes off as trying to order somebody to take care of a certain situation. Although he is menacing, his gentle heart and his knowledge about housework make him all the more astounding. His cooking skills simply win over any person alike and anybody who is well-liked by animals could never be a very terrible person. 

“The Way of the Househusband” also sheds light on a healthy relationship where each of the partners accepts the other for themselves. They can be used as an example of healthy relationships and also shed light on the various issues a reformed former Yakuza faces, even though he is no longer associated with his past. The next season of “The Way of The Househusband” will bring about more such adventures that our favorite Yakuza will undertake and also the little side adventures that Gin will go on. Releasing on January 1st, 2023, on Netflix. It is anticipated to gain a lot more viewers because of how dear Tatsu and his entourage of reformed Yakuzashave become to the audience base.

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