‘The Wheel of Time’ Episode 1, 2 & 3, Recap/Ending, Explained


The Wheel of Time is based on fantasy novels of the same name, written by Robert Jordan. The series has been directed by a group of directors, namely Uta Briesewitz, Salli Richardson, Wayne Yip, and Sanaa Hamri. The opening credits themselves set the tonality of the show, and even if you have not read the novel, there are a certain number of inevitable precedents that are already there in your mind. Much like the Lord of the Rings, there is a backstory of The Wheel of Time too.

‘The Wheel of Time’ Plot Summary

There was a time when an evil force, referred to as the “Dark One,” was at its pinnacle. At that time, some men were born with great power. But these were men who were soaked in arrogance and believed that they could cage darkness and win over it. But they were wrong. Their haughty and pompous beliefs broke the world and ushered great chaos that disrupted everything. These men were called the Dragons by women known as Aes Sedai.

The Aes Sedai had magical powers and, in a way, were the guardians of the world. The Aes Sedai get to know that the Dragon has been reborn again. The dark one wants to get to the reincarnation of the Dragon, and so does the Aes Sedai. The hunt begins in full force to find the chosen one. Unaware of all these developments, the town of Two Rivers is rejoicing and celebrating the occasion of Bel Tine; Moraine walks into the town. Her reputation preceded her. She was one of the sisters of the Aes Sedai community, and she had come to the town for a reason.

The first three episodes of ‘The Wheel of Time’ left a lot of questions unanswered. Let’s try to understand the narrative and the not so evident plot points that will play a significant role as and when the series unfolds.

What was Moraine seeking?

Moraine came with her warder, lan Mondragoran. A warder and Aes Sedai had a unique connection. A warder could feel whatever the Aes Seadi was feeling. She came to the Two Rivers in search of the individual who was the reincarnation of the Dragon. An Aes Sedai could recognize the Dragon even when it had been years since the last encounter. They knew round about what age the Dragon should be but had no clue about the physical specifications. They didn’t know whether it was a boy or a girl, but just that they needed to find the Dragon before the dark one did so.

The Dark One’s army attacks the town since they also get to know that the reincarnation resides there. The army consists of creatures named Trollocs, who, through their brute strength and barbaric ferocity, start killing people in Two Rivers. Moraine arrives just in Time and kills them all. She announces that according to her Egwene, Rand al’Thor Perrin Aybara and Mat Cauthon were the four probable candidates who were the reincarnation of the Dragon. She tells them that they would have to come with her to the Tower, the fortress of the Aes Sedais. The young individuals doubt Moiraine, but with vast reinforcements of Trollocs approaching near, they don’t have much choice.

Who were the “Wisdoms”?

There was a women’s circle in the Two River who could hear the wind and had the knowledge and a heightened sense of sagacity. Nynaeve al’Meara was the leader of the group. She anoints Egwene also in the clan. It is a strange process where the individual is pushed into the rapids, and once they somehow manage to come out of it alive, they are considered to be a part of the coveted group.

A bond of sisterhood conjoins the whole group together. Rand al’Thor is not very pleased with Egwene joining the clan. The women’s circle had a strict code of conduct which did not align with the future plans that the young lad had with the lady.

Why was Nynaeve against Moraine?

Nynaeve was brought to the Two Rivers by a lady who raised her. Nobody knew when they came to the Two Rivers. That woman who raised Nynaeve realized that she could hear the winds. She walked all the way to the White Towers only to be turned by the Aes Sedai sisters. Nynaeve always believed that it was merely a result of her not so posh demeanour. She blames Moiriane for the feeling of dejection that her mother had to go through. Nynaeve believes that the Aes Sedai are pompous and quite bumptious in their manner. The irony is that they were the women who saved the world after the arrogance of the Dragon almost destroyed it.

Nynaeve is believed to have been killed when the Trollocs attacked Two Rivers. But she manages to escape somehow. Later in episode three, she follows Moiraine, in an attempt to kill her. But Lan Mondragoran captures her. The injured Moiraine could only be treated by another Aes Sedai sister. Nynaeve temporarily treats her so that at least she survives, till they reach the White Tower.

Nynaeve al'Meara in the Wheel of Time
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Why were the White Cloaks killing the Aes Sedai?

Quite contradictory to the white cloaks that they wear, this warrior clan is not very generous in its means and methods. While the majority of them are warriors, a few are vested with the job of interrogation. Eamon Valda heads the unit of interrogation. Their interrogation methods are not very civil, and in a scene, we see Eamon Valda torturing a woman belonging to the Aes Sedai group.

They proclaim themselves to be the children of Light. They are not exactly evil people and are against the Dark One too. But they have specific animosity towards the Aes Sedai. They believe that all magic should be wiped out from the face of the earth. They felt it was reasonable to kill any Aes Sedai who entered the southern region since they declared it under their guardianship. That is why when Moiraine encounters them, she hides the fact that she is an Aes Sedai.

What was the story of Shador Lagoth and Manetheran?

Once called Aridhool, the city of Shador Lagoth was once a prosperous land. During the ancient war with the Dark One’s army, they had promised Manetheran that they would provide them aid. They had told Manetheran that on the third day, they would arrive with their army.

The Manerathen people fought for several days alone, but no help came. Aridhol had built huge walls without any doors. They stayed inside and let the whole world die. But evil had its own way. It creeped on them from the inside, and when the survivors broke the wall and came inside the fortress, there was no one left alive in the town. Shador Lagoth meant “shadows waiting.” The shadows were never emancipated from the slavery of the evil and stayed in the fortress forever.

Did the Aes Sedai want to kill or save the Dragon?

The Aes Sedai wanted to capture the Dragon Reborn, and the intention was to abstain from reigning havoc on the world once again. They held the Dragon responsible for the wrath that once laid havoc on the face of the earth. Rand al’Thor also believed that once Moiraine knows who the reborn is, then she would kill him or her. But when Moiraine, Nynaeve, and Lan reach the White Tower, they are met with a surprise that they didn’t foresee. Liandrin Sedai, one of the Aes Sedai sisters, had captured a man who was calling himself the Dragon Reborn.

The speculation of Moiraine Sedai is entirely contradicted as she had believed that the Dragon Reborn was among the four youngsters of the Two Rivers. The coming episodes will reveal who the real Dragon Reborn is and whether Moiraine wants to kill them or has other plans.

The Aes Sedai in the wheel of time episodes
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The Wheel of Time is a 2021 Fantasy Drama Television Series created by Rafe Judkins.

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