‘The Wheel Of Time’ Season 2 Episode 4 Preview: What To Expect From Rand? [Book Spoilers]


The way The Wheel of Time Season 1 and Season 2 are going is that they have put their own unique spin on the events of the books for similar outcomes. The first three episodes of season 2 have gone a familiar way and left us in a position where we know what will happen next but can’t be sure of it because of the way it will unfold. Regardless, let us try to understand what the next few episodes will bring to us.

Spoiler Alert

What can we expect from Rand?

Right now, the group is still fragmented across the world, and we do not expect a reunion until the later episodes. But it is clear that they are trying to find their individual strengths and weaknesses and the role they have to play in the grander scheme of things. When the journey started, they were possibilities of being the Dragon Reborn. Even though Rand’s identity is out in the open as the person the Aes Sedai were looking for, each and every one of the others has found their own journey.

Perrin wants to find Padan Fain to punish him for uprooting his life; Egwene needs to know how to match her powers to her ambitions; and Nynaeve needs to get herself together and put her powers to good use. As for Moiraine and Lan, their relationship is utterly sad, and they will certainly have a lot to understand and sort through. Rand is in Cairhiem, and we don’t believe that he is just meant to hide. There has to be another purpose—maybe an unexpected one for Moiraine and himself, but one nonetheless—that justifies the relationships of the Dragon Reborn in this new place.

We saw a political angle to it all with the Hunt for the Horn, and Rand was clearly offended by it. However, it doesn’t seem likely that he will just let it pass. After all, Rand is not a mere mortal, and he is very likely to go on this particular quest. But he would need some motivation for that. Maybe the darkness in him turns compelling, or he stumbles upon some secret that can only be uncovered with the Horn. If he actually manages to get the Horn, it will mean a political war with the queen, who would definitely not want to part with half of her assets. Yet, on the other hand, just as Ishamael is gathering the dark forces, Rand and Moiriane would have to gather the good guys, and that would involve making sure of others’ loyalties and protection.

Selene might be of some help here because it would be very upsetting if she were only Rand’s landlord and unpaid therapist. This could easily be the defining arc of The Wheel of Time season 2, one that encompasses everyone’s journey. Mat and Perrin could ultimately reach here, and as for Egwene and Nynaeve, they may have yet another battle to fight at White Tower. We expect episodes 4 and 5 to delve deeper into this plot.

Other sub-plots

Honestly, we never found Rand to be interesting in the books. But he has brought a certain strength and mysteriousness to the series, which, though unsatisfying, is still something. We expect that The Wheel of Time season 2 will focus on his development as a character, identifying the limits of his moral compass and how that ties in with how he uses his power. We saw the politics horrify him as of now, but they are integral to the campaign he will start to fight against the Dark One. There are a lot of moral upheavals for him going forward, and they might even end up altering his relationship with Moiraine and, consequently, all of the Aes Sedai (Egwene and Nynaeve).

According to Egwene and Nynaeve, there is a conversation pending between the two best friends regarding the jealousy that has come up in their relationship. Egwene has proven that she will be there for Nynaeve no matter what she goes through, so the latter can’t really hold a grudge against her. But Nynaeve might still need to address things from her end. That also makes us wonder how she will react to Elayne. The daughter-heir is a level-headed politician, and she ends up giving worthwhile advice, not just to Nynave and Egwene but also to Rand when she eventually meets him. Her sweetness is deceptive, but she is one of the good guys. We only have to see how the others accept her as part of the war.

There is also the case of Liandrin and what she has done with Mat and Min. Why does Mat’s connection to the dark side fascinate her so much unless she knows somehow that Rand is alive and that Mat has something to do with how he dies? She may have known this even before she placed Min in the cell next to Mat’s because of her switching loyalties. That further makes us question what her real interest in Nynaeve is. It couldn’t be for the benefit of the White Tower, at least. Remembering that she has used Nynaeve’s anger and fear as her channeling tools, she might further exploit them for the purposes of the Dark One. This is going to be a battle within the White Tower itself, and we want to see what becomes of Liandrin through this whole thing. Right now, she is being blamed for Nynaeve’s death, but once the Aes Sedai see that the girl is alive and well, her training might be completely handed over to Liadrin, giving rise to the problem we have just discussed.

Then there is Perrin. He is of interest to the Dark One, and right now, Perrin is struggling with the fact that he has supernatural abilities. Once he comes to know that Rand is alive, he might put them to use to track him down, leading the Dark One to him as well. Finally, we come to Moiraine and Lan. Since Lan is in the White Tower, he will rekindle his romance with Nynaeve, and he and Egwene might become the strong moral compass she desperately needs in light of Liandrin’s incoming corruption.

Elsewhere, Moiraine will find Rand, and there may be some tension between her and Selene. But it can’t be more than a minor hiccup, except that she will once again encounter Logain, and we have no idea what she will do with that meeting. But we do know that Moiraine is going to help Rand navigate the politics that he must face going forward. It is an exciting season, and we look forward to all the twists and turns that are going to be presented to us.

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