‘The Wheel Of Time’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap & Ending Explained: Is Rand In Love With Lanfear?


While The Wheel of Time has often been compared to Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings for reasons we cannot properly explain, we find it more similar to a lesser-known fantasy series by Christopher Pauloni called the Inheritance Cycle. Anyone who has read the story of Eragon and Saphira may understand why. But for now, The Wheel of Time season 2 is going rather interestingly, but its pace worries us about whether it will accomplish what a second season should. Here is the recap for your consideration.

Spoiler Alert

Who is Aviendha?

Perrin is furious when he finds that Elyas has no plans to rescue his friends but just wants to integrate him into the pack as soon as possible. He decides to go his own way, and that is when his wolf senses and messengers tells him that his friend, who had died, still needs a burial. Perrin makes his way to the village once again, and he finds a woman in a cage. Her name is Aviendha, and she is supposed to be an Aiel. She has been held captive by the Children of the Light, and Dain Bornhald, an officer of the group, tells Perrin to stay away from the deadly woman. Perrin needs to step cautiously since he remembers how Valda tortured him in the first season. At night, as he is seeking to run away, he frees Aviendha, but the children find them. Aviendha is a good enough warrior to take them all down, but Perrin stops her from killing Dain and asks her to show him mercy for the decency he has shown them.

Aviendha and Perrin escape, and the former wants to follow Perrin since he saved her, and her rules tell her to tie herself to him. Additionally, Aviendha is on a quest to find their clan’s “chief of chiefs,” which makes us suspect that there is more to her association with Perrin than she is letting on. In a later part of the episode, Ishamael had said dismissively of Perrin that he was more ‘wolf than man, but looking at the possible leadership that Perrin might wield, Ishamael might have made a mistake by taking him lightly.

What happens to Egwene, Elayne, and Nynaeve?

It is evident that Liandrin has broken her oaths and is a part of the Black Ajah, which was thought to not exist at all. She hands over the three girls to Lady Suroth to do as she deems fit. Luckily, Nynaeve and Elayne manage to escape, but Egwene is left behind. Lady Suroth goes back to the east, where her long fingernails are cut off as a punishment for occupying the village against the orders of the King. She takes her punishment with a bowed head, but she is seething and demands to know from Ishameal why they just can’t kill the High Lord Turak. But Ishamael is operating with far more complicated motives than he is letting on, so he just placates her for now. But Lord Turak is not that easily fooled, and he has grown suspicious of him. However, when Suroth presents Egwene to them as an addition to the Lord’s power, all doubts are pushed aside for now as Egwene is put in golden chains and collars.

Meanwhile, Nynaeve continues to be annoying by refusing to listen to Elayne. This woman thinks more with deep-rooted feelings than with a calm brain. They are both once again taken hostage, but by people of the Yellow Ajah, so they are in safe hands for now.

Is Rand In Love With Lanfear?

We finally get a look at just how ruthless and scary Selene, aka Lanfear, is. But even in those moments, we know that Moiraine will be able to match it. When escaping with Rand, Moiraine tells him that Lanfear is still alive and that she will come back to consciousness in a few moments, and that is what happens. Moiriane takes two horses from a stable and kills the spare so that Lanfear won’t be able to follow them. We believe that Lanfear has been confined for too long because she ends up calling this ordinary tactic (we are assuming since this is mentioned in every fantasy novel we have read to date) something rather clever. However, Lanfear proves just how scary she is when she decapitates a man with a flick of her hand and steals his horse to follow the trail to Tar Valon. She finds the stable head there, whom Moiriane had used as a distraction, and honestly, this is why we said that Moiraine’s calculated ruthlessness matches that of Lanfear. She knew she was putting the woman in danger, but she still did what she had to. It is a matter of consideration that she did not have any other choice, but still, this says something about the Aes Sedai.

Lanfear doesn’t kill the woman, but she makes sure that her lips are sealed shut, painfully and forever. For now, she has lost them, but she is waiting for one of them to fall asleep so that she can get to them eventually.

Moiraine tells Rand that his feat in season 1 never killed the Dark One but just set Ishamael free, and he was now gathering forces for the army of his master. That is one way to pull the ground from under Rand’s feet. They find themselves at Anvaere’s house, and once again, the latter continues to impress on them that she is to be the relative of the queen. Her son and Moiraine’s nephew, Barthanes, is a bit sweeter than his mother, though he is also excited about becoming royalty. As for Moiraine, she is completely stressed about protecting Rand and how her failure might mean the death of everyone around her. That is when Anvaere steps in as the little sister and reminds Moiraine of her own words, saying that she needs to see if she is genuinely out of options or if the worst can be prevented by using alternate means. This gives Moiraine the idea of finding safety within the enemy’s lair.

She tells Rand that Lanfear is a case of ‘hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.’ She was once in love with the Dragon Reborn before he met his wife, and she actually turned to the dark side in an attempt to win him back. Therefore, she wants Rand to do what she did with him: pretend to be in love. But Rand is apprehensive since he believes that when Lanfear was Selene, not everything was fake between them. Moiraine gives him a choice and asks him to take a chance. At the end of The Wheel of Time Episode 5, we see how Lanfear describes Rand when she visits Ishamael in his dreams. She has carefully assessed him and is not dismissive of his softness, which makes us think that Rand is not the only one who felt things during their time together. As the spider closes and Rand goes to sleep, he finds himself immediately trapped in his dreams, with Lanfear ready to ask him whatever she wants.

Final Thoughts

This was quite a captivating episode, and we can see that all the friends are inching towards a reunion. However, we still feel that this is too slow for what should be happening at the halfway point of the second season of The Wheel of Time. Regardless, these are great episodes, and the storyline has been restructured rather interestingly, so we will be watching.

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