‘The White Lotus’ Episode 2 ‘New Day’ Recap & Ending


The White Lotus Episode 1 “Arrivals” grandly established its ensemble cast and exotic characters visiting Hawaiian resort, The White Lotus. The lives of the few individuals/ groups intersect in Episode 2, “New Day. The newlywed couple, Shane & Rachel, face the ironies of marriage. While The Mossbacher Family, old rich lady Tanya, and the Resort manager Armond have their share of conflicts. Let’s take a look further.

‘The White Lotus’ Episode 2 ‘New Day’ Recap

The new day widely focuses on The Mossbacher Family. Daughter Olivia and her friend, Paula, bring out their stash of pills and drugs to cure their boredom and bring some ecstasy to the mundane. However, they lose their green bag of stash near the beach, and a prominent amount of drama is built around it.

Father Mark Mossbacher finds out that he doesn’t have cancer and his illness is an abnormal reaction to an easily curable virus. He celebrates this new life with his son Quinn and takes him on a marine adventure on the resort.
Rachel gets a new assignment from his company on their honeymoon. But Shane belittles her work and convinces her not to take the assignment. Shane’s misogynist traits become the reason for a minor dispute between the perfect high-class elite couples. But it’s just not random smoke, but a spark that may lead to a forest fire burning their relationship further.

‘The White Lotus’ Episode 2 ‘New Day’ Ending

At the end of Episode 2, a new revelation strikes Mark Mossbacher as he learns that his father lived a dual life. He was a heterosexual who hooked up with random dudes outside his happily married life. From his secret adventures, Mark’s father got infected with HIV and died of Aids. Until now, Mark thought that his father died of cancer, but his uncle defies the theory.
Olivia fails to find her lost stash, but the bag is found by manager Armond who uses them for his pleasure trips. Spa manager Belinda underlines that Armond is five years sober, which further suggests that his drug and alcohol addiction will give new twists and turns to the story. Armond and Shane’s subtle banter concerning the honeymoon suite has already taken a toll on Armond’s sanity. It pushed him to find peace through substance. A further despite may breed hostility between them that may lead to a strange death in the resort plotted at the beginning of Episode 1.

Paula isn’t concerned about the lost stash as her attention is intrigued by a strange smart, and enchanting waiter at the resort. The interaction between the two suggests a history between them, but it can be random too. Whatever the case, the mystery infuriates her best friend Olivia, who secretly follows her to unravel the truth.

Rich lady Tanya who has come to the resort to scatter her mother’s ashes and recover from the tragedy initiates a friendly relationship with Spa Manager Belinda. She takes a further step forward and invites Belinda for dinner. Tanya shows her trust in Belinda and offers to fund her Spa & wellness business if she wants to give a startup a go. Belinda is quite surprised at Tanya’s stance and modesty, but the offer sure captivates her attention.

The White Lotus Episode 3 will explore the lives of these few individuals further as it will unravel the secret or visible threads of their lives. The most eccentric cliffhanger so far has been the mysterious death established at the beginning of Episode 1. Was it Shane’s wife Rachel who died at The White Lotus, or was it someone else? Stay tuned for the answers.

The White Lotus is a six-episode miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White for HBO.

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