‘The White Lotus’ Episode 4 Recentering: Recap & Ending


The White Lotus Episode 4 Recentering puts the guests under further scrutiny. By now, each of them has comfortably settled in the Hawaiin Resort. Thus their conversation dives into their hidden flaws and unspoken quirks.

At the beginning of Recentering, Paula clearly states to her new affair, Kai, that the Mossbacher family is crazy and her BFF Olivia is no different. Paula characterizes Olivia as a friend who competitively yearns to have more of everything. If Paula gets something for herself, Olivia wants it too. Well, it is a familiar trait among rich kids who are grown in privilege and capitalism. It’s just they fail to realize that it is visible even in their minute actions/reactions. A similar discussion can be acknowledged in Olivia’s mother, Nicole’s statements regarding white men and their fading privileges. It becomes a matter of concern for Nicole while Paula thinks otherwise.

Thematically, the story explores the rich, and their blemishes that are hidden beneath their expensive moisturizers. It puts down that making money is their end goal without giving much space to culture, ethics, or other dreams. Shane’s mother, Kitty Patton, arrives at the Resort with much of a muchness. Rachel delivers her desire to work and create her own identity, but Kitty quickly shuns her off. For a conservative rich society, money-making is the only job. Why does Rachel ever want to earn an identity when she can throw kitty parties and live a luxurious life?

Father Mark Mossbacher further shares his divine knowledge of the monkey business with his son Quinn. He reveals a buried memory from his marriage. Mark once cheated on Nicole and to rectify his adultery. He gifted his wife a 75 thousand dollar bracelet. Quinn, who has been the sanest and rational person in the family so far, doesn’t quite understand his elite parents.

Last but not least, the patrician Tanya McQuoid gives hope to Spa manager Belinda to open her own business. While Belinda enthusiastically prepares documents for the new venture, Tanya gets hooked with a white-collar working for the Bureau of Land Management. Under Greg’s spell and charm, Tanya hangs up on Belinda, which may fuel a controversy between them in upcoming episodes.

And Armond. Well, he was high in previous episodes, and his trips continue further. In the beginning, Armond suggests that whenever he dabbles, he falls completely off the beam. His flirtatious interaction with Mark and Dillon (waiter) were clear signs of his inner desires. However, the end of The White Lotus Episode 4 visualizes his cravings.

‘The White Lotus’ Episode 4 Recentering: Ending

Paula had been enjoying the perks and privileges of the elites until now. Still, when she got fascinated by lobby boy Kai, her perception flipped. Watching Kai and other Hawain locals entertaining the white and privileged at the dinner night enraged her. She was already an audience to the information that the Resort was built on tribal land stolen from the community by the government. The revelations fueled the rebel in her that pushed her to express her hatred towards the aristocrats.

In Paula’s absence, Olivia mingled with Kai that proved her theory that Olivia, like a spoiled rich brat, would go to any limits to possess the things/people her best friend has. Even Nicole questioned Olivia’s sense of moral underlining whether she is a socialist/activist or just a product of cancel-culture following cynicism. Episode 4 plotted a juxtaposition between Olivia and Paula.

For Tanya, unbothered about Belinda or the promises she made to her, she enjoys her evening and night with Greg. The honeymoon couple Rachel and Shane got into an argument regarding Rachel’s future job prospects. However, Shane’s attention was captivated by Armond, who gave him the wrong number of the Resort’s owner.

To relax his nerves tightened by annoying Shane, Armond ODs on ketamine. He enlightened the lobby boy Dillon about his fascinations. At the end of Episode 4, Shane found Armond and Dillon in an awkward position inside the office. The new revelations hand over a weapon in Shane’s hand to destroy Armond and take dig on him.

With only two more episodes left in the lobby, The White Lotus Episode 4 does hint at the upcoming web of events that will lead to the opening tragedy that is the death of an individual in the Resort. It’s more likely that the verbal brawl between Shane and Armond will gather fire and turn into a violent one in no time.

The White Lotus is a six-episode miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White for HBO.

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