‘The White Lotus’ Episode 5 The Lotus-Eaters: Recap & Ending


Another crazy day at The White Lotus brings more twists and turns to the table. Sadly, this crazy witty ride filled with privileged elite whites is soon going to reach its predetermined climax. ‘The White Lotus‘ Episode 5 is titled “The Lotus-Eaters,” which directly references Homer’s epic poem, the Odyssey. On his way back home, the legendary Greek king of Ithaca, Odysseus, faced a lazy bunch of people who lived in a dreamy state of forgetfulness and idleness after eating fruits of a lotus plant. Thus, in literature, the term “Lotus Eaters” is often employed for people who spent their life in pleasure and luxury instead of dealing with real concerns. And in my opinion, there couldn’t be a better phrase to define the slothfulness of the new guests of The White Lotus.

Episode 5 begins with events of the night before the crazy day commences. In the beginning, Kai arranges a romantic roof for Paula. The intimacy quickly evaporates as Paula learns about Olivia hitting on Kai. Like her inherent nature, Olivia wants to get everything her BFF has. Thus, getting Kai is just an extension of her obsession. Olivia’s greed is not a moment of shock for Paula as she has already witnessed such waves in the past. However, she breaks Kai’s spell and brings him back to reality by informing him that their relationship is a casual affair that will end as soon as she sets out from the island. She wants to leave a memory of their short relationship and help Kai get back his native land from the treacherous government. Paula designs an undisclosed plan, which is very much suggested through her over-expressive emotions that she is planning to steal Nicole’s 75 thousand dollar bracelet.

The bracelet and robbery capture a significant chunk of the narrative while minutely glancing over the lives of other guests. Tanya gets serious with her one-night affair with Greg. However, except for her, everyone can perceive that Greg wants to “keep it casual.” In her inclination towards Greg, Tanya ignores Belinda’s Wellness Business proposal, which is odd. But that is the theme the episode preys upon. The wealthy elites put their obsession and comfort at priority before reaching out to help someone else. Following the talks of the nobility, it is hard to miss Shane’s mother, Kitty’s ultra-regressive TED talk. In a sugar-coated poisonous conversation, Kitty disregards Rachel’s willingness to work. She specifically points out her beauty, suggesting that she is just a “Trophy Wife” and nothing else. Though Rachel finds it offensive, for Kitty, becoming a trophy wife is a badge of honor.

The subtle brawl between Shane and Armond continues. With the knowledge of Armond’s secret, Shane has the upper hand, and Armond helplessly has to comply with Rich Brat’s senseless demands. However, what turn of events their Cold War will take is hard to judge through the current episode.

Episode 5 The Lotus-Eaters: Ending

The crucial drama is built around the heist planned by Paula and executed by Kai. There had been an underlying tension between Nicole and Mark cultivated because Mark told Quinn about the bracelet and his affairs. While Mark was honest with his son, Nicole quite didn’t see it in the same light. Mark requested his family to join him and Quinn over the Scuba Trip in the ocean to clear the tension. For Paula, the absence of the Mossbacher family turned out to be the moment to strike the hammer.

Before the trip commenced, Mark’s over suggestive explanations started another argument between the couple. Nicole left the boat, and Mark followed her. Nicole spotted a masked Kai in her room in an unimaginable turn of events, and Mark showed up to help. However, while trying to save Nicole, Mark got hit by Kai.

The police arrived, and though they didn’t find anything vital (so far), Mark’s heroic actions brought the conflicted couple closer. After listening to the graceful commentary and sharing words between Shane and Kitty, Rachel realized that she had made a terrible mistake marrying this spoiled brat. She hasn’t made her mind yet and maybe is waiting for a sign from gods to jump to conclusions. Tanya tried to reveal her peeled-off version to Greg. But even after all huff and puff, he just wanted to have fun. It was sad to see Tanya falling for his trap.

In the end, Armond narrated the first four lines of the poem, The Lotos-Eaters, by Alfred Tennyson. Perceiving his sarcastic tone and expression, it could be speculated that he was referring to the rich lots. He suggested that for them, death is the ultimate goal, or they are probably just waiting for it while enjoying the pleasures and eating food as much as they can. This was a direct reference to the group of individuals Odysseus encountered who had lost the passion for any goal in life. The philosophy of the comforted is, “Why labor when death is thy ultimate end.” It could be connected to all the new guests and probably would have different meanings. For example, for Shane and his mother, making money is the only end, and why should one grind if they have enough?

‘The White Lotus’ Episode 6 Departures

The last episode will bring the journey and the exotic vacation to an end. Rachel will probably leave Shane and for good. Tanya will get help from Belinda in breaking the pattern of falling for the wrong men and having casual affairs. It may have a happy ending for the Mossbachers family. However, Quinn’s newly developed passion for Hawaiian canoe rafting may influence him to stay back at the island and learn the art for a bit longer.

After the robbery, Paula is quite concerned for Kai, and how it will end will be interesting to look out for. However, due to such disgraceful incidents at the resort, Armond loses his job. Though, before leaving, he arranges a wild farewell. With nothing to lose, he’ll indeed execute an act of ultimate revenge on his nemesis, Shane Patton. The hit and blow will take someone’s life, and let’s see who takes the hit.

The White Lotus is a six-episode miniseries created, written, and directed by Mike White for HBO.

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